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Posted by Jeff
I can't help but imagine that the Mac version will look less savage and feature more John Hodgman. 
I've been meaning to give Warhammer Online another shot for a few months now, and I think I'm running out of excuses now that there's a Mac client available.

The Mac client just launched in beta form and is available as a download both for current players and as a trial for new players. It's expected to be out of beta this fall, when players using the Mac client will receive a couple of custom titles ("I'M AN ORDER" and "I'M A DESTRUCTION") and an in-game trophy called the iPomme.

Also, you should probably know that this client is only good for the game's North American players. A client for European players is said to be available "soon."

For more details on hardware specs and to download this thing, check out Mythic's download page for the client.
Posted by Hamz

That is pretty good news to hear. I guess PC gaming is dying and being replaced by MAC gaming, right? :P
In all seriousness though it is good to see the game branching out and showing some life. For awhile there I did wonder if things were going a little downhill for WAR, apparently I am wrong.

Posted by Vision

Just like you i have been meaning to resub to WAR again.

I just need that one thing to push me off the edge. >.<

Posted by EmptyQuarter

I was super excited about this until I got the part where it's just for North America. Someone tell Paul Barnett to show a little love to his fellow countrymen that own Macs.

Posted by Drebin_893

Carrie Gouskos is leading this project.

I wish her the best.
Posted by InsanePotato

Yeah maybe i'll load War up again this weekend, i haven't played it since launch and i'm sure they've added a ton since then. Be interested to see whats changed.

Posted by MeatSim

I just don't have it in me for another medieval fantasy MMO.

Posted by KaosAngel

Does the game run on a 9400M?

Posted by stokerd

Maybe will give this another try. Played it at release, but now to play on my Mac, hmmmm. 

Posted by Linkyshinks

MAC!, what is it good for, WAR!

Posted by fallen_elite

WAR lost a lot of subs. They are trying to expand the audience.

Edited by CrazyCrazyDoctor

I played it about a month after launch and fell in love with the PvP stuff. I've sort of been keeping up with the updates, and they seem to have improved a ton of things wrong with the game. I've been thinking about giving it another try for a long time now. Maybe that time will come again soon?

Posted by Scooper

I really enjoyed the demo for the first few days. Amzing fun to be had but it all watered out very quickly which is a shame because I feel it had great ideas.

Posted by Bucketdeth

From what I hear War is on a slow decline, but maybe this will help out, they need to do what Age Of Conan did, wipe out a lot of there employee's and start over fresh, this sounds harsh but look what it did to Conan, thats a whole different game now.

Posted by RapidAmp

That's strange because I'm in the UK and I'm patching it as I type :S ah well.

I had a blast playing it when I had my PC and can't wait for the full version!
Posted by Revell

I really liked WAR when I played it, but it was dying when I was playing.

Plus the lag was painful in Warbands.
Posted by End_Boss

Whatever you do, don't play a Marauder. It's for your own protection.

Posted by Cerza

Hmmmm, hopefully this will help out WAR and give Blizz a little competition on the Mac platform. A large reason for why WOW dominates the Mac is that there's really nothing else for it compete against there.

Posted by Osphere

Gotta check this out (or at least try to), considering how much I was hyped for this game leading up to its launch.

Posted by Mercanis

But Jeff, John Hodgman represents the PC, remember? So the Mac version of Warhammer Online would feature LESS John Hodgman and MORE Justin Long.

Sorry Mac users!
Posted by killername

To get any fun out of the game you need to make sure you roll on one of the higher pop servers. If you roll on Dark Crag then you will till find the early game (tiers1-3)  to be populated and should get scenarios 24/7.

Posted by Quater

I've been trying to check out WAR for the last few days on my PC, but I just cannot get the game to work, at all. I made two different trial accounts and downloaded the client over and over, but it just doesn't work on my machine. I don't even get any error messages, and the tech support for the war-europe.com website is absolutely abysmal. Half the time, the website doesn't even work properly, and I don't have any other stability issues with my PC so I can only suppose that WAR doesn't have a big player base mainly due to technical issues (the forums are full of people wondering why the game doesn't work) and also the middling content that I've heard about. Guess I'll be getting that WoW sub after all then (also thinking about joining LotRO - the trial for that has been really good so far).

Posted by GozerTC

I played it in Beta on my Windows side but I knew I wouldn't buy it because it was Windows only.  Loved the game, but now that it's Mac based I may have to get into it.  Especially since AION has been giving me troubles getting into the Beta. :p

Posted by Bigandtasty

Which title is superior: the goofy engrishness of "I'M AN ORDER" or the ridiculous belligerence of "I'M A DESTRUCTION"?