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Posted by JeffGoldblum

Jeff drove to San Francisco to give this interview?

Posted by Deusoma

You were awesome, Jeff. Nice ending.

Posted by Osphere

Jeffy G can present.

Posted by gimmysumcowbel

jeff ur freaking awesome.  keep up the good work man
Posted by Nzwei

Current Blogger ? Realy ? What to hell is wrong with this dude. He just called the single unbiased, reliable gaming news site a blog. If i was Jeff i think i would comment on this. Since g4 lost balls looooong time ago ( if it ever had any ).

Posted by Hamst3r
@Nzwei: dude, that's the old video from last year. The new one is below that one. :P
Posted by Nzwei

Well ,Jeff did it again. I'd expect a spike in sites popularyty now. :D

Posted by Mgsfreak

Awesome interview! If only we could have a decent game out every month, ohhh what a world that would be.

Edited by Crocio

Wonderful improvisation!
Not overdone, clear and funny.

Posted by CraigAA1028

My man Jeff telling it like it is.

Posted by The_A_Drain

It's a struggle in my mind!!! 
Lol, you nearly killed Sessler at the end there. God I hate Sessler. I agree though, I really wanted Dark Void but if previous Capcom new IPs are anything to go by in recent years (Dead Rising, Lost Planet etc) it could do with the extra time. 
Very good interview.    

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Jeff killing it as usual! Great interview!

Posted by MacGyver

that was a pretty great ending. way to represent with sweet giantbomb swag!

Posted by Cube

Jeff is actually one of the greatest interviewee's I've ever seen in terms of video game talk. Always professional, always well presented. Loved the ending - Nice reppin' the Giant Bomb.

Posted by NickM

Awesome stuff, didn't expect any less.

Posted by Shadow

I would buy that hoodie in a second if I still could.

Posted by xplodedd


Posted by Radar

lmao at that ending.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Nice work Jeff.

Posted by get2sammyb

I love how Jeff wears his GiantBomb hoodie.

Posted by turbomonkey138
@brainboy77: Good old addicts
Posted by Tovan

That was a good interview, I love how Jeff is so natural, he knew what he was saying and came out with it.

Posted by DanceDanceKennypants

Why isn't this Jeff guy famous?  

Posted by PenguinDust

Jeff went crazzzzy at the end...ah, Blair, that why I love the other Blair.

Posted by BinaryDragon

Awww Jeff you crazy!

Posted by Wandering_Hands

Great Interview Jeff!

Posted by Impossibilium

now if G4 could just show Xplay each day and then go off the air, it would be a much better channel.

Posted by Mads76

Haha, sweet sweet interview JG!!

Edited by Sanj

It must feel good to be Jeff Gerstmann of GiantBomb.com!...rather than Jeff Gerstmann, blogger. :P
Posted by Bloker

Yep, you totally ripped it up! GJ Jeff.

Posted by Grimmy616

Oh nice. Jeff GerSTmann is here. I didnt really like that Gertsmann guy.

Posted by mracoon

Only Jeff knows how to properly end an interview.

Posted by Nets

Lol nice ending. REPRESENTIN'.

Posted by reversethedevil

mmm.. seeing as how i have a job and don't get home in time for xplay any more..... sigh....

Posted by Kohe321

Watching the clip now!

Posted by Radar
@Meltbrain said:
" I hope he gets your name right this time, dammit. "
I wonder how he managed to get it wrong.. they've known each other since the begining of Gamespot
Posted by Kohe321

Awesome, awesome interview. You always handle these really well, Jeff! Good answers, and the ending was hilarious. :D

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@nginsmall said:
" Wow that video seems old, Giantbomb wasnt even mentioned in the slightest form. "
I don't know if you are being ironic, bu they announced him as Jeff from giantbomb.com, he was wearing the logo in plain sight and the text said "Co-Founder, giantbomb.com". I think that's more than enough PR.
Posted by Agnogenic_delete

Great interview Jeff!

Edited by ahoodedfigure

I didn't realize this was an issue :)  I've seen way too many games be released as the equivalent of paid betas for me to get all entitlement-crazy when they don't release on time.  Whatever disappointment I have is brief if I let it die.  Unless they make drastic changes to the game that mess up whatever magic was there before, it's going to be better.  
I just wonder if most of the rest of the people really think it's a non-issue, or if they're actually responding to some sort of trend out there.  I never really paid that much attention to actual release dates, since my life doesn't depend upon what month a frigging game gets released.
And as far as coming out early 2010, they might even hit the exchange season, when everyone gets rid of stuff they don't want and gets stuff they actually wanted...

Posted by Noodles

You are like a beautiful flower, Jeff. Don't change a thing.

Posted by Damian

I'm dreaming of the 'one-great-game-a-month' world too.

Posted by jhosaphat

Jeff was awesome!

Edited by Mjolnir

I like how they showed the God of War 3 footage when Jeff says "bloodbath". Pretty funny

Posted by TyphoonSwell

I hate X-play....

Posted by destruktive

Awesome job, Jeff

Posted by mussbus999

Good shit jeff

Posted by ParaParaKing

YEAH! Jeff was way more entertaining than anything else happening in that show.

Posted by cyrax

I loved how animated Jeff was at the end.

Posted by Seram

This is probably the only time I've willingly watched a segment of X-Play.