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Posted by ArbitraryWater

That's how you REPRESENT. Good Job Jeff.

Posted by Khrome83

SWEET. Give into the angry voices!

Posted by Crono

Jeff's awesome and love the end of the interview lol.  Do you see more visitors to the site since this aired or anything like that?


well done interview, u were well behaved.
Posted by kerikxi

Great appearance Jeff. Especially loved the ending.

Posted by InsanePotato

Rofl good interview Jeff :). Borderlands and Modern Warfare 2 are totally getting me through the end of this year. Really want borderlands to be great, i see it being like my Diablo 2 addiction from years back.

Posted by Shabran

that was top jeff, loved the ending

Posted by Media_Master

Jeff was great as usual
Posted by RagingLion

Really nice interview, Jeff.  I love how you're so relaxed that you just have fun at the end of the interview and play along with it.

Posted by Earthborn

Great job, Jeff! I'm also really torn over Dark Void. Game looks amazing.

Posted by Xiemos2

Very solid interview, nicely done as always Jeff.

Posted by sfighter21


Posted by TheSmie

Jeff, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Hi larious

Posted by SaucySala

Solid interview Jeff.

Posted by triclops41

  Jeff, great interview, its not easy to be insightful and funny in such short answers, but hopefully you gave xplay viewers enough of a taste of how you guys are on bombcast that you might get some new listeners.    

Posted by ZmillA

classic gerstmann

Posted by freakin
@Seram said:
" This is probably the only time I've willingly watched a segment of X-Play. "
no kidding, the show is abysmal.
Posted by ValiantGoat

Jeff, you so crazy!

Posted by Milpool

I'm still waiting for that Rom Com, Jeff.

Posted by damnboyadvance

Nice interview Jeff! Way to represent Giant Bomb!

Edited by Player1

Jeff you seriously did a great job! Way to represent.  The end make me lol
So natural...almost seems like you've been doing this for a while :P

Posted by Winternet

Nice Jeff.

Posted by ocdog45

jeff you fucking insane! love giantbomb.
Posted by Sledgehammering

Morgan...Gerstmann?  You better PM that chicken head!!

Posted by Dickey

That was awesome

Posted by removesstains


Posted by senrat

Two times on X play and once on Good Morning America is a pretty good amount of TV time for Jeff. And national TV at that.
Posted by Damien

Struggle IN MY MIND

Posted by AutomaticSnake

nice ending lol

Posted by Tuggah

Chris Remo looks so different than how I pictured him.

Posted by Slaneesh
@ZmillA said:
"classic gerstmann "

Thats why i am on giantbomb and not gamespot anymore