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Posted by DVzomb

It's been a really long time since I actually did anything with this account, even if it wasn't much. I miss the fun community that moved to GiantBomb, and I just left the site. It was in part because of school, gaming, and work. I also spent a little bit of time building a new PC earlier in the year. As time went one, I upgraded it constantly. I took a picture a week ago for you guys to see what it looks like as of now.

The only upgrades I've done since taking this picture is getting a bigger gaming mouse pad, and moving the mouse + keyboard onto the top of the desk. I do plan on upgrading the monitor to a 22" sometime soon, but it won't be first priority since my 19" is doing just fine. The only things not in the picture are my Fatal1ty gaming headset, Razer Deathadder mouse, or the Logitech G11 keyboard.

If you're interested in my specs, you should check my xfire page which I actually updated for situations like this.
My Xfire Page
- Feel Free to add me

A few weeks ago I got a bit addicted to WoW, for  I managed to hit level 30 in 8 days of play. The addiction didn't last for too long. Now I just play regularly. I need more people to play Team Fortress 2 with me, along with Left 4 Dead, since I haven't touched that in almost 5 months. Unfortunately I haven't been on my 360 or PS3 in the longest time, but I think that will change very soon. I have been playing a lot on my DSi lately. It was mostly because of my trip to Maryland, from which I came home today. I made the most progress in Phantom Hourglass, while dabbling a little in Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. Barely worth mentioning were my 2 hours of playing Mario Kart DS, even though it was time really well spent.

I'm quickly getting used to the site design, just because of how well done and innovative it really is. Kudos to GiantBomb! ^__^

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I also spent a lot of time on this site when it initially took off. I moved here from GT when it became well..... shit. 
Anyway, your PC is nice. I don't like the case however as side windows and bright obtrusive LEDs are too distracting in my opinion. 
I am currently in the process of building my new gaming only rig. Its all up and running, just need to order a new graphics card and monitor.  
If your interested in what case I am about to get (hopefully tomorrow it will arrive), watch this review     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCcbqOqv3Q8

Posted by DVzomb
I enjoy having LED's, but the Whisper case is very sleek and has a lot of compartments! I wish you luck with your new pc! 
Posted by crusader8463

i cant stand LED's. i have a XPS 720 and because i leave my computer on all the time, even when i'm trying to sleep, i had to go into the bios and turn them off. It was like having a spot light in my room when i was trying to sleep. Drove me nuts. Now if they had an on/off switch on the side of the case instead of needing to reboot and go into the bios to turn them on/off i might keep them on while i use my cpu. Especially with that fun plug in that lets them flash and change colour based on what sounds music/movies/games etc are making.