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Posted by Wildfire570

Well I just want to start out by saying I hope you guys at the Giant Bomb forums and crew that you had a great 4th of July. Mine didn't go as planned and in fact, it turned into a natrual disaster movie so allow me to tell you an interesting tale. I woke up at 1 PM totally forgetting that it was 4th of July until my mother woke me up. I got all excited because this is the day that I got to see Public Enemies with my mom. The movie was all right, it had a good amount of action and Depp and Bale did a solid job on the acting. So as the movie ended and me and my mom were leaving the mall we became very hungry and decided to find a food joint and eat there.

It was then we saw the dark clouds that were gradually heading towards us and we didn't think of it much. As we headed down the road, the clouds got darker and darker. I knew a storm was coming...next thing you know it we started seeing lightning start popping out of nowhere and one was only about I'd say 50 feet away from us. Man I wish I had my camera then! At first I was sure that God was sending me a warning that my evil aunt was in town, but we never heard from her so I just thought it was just a plain ol' storm.  Then all of a sudden, "WHA-BAM!", it started downpouring very hard. Then the wind picked up and I started seeing trees branches being blown away. It got

This is a good visualization of how dark it got.
bad...real bad...like Twister the movie bad.

Now normally I don't panic in these kinds of situations but I did because me and mom started seeing all the buildings in our area with no power at all, even the traffic lights went down and navigating was a no easy task. It was kind of scary because we could barely see anything, but a few feet in front of us. However, my mother was starving and was so hungry that she still wanted to grab a bite to eat despite the fact that were in a giant storm, barely could see a few feet because of the rain pouring, and there was a solid chance that we could hit something if it came out of nowhere. But alas my mom was hungry and she wanted food and sure enough we stopped by a food joint that had shades that was good enough to keep us dry as she ordered our food. Then as she inserted her debit card into the machine that accepts cards, she drops it and cannot reach it. Used as an expendable I had no choice but to go outside and grab that stupid card. I ran, grabbed it, and dashed straight back to the other side of the car. Even my running was futile as I was completely soaked.

So after that crazy food quest through the fury of the storm we came home only to find that part of our tree landed on the lawn (thank God that it didn't land on the house of my car...). Well things got much better as we found out that our house had zero electricity (Wheres Cole McGrath when you need him?!). Nothing worked at all and were stuck in the dark, with a damaged tree. To make things worse, my black cat disappeared because he went outside before we left the house...
That is my tree post-storm...fml.

Nothing could really describe how frustrated we were, and the sad part was that there was no fireworks at all obviously. Luckily I shut down my lap top so it had plenty of power. In a way to enlighten the mood me and my mom decided to watch a movie on the lap top. The DVD drive didn't work as well as I hoped. All of a sudden my mom says "Well I guess you know what that means?". "No I don't know what you mean..." I said. "Its time we had the talk...about the Bird and the Bee." my mom said. So here I am in the dark, with no electricity, a lap top that didn't work, a broken tree, a missing cat, and my mom decided to talk about sex. And so my mother started to talk about sex until our electricity came back on...the power didn't come back on for 3 hours.

After that crazyness, the power started to kick back on and boy was I excited that it came back on! My 4th of July was probably one of the most craziest days ever. I mean seriously, what are the odds of all this happening to me on the 4th of July?! How?! Ah well at least I got out that mess. On the bright I found my black cat later that night! I was taking out the trash into my trash bin and next thing you know it, he came back. Although I swear he popped out just like a ninja, like Ryu Hyabusa! And the way that he
Ninja Kitty!!!
was standing was really cool actually. Take a look for yourself! Overall this will definitely a 4th of July that I will never forget. So how was everyone else's 4th of July? Did anyone get into any crazy hijinks or did a random storm occur during you 4th of July? If so please share your story!