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Posted by Tovan

It's already up for those interested. 

Posted by Bwast
@TehBuLL said:
" big bad tv star doesnt have time for the ER anymore. "
Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

You'd better announce Giant Bomb somewhere today!

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Did I just see Morgan Webb shout "GO EAT A TAMALE RIGHT NOW!" to Ryan?!

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Chris Remo?

Posted by AllanIceman
@Insectecutor said:
" @brainboy77 said:
" That's great, now where the fuck is the endurance run. "
The endurance run is a romp from the top floor of Naoto's dungeon to the bottom floor with no boss fight. If you really want to see it, watch it on justin.tv's archive from today. "
Can't find the archive. All I see is the old GTAIV one. Do you have a link?
Posted by Chipmunk

Jeff, I think you won on the stripey shirt competition. Totally out-striped Adam with your implementation of color. Chris didn't get the memo.

Posted by InFamous91

watching it now

Posted by Kayrack

just finished watching todays interview, good stuff.

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

The penny arcade shirt!
Posted by Scratch

ZOMG Remo! Sorry seen Jeff pleny of times, but Remo's a first.

Posted by Breakfast

Funny ending.
Sessler looks like a tool to me tbh.

Posted by CodeMcK
Posted by Branthog

Well done, Jeff. Unlike so many hacks thta come on to be interviewed, you were concise, clear, informative, and well thought out. I really enjoy your commentary and it's good others go to hear a bit, too.

Posted by Shabran
@brainboy77 said:
" That's great, now where the fuck is the endurance run. "
Thats what I am wondering lol
Posted by MeierTheRed
@Tovan51 said:
" It's already up for those interested.  "
Thanks for the link up.
Posted by PabloDiablo
Posted by PartTimeNinja

Pretty good interview. But right away, I turned the show off.

Posted by NickNorman

Nice interview, Jeff. That GB hoodie looked nice... On that note, when are we going to see the new shirt?

Posted by Dr_Who

Jeff you were great and they got your name right!

Posted by Jared


Posted by Nate

Jeff you rocked it! And way to represent with the giant bomb jacket.

Posted by evildeadron

does chris remo have working arms? or is he a parapaligic?

Posted by HairyMike87

Just saw it. I think Jeff has to be one of the most comfortable and down to earth guests G4 will get to talk about games.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

And here I am, probably the only person here whitout cable/satelite , I still have my trusty antenna with 7 channels

Posted by RHCPfan24

I am DVRing the 8:00 show. Can't wait!!

Posted by HypotheticalSolution76
@Tovan51: Thanks for the link.
Posted by TheLawnWrangler

LOL the ending of your interview as hilarious

Posted by Delta_Ass

Jeff really needs his own show on G4TV. I find him a lot more entertaining then Sessler's schtick.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Jeff, don't listen to the angry voices. They only bring evil and terrible games.
Posted by BlackIrish05

Nice interview. Funny ending.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Good interview. Made me smile. I don't know if acting crazy to get laughs at the end is a great way to make people interested to come to Giant Bomb, but whatever. Its still the best website on the interwebs

Posted by Killroycantkill

Way to say no to that shirt jeff. DON'T GIVE IN!!!

Posted by DRE7777

The end of tonights interview was hilarious LMAO. 
Nice interview Jeff
Posted by Earthborn

Why the hell is Adam Sessler still on TV? Jeff, you should hack the G4, set up the bomb. 

Posted by dirtyfootprints

i. do not. like. chris.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

That was a great segment Jeff.

Posted by DerekDanahy

Good job Jeff! Represent GB!

Posted by JDoobs

I lost ALL respect for X-play and specifically Adam Sessler when he went on that rant about the RE5 trailer being racist.
What a joke.

Posted by simpledespot

Jeff, you're my personal hero.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Great, but 
...........i didn't like the ending sorry.

Posted by Lazyaza

I disagree with sessler, I think jeff should listen to the voices.  Makes the killing easier.

Posted by imayellowfellow

lol so this was back when jeff was all freelance?

Posted by Demonstride

Oh dang I'm too late because i took a nap...

Posted by TheJuda

Up here in Canada,  X-Play was replaced with Freaks and Geeks a couple months ago.

Posted by Gamer_152

It's a shame that I like in the UK and only have Virgin Media so I can't watch this, it woulda been cool to see Jeff on TV. Nice of clip of when he was on X-Play before though.
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Why didn't they use giantbomb.com for jeff gerstmann? I'm retarded. Ignore me.

Posted by mordukai
Posted by KamasamaK

Good luck, Jeff Gertzman.