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Posted by Brad

A post over on Giant Bomb brings the wonderiferous news that tomorrow will be the most incredible and excellent of days: it's Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts soundtrack day! Since the criminally underappreciated Viva Piñata scores never got any kind of commercial album-based release, this is a fantastic thing indeed for Rare fans.


Why, it might even be better than that time Grant hung out with Eddie.


Posted by Daryl


Posted by ververdan0226

Two posts about the same soundtrack in a row? Really??

Posted by CitizenKane

I want a video of Brad's reaction to this most wonderful news.

Posted by The_A_Drain

Wow cool, is it actually free? Ir does it just say 0 bucks for now? I heard the soundtrack is pretty good so i'll give it a listen.

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Hell yeah!

Posted by toughnut

I can't wait till this game comes out.

Posted by Nat3TheGreat13

It's Free??

Posted by JJOR64

If it's free then I'm getting it!

Posted by GaZZuM

$0.00?!?! what does that work out to in £s?

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Dude, a free Banjo Kazooie soundtrack! Shit, son!

Posted by The_A_Drain
@GaZZuM said:
"$0.00?!?! what does that work out to in £s?"

I'd say over 9000...
Posted by ArbitraryWater

It's Free? Where can I obtain this wonderful Soundtrack?

Posted by HDCase

Never played the game... DEFINITELY buying the soundtrack though

Posted by Tireyo

I never played Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, but I played Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.  The two games had interesting music.  I might actually check this album out to see how much the franchises music has changed in the latest installment.

Posted by FlipperDesert

giantbomb.com? What's that?

The soundtrack also rocks, so does Trouble in Paradise's.

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Posted by iAmJohn

I love this site.

Posted by Maxszy

WOOOOT! Kick ass man!

I'll be getting this for sure. If it really is free, wow, even better!

Posted by Maxszy

WOOOOT! Kick ass man!

I'll be getting this for sure. If it really is free, wow, even better!

Posted by Pomeroy

Oh thank god

I'm tired of having to bootleg soundtracks!
As someone who wants to go into film/video game score, this is great news.
Posted by Matches_Malone

Awesome. I love me some Banjo-Kazooie.

Posted by BAM

I don't think I've ever heard of that "Giant Bomb" site you linked to. Are you sure they're reliable?

Posted by Milkman

It's not free, people....

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yeaaah!  I already ripped the audio off of YouTube, but they are poor quality. So I'll be getting this for sure.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Wait, now it's free?

I've actually been playing Banjo-Tooie today. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

Posted by empfeix

 I think the last thing in the world I want to listen to after a long day is Mumbo's Garage music driving me insane.

Posted by MeatSim

You learned about this on Giant Bomb you say?

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Brad, you should roll for a +2 insanity modifier like Jeff did before posting.  It would seem Jeff rolled a natural 20.

Posted by Black_Rose

I want to see a video of Brad going to the store, buying it, returning to the office and his reactions when he listens to it >_>

Posted by Cheapoz

Why oh why did I trade in this game...

Posted by Axersia
Posted by krazyman

This better have the grunty's arcade game soundtrack.

Posted by SamuSlave

I think from now on every story on GiantBomb should be somehow related to Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts and Bolts. So you bastards might actually buy the game.

Posted by Media_Master

he he