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Posted by Metal_Mills

I'd rather this over Alpha Protocol. :(

Posted by Danda

SEGA, you don't know what you are doing.

Posted by Demo

As much of an Alien fanboy that I am, I don't see how this could have worked. The farthest thing I could think was a strategy game (AvP Extinction and Alien for ZX Spectrum/C64/CPC).

Posted by Maxszy

This is too bad. I had some interest in this and I always hate to see an RPG die. Though, who knows how well this actually would have done and its not really shocking. They probably haven't been working on it for a long time in all actuality.

Posted by CL60

To be honest, this is my first time hearing about this game.

Edited by MeatSim

I never really cared about this game anyway so no big loss for me.

Posted by chapman12

how could this of even worked? 

Edited by Al3xand3r

... How does any RPG work? Why does the aliens theme make it any different? There are aliens in Mass Effect. Imagine that, with more combat, less talky bits, and a scary atmosphere. Alternatively, go old school and imagine something like X-Com taking place in a continuous world/environment and a coherent plot rather than a mission based structure. So, yeah, it could work, but it'd probably be leaner on the role playing and heavier on the atmosphere and deep combat mechanics.

Posted by darianw

Damn. This would have been fun.

Posted by Sprizmo

Maybe if the Aliens franchise maintained some dignity in the theaters, somebody could have justified it with sales projections.

Posted by Danda

Aliens RPG joins Duke Nukem Forever in the Heaven for Games Too Awesome to Exist.

It was a strange concept, but I know Obsidian could have pulled it off.

Now we are left with the soon-to-be-fried-too Colonial Marines thing, and the dubious bargain bin candidate, out-of-nowhere AvP shooter. Has anybody played any of the latest games made by Rebellion, like Dredd vs Death and Shellshock 2? There are no words to describe how bad these games are.

Posted by LonelySpacePanda

lol @ Giantbomb!  You assholes!  You know everyone is going to read that headline and think "ITS DONE!?  ITS FINALLY HERE??"

very clever guys....now let's hope the Gearbox one at least comes out.

Posted by Kohe321

Too bad

Posted by Media_Master

doesn't sound exciting but o'well...