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Posted by krazy_kyle

I hate the idea of wasting money on your avatar, especially when you could buy clothes for yourself anyway :P
Its all kinnda full of cheap gimmicks thats i'll rarely use.

Edited by spazmaster666

Man my 120GB drive isn't going to be nearly enough when this new update comes out. I only have 19 GB left and that's only enough for about 4 games (I'm not too big on deleting and re-downloading stuff). MS really needs to release a bigger hard drive. A 250GB or 500GB drive would be nice. I'd rather not have to resort to using modded hard drives.

Posted by LiquidPrince
@MattyFTM said:
" I'd buy Giant Bomb clothing for my avatar. But any other clothing, no. "
Should be giving Jeff some ideas.
Posted by WinterSnowblind
@jakob187 said:
" What happened to the avatar awardables?!  I hope that's rolling out as well.  I've been dying to get my hands on some achievement-unlocked goodness for my fat, long-haired ava-Mii. "
They are coming at the same time, it's diappointing to see so many games selling clothes rather than offering them as unlockables, but Splosion Man at the very least is the first game that offers unlockable avatar gear.  (as well as gamerpics and  a premium theme).

@LordelX said:
" Man, selling avatar clothes is a dumb idea. That just stinks of Playstation Home. Why would the greatest online success of this generation take a page from the greatest online failure of this generation? Because people buy that stuff, which is pretty sad. "
Well, we knew this was coming since well before Home.. But hey, they'll still be giving us the free updates, and like you said, people *will* buy this stuff.  I like the idea of being able to make our avatars a little more unique, although personally I think I'll be sticking to the unlockable rewards rather than purchasing any.  Although the LeChuck costume is tempting, and I'd love the ODST armour, Fallout jumsuit and Agency uniform..

Posted by Nerje
@teh_destroyer said:
" @MattyFTM said:
" I'd buy Giant Bomb clothing for my avatar. But any other clothing, no. "
I hope I can buy those godawful Ecko Halo shirts, so that I can load up Bomberman and drop giant bombs at his feet
Posted by ascholzk
@lordofultima: its not a "new dashboard", but rather more features to the existing interface.