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Posted by Jeff

Sony's official blog posted up a trailer for this slick-looking shooter, Retro/Grade.

 So... it's a space shooter, but you play it in reverse. This turns it into more of a rhythm game, since you need match up your ship's location with the shots that you've fired... or that you will fire... uh... in the future. OK, it's a little touch to describe, but it sort of reminds me of Bit.Trip Beat, since you're sort of moving up and down to "catch" shots that are heading in your direction. According to the game's developer--24 Caret Games--you'll be able to play Retro/Grade with a guitar controller, if that's your thing. That sounds like a pretty cool touch.

No release date for the PSN versions has been mentioned yet, but the game was a finalist at the Independent Games Festival, and the PC demo used at IGF is available from Steam.
Posted by TheMikelGuereca

Sounds interesting.

Posted by Coolarman

trippy as hell

Posted by Shadow

...but can I play it with the DJ Hero turntable?

Posted by DerekDanahy

That's crazy, seems to have a lot of the similar mechanics of Braid!

Posted by TheClap


Posted by ahoodedfigure

Heh, clever.  But is this just a shooter pastiche over a rhythm game, or is there more to it?  Better question: is the end boss going to be super easy? :)

Posted by c_rakestraw

That looks awesome. I loved Bit.Trip Beat, so if this is like that (and it looks like it is), then this should be just as good as that was. Definitely looking forward to playing this.

Posted by Levianth

Dude... what?

Posted by Hannibal

Wow, what the hell.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@DerekDanahy said:
" That's crazy, seems to have a lot of the similar mechanics of Braid! "
By a lot you mean one. You can reverse time to fix your fuck ups.
Posted by Sgt_T1bbs

Looks really neat but if its just a rhythm game with a space shooter "skin" on it(as was mentioned earlier) then i'm out.

Edited by Novyx

I played the demo on Steam a while back, and it IS pretty much just a reskinned rhythm game... and the music... is not the most amazing. I'm not saying it's bad; just one of those 'not for everyone' games.

Posted by zityz

I tried the demo on steam. It's a novel idea but bleh pass. I didn't find it fun at all just an interesting concept piece.

Posted by phlegms

I'm tripping balls right now...

Posted by MattyFTM

Wow, weird. I feel like walking around my house backwards now.

Posted by killdave

*Waits for rapper to do another Braid style video*

Posted by 71Ranchero

I dont think I could be any less excited over a shmup.

Posted by JJOR64

Looks interesting.  I might have to check it out once it releases.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper


Posted by Dalai

Bit.Trip Beat meets R-Type meets Braid?

I can get behind that.

Posted by HatKing

I got to admit the one thing the Playstation consistently has me jealous on is the weird downloadable games, from this to Noby Noby Boy to Flower I really wish some this bizarre shit would make it to the XBLA.

Posted by Harknett

That ship never runs outta that time rewindin' potion! 

Posted by PureRok

If it's played in reverse, does that mean you fight the boss first and go all the way back to the first level?

Does that mean that the game gets progressively easier?

Posted by JackiJinx

Cool. Where does my Power Pad fit into all of this?

Posted by Kayrack

holy crap

Posted by Branthog

Fine, but what does Solja-BoyTell'em have to say about it?

Posted by caseylakes

sounded better than it looked =[

Posted by MattBodega

I had to spend a minute starring at the damn thing before it clicked. Hopefully it all works out....maybe it could be cool!

Posted by Pie

Only 10 songs...

Posted by Vigorousjammer
@killdave said:
" *Waits for rapper to do another Braid style video* "
"yo man, we got dis shit hurr called retro/grade!"
Posted by LiquidPrince

Oh... My brain.

Posted by OmegaPirate

No-one made the


Comment yet? no? ok. I did
Posted by Jazz

mmmmmmmercury's in retrograde

Posted by Mootalstrike

Looks sweet.

Posted by ShowNun

Yeah, everything that makes a shooter a shooter is lost here. This is just a skin for a rhythm game.

Posted by GoodKn1ght

silly jeff, HASN"T been mentioned yet.
it actually kinda made me laugh

Posted by Kyle

That is bizarre.... I don't think I even understand it...

Posted by Crono

very unique concept, just shows that there is indeed room for growth in long standing genres

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Oh, I thought you would be flying right to left...

Edited by buzz_clik

I remember hearing about this a while ago and thinking it sounded like a great gimmick for a game. I didn't realise just how much of a rhythm game it would turn out to be, however. Pretty cool.

Obviously this is not to be confused with the classic shooter Retrograde.

Posted by delete3

That looks like an awesome game. Can't wait to try it out!

Posted by TheePeaceFrog

Woah, that is new.

Posted by WholeFunShow

I always wanted to play the original C64 Retrograde, never saw it at the time but saw lots about it in magazines, looked awesome.

Posted by buzz_clik
@WholeFnShow: *cough*emulation*cough*
Posted by Six

looks kind of interesting..  maybe a 10 minute quick look could sell me on it, but not sold or turned off by it yet

Posted by c_rakestraw
@Pie said:
" Only 10 songs... "
Hey, ten songs are better than three -- the amount the Bit.Trip games have per installment. And for all we know, there could be plans to release more songs via download.
Posted by John1912

Wierd, i went from angry saying what the fuck is this crap, to oddly interested :-/

Posted by McPaper

Sounds like a stupid gimmick

Posted by GTCknight

Sounds and looks insane . . . . I'm in.

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