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Posted by FLStyle

Because of the Materia system I feel no need to change my characters just for Limit Breaks. Also, the changing of Materia has been a tough task. If there's some way of changing without the PHS I haven't found it.

I'm almost set on sticking with Cloud, Barret and Red XIII for the entire game. Any problems with this? Are either Barret or Red XIII killed off before the end of the game (without spoiling how and when)? I'm already staying away from one certain character because I know what happens to her eventually through videos on the net over the years.

Currently I'm one disc one, at Red XIII's home.
Posted by cc23574

It all boils down to who you like the most,and who has  the strongest limit break.

I used Cid, Cloud and Yuffie

Edited by Ineedaname

From what I remember it doesn't really matter who you stick with in FF7 the party are always like 2 levels behind or something, there were people I never used but they were always getting levels, most of that game lies in summons, once you get Knights of the round table (Make sure you get this, although it does make the game a little easy with the X4) level it up and if you ever get stuck, with the times 4 and fully leveled it's 9999dmg about 7 times then rinse and repeat for another 3 times. Incase you do decide to change parties, there are hidden characters if you know where they are, Yufie and Vincent (<3), if you use Vincent though be aware his limit break makes him uncontrollable, and he does fire damage, I got stuck in a rut agaisnt two headed blue dragon, one had ice weakness fire strength and the other vice versa, and Vincent was in his limit and kept attacking the fire strong one and healing it -_-

I never did like Red though, and no, no one dies, if you've not had it already, I won't tell you why, but Barret has a fight later on which is a one on one, so it might be worth giving him a few decent things to till that goes by, I can't remember when it was though and if I did I wouldn't say so you can do it for yourself.

And changing materia is a bitch, the easiest way to do it, is to give the main ones to Cloud when he's able to have more slots, although later on a few weapons are slots-a-plenty, I.e. Rune(?) sword, it might have been called.

And later on when you meet Caith Sith, be sure to not give him much because something happens to him, and during his disappearance, I'm pretty sure he keeps the materia.

Make sure to pick up summons though, some of them are just lying around in the middle of no where. Later on you'll go in a forest, and in there there's one I originally thought was a glitch on my TV =( turns out it was a summon when I decided to probe it.

Posted by Kazu666

The party you use doesn't really matter, its completely down to personal preference.

I always used Cloud, Red and Cid but on my PSP playthrough now i'm using Cloud, Tifa and Vincent. The game is no easier or harder...just...different :P

Posted by FLStyle
@Ineedaname: Yeah I've done the Barret Vs. Dyne battle unless you mean another one on one that I've not encountered and I've got but don't plan on using Cait Sith.

Thanks for your help peoples.
Posted by Ineedaname
@FLStyle: Nope I meant the Dyne one, you're in the clear then, just don't use Caith Sith and you'll be all good.
Posted by SilverShadow

Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII is who I used throughout the entire game as well. I liked to have them because Barret, Red XIII, and Cloud (of course) all have multiple hit Level 4 limit breaks. Which come in handy a lot :)

Posted by Keeng

I maxed everyone but the three best limits are Cloud, Cid, and Yuffie. They do tons of damage. But as someone said above, the characters you don't use still gain levels (I THINK). Changing materia is just about the only reason I haven't gone through that game yet again.

Posted by Cornman89

It's all about the original trio - Cloud, Barret and Tifa.

But really, it's all down to personal preference. I suppose you could try everyone out a bit. See for yourself which characters you like, which have he best Limit Breaks, which character designs look the best to you, which characters make the best all-round party, etc.