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Posted by Media_Master

doesn't sound exciting but o'well...

Posted by Kohe321

Too bad

Posted by LonelySpacePanda

lol @ Giantbomb!  You assholes!  You know everyone is going to read that headline and think "ITS DONE!?  ITS FINALLY HERE??"

very clever guys....now let's hope the Gearbox one at least comes out.

Posted by Danda

Aliens RPG joins Duke Nukem Forever in the Heaven for Games Too Awesome to Exist.

It was a strange concept, but I know Obsidian could have pulled it off.

Now we are left with the soon-to-be-fried-too Colonial Marines thing, and the dubious bargain bin candidate, out-of-nowhere AvP shooter. Has anybody played any of the latest games made by Rebellion, like Dredd vs Death and Shellshock 2? There are no words to describe how bad these games are.

Posted by Sprizmo

Maybe if the Aliens franchise maintained some dignity in the theaters, somebody could have justified it with sales projections.

Posted by darianw

Damn. This would have been fun.

Edited by Al3xand3r

... How does any RPG work? Why does the aliens theme make it any different? There are aliens in Mass Effect. Imagine that, with more combat, less talky bits, and a scary atmosphere. Alternatively, go old school and imagine something like X-Com taking place in a continuous world/environment and a coherent plot rather than a mission based structure. So, yeah, it could work, but it'd probably be leaner on the role playing and heavier on the atmosphere and deep combat mechanics.

Posted by chapman12

how could this of even worked? 

Edited by MeatSim

I never really cared about this game anyway so no big loss for me.

Posted by CL60

To be honest, this is my first time hearing about this game.

Posted by Maxszy

This is too bad. I had some interest in this and I always hate to see an RPG die. Though, who knows how well this actually would have done and its not really shocking. They probably haven't been working on it for a long time in all actuality.

Posted by Demo

As much of an Alien fanboy that I am, I don't see how this could have worked. The farthest thing I could think was a strategy game (AvP Extinction and Alien for ZX Spectrum/C64/CPC).

Posted by Danda

SEGA, you don't know what you are doing.

Posted by Metal_Mills

I'd rather this over Alpha Protocol. :(

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Damn! I was really looking forward to what Obsidian could've made out of the franchise :(
And all Sega has to offer as a statement is "we still got these totally unrelated and most likely fucking generic FPS games, so don't worry....".  Even AvP isn't made by Monolith (who developed the good AvP game, imho). Of all the upcoming Alien games I only cared about this one - but whatever, only means more money saved for other games.

Posted by Al3xand3r
@ahoodedfigure said:
" "Finished" could also mean completed.  These headlines can be misleading :P "
Yeah... Fraking hell.
Posted by Sarnecki

Meh.  I want Alien Vs Predator(3 I guess we'll call it) anyways.

Posted by Andborn

I would rather EAT playdough than play an alien vs. predator RPG, a good RTS maybe, just maybe, but an in-depth RPG? Fuck that NOISE! Other than the original Alien being converted into a survival horror experience, the rest of the series only really lends itself well to FPS, or on a larger scale, RTS.  Which would be succinctly trumped my Starcraft 1 or 2. Nuff said.

Posted by JacobForrest
@ahoodedfigure said:
" "Finished" could also mean completed.  These headlines can be misleading :P "
Agreed. I clicked on the article thinking "What? New alien RPG?!" Then realized it meant canceled.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

"Finished" could also mean completed.  These headlines can be misleading :P

Posted by The_A_Drain
@slyspider said:
"@The_A_Drain: chill out. You sound like you shit your pants typing that..."

The fuck does it matter to you? For your information this was about the only game on the horizon I gave a fuck about, I don't care about Gears 3, GOW 3, Halo ODST, MAss Effect 2, Assassins Creed 2, etc etc I don't care. I just wanted a decent Alien game and both of them were pulled with no good reason.

In addition to that it sends out a bad message to other studios regarding movie tie-ins, it sends out the message the decent ones aren't worth the money and that cheap shitty ones like hannah montanna on Wii are the way to go.

I'll fucking chill out when smartasses stop making assumptions about the state of my underpants.
Posted by Slayeric

Shame. I at least wish we had some idea of what it was going to be/look like before it got canned.

Posted by chronicsmoke

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well atleast we got aliens vs predator to look forward to

Posted by Kyle

Because when I think Aliens, I think RPG.

Posted by c1337us

Didnt know much about it to be honest, but I dont really see it as a game I would have been playing anyway.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Fuck the game, I just watched Aliens, and it is hands-down the best action movie I've ever seen.  AMAZING

Posted by TomA

i just want the shooter

Posted by Aaron_G

Don't care enough to even notice.

Posted by lordofultima
@PercyChuggs: I'm just happy in my vacuum thank you very much. Aliens is one of the best movies ever.
Posted by Nomin

Obsidian could just use the same assets to continue developing on the game or just put it on a temporary hiatus while they wait for some party to acquire the Starship Troopers license for them.

Posted by Linkyshinks

It's a disservice to the great film franchise how SEGA have used it. I'm glad Gearbox's game is still in the works, but this still does suck, and you have to blame SEGA. This game has so much potential, they should taken a risk with it.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

No big surprise there.

Posted by PercyChuggs

People still care about the Aliens license? Do those people live in a time vacuum where they only consume media from the 1980's?

Edited by MrKlorox

Damn... this is hurtful to RPGs in general. They're saying RPG is too niche a genre for Aliens to succeed in.

Posted by GRiZZLYFiRE


Posted by theMcNasty

Please be patient?  They need to get their shit figured out.

It almost seems like they announce these games to gain publicity for their other titles.  "Oh, didunt u hear?  We canceled Aliens RPG, but we have Alien vs. Predator! *cough*  Make sure to hotlink that title in the press release Mike."

Posted by Colin

aw :(

Posted by RHCPfan24

By the headline, I thought you meant it had "gone gold". That really surprised me. This...not so much.

Posted by Azteck

It wasn't that much of a surprise to be honest. The source material didn't seem very fitting for the sort of game they wanted to make out of if.

Posted by Arne

There is only one way to make a kickass Alien game. You need to play as a Marine, against aliens, without any race jumping and certainly no predators.

And there is only two developers who can do this justice, Visceral Games or ID software. 

Posted by RenegadeSaint
@AndrewB said:
" By the title, I thought the game itself was finished, as in, completed and on shelves; not scrapped. I admit, I haven't been following this game's development at all. "
Exactly my thoughts.
Posted by AndrewB

By the title, I thought the game itself was finished, as in, completed and on shelves; not scrapped. I admit, I haven't been following this game's development at all.

Posted by Reverseface

In a nutshell Sega was making too many Aliens games, market saturation = The weakest but most interesting/risky game DEAD.

Posted by Vod_Crack

Very unsurprising to be frank.

Posted by slyspider
@The_A_Drain: chill out. You sound like you shit your pants typing that...
Posted by Landmine

I had completely forgotten about this.

Posted by ververdan0226

I thought this was already canceled...

But yeah, it could've been cool. I hope Alpha Protocol is good, it looks really promising.

Posted by CrazyCraven

Could have been awesome!

Posted by mracoon

I was always more excited for Alpha Protocol anyway and that's looking to be a great game so no biggie.

Posted by The_A_Drain

For fucks sake, this is complete bullshit, first the DS game now this? For once why the fuck cant we get a movie franchise game that actually makes sense as a videogame?! What the fuck is wrong with developers/publishers?! SERIOUSLY?!?! This makes me so fucking angry it's unbelievable, so now, at best we will get a generic FPS game, well thats just fucking fantastic.

Fuck you whoeever is responsible, fuck you so much.

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