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Posted by teh_destroyer

Win Back was the first game that gave me some epic motion sickness,lol. I loved Mission Impossible 64 and Age of the Empires 2 as a kid, brings back some good child hood memories.

Posted by BigBoss1911

If I was on my computer as a kid,there was a really good chance I was playing that. 
A few other favorites include,turok 1 and 2,wave race 64,dark forces 2,perfect dark,age of empires 2,outlaws,many others.

Posted by Seedofpower

Man, its kinda sad to think that kids growing up now, will never really enjoy games like these.  Oh well.  Man I had loads of fun on goldeye trying soooo hard to beat complax secert level.
Posted by AlexB
@TheMustacheHero: OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE *Head Asplodes*
Posted by Dethfish

Pokemon Red is WAY better than Blue. You know why? 
'Cause Charizard is on the front.
Posted by RetroIce4

You Bastard! I forgot about this and now you reminded me.
 Goldeneye 64 is still fun to play with friends. I was on a boredom streak today and I guess what terrible thing I did as a gamer? Today I sat
down and played each cruisin series all the way through. Cruisin' on each setting. Cruisin' USA, Cruisin' World, and Cruisin' Exoctica (Which was a bitch because that games is absolutely terrible...) Like 3 hours.

Posted by Akeldama
@TheMustacheHero said:
k fuck you for ruining that box art for me.
Posted by MaypoMan

Played and enjoyed every one of those games.  Wayne Gretzkey's 3D Hockey will always be one of my favorite games.  Man I love that announcer!

Posted by Agnogenic_delete
@TheMustacheHero: WHY!? WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?
I played two out of those five? Is that good? :)
Posted by Dr_Feelgood38
@TheMustacheHero: If I didn't already know that it was his finger, that would have freaked me out. I find that the FedEx arrow is better for "you can't unsee it!" situations.
I wish Goldeneye would just be allowed to transfer to Xbox Live Arcade already. That, and games like Wave Race and Donkey Kong 64.... How about just every N64 game ever?
Posted by iam3green

aaahh yes, goldeneye 64. it was my favorite shooter game that i had ever played. i really enjoyed that game i played it for hours. it was  the first game that i found out i could get motion sickness from. 
One of my first games that i had ever played was contra for the NES. i really like this game.

Posted by Bruce

Pokemon Blue is one of my favorite games ever, regardless of age. I have played every Gameboy Pokemon RPG to be released. Love those games.
Posted by GamerGeek360

Ok first off that comment before me is great. Second, Goldeneye, Pokemon, and Rush were all games that I remember playing and yes they were all great. Man nostalgia FTW.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Posted by Breadfan
Earlier today I downloaded the trial version of the remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, which was one of my favorite games when I was a kid.  So that got me thinking about the other games that I loved growing up.



 Win Back is one of those games that I remember sitting on the couch with a group of friends playing for hours.  Looking back I remember this game being amazing since it was the first game of it's kind that I played.  Just the fact that I could take cover and shoot fools around corners blew my mind as a kid, let alone the ending which seemed like the biggest surprise ever, though now it seems pretty lame.

 Pokemon Blue/Red

Any kid growing up when Pokemon first became popular would probably say that Pokemon was one of their favorite games growing up.  I remember the first time I played Pokemon Blue for the first time and thinking that it was the greatest game I had ever played.  It was one of the first games that I sunk a huge amount of time into just collecting Pokemon and trading them with friends then all sharing our stories about what we did in the game the next day at school.




A classic game that was my first exposure to the first person shooter genre.  The game offered a great campaign and some pretty awesome split-screen action.  This was one of the most popular games to play among my friends and I while growing up.  Just the amount of playable characters seemed endless with playable characters such as Bond, Odd Job, Jaws, and even an array of random scientists from the game's single player.


Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey


Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey became one of my favorite sports games growing up.  My cousin, brother, and I would always play this game and try to get the players to get into a fist fight to see who won.  The game was great in almost every way that an arcade sports game could be, it had some over the top moments like shooting the puck so hard that the goalie went flying or the goalie turning into a brick wall to block a shot.

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA


Rush 2 was a great racing game that was one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games.  The racing was fast, the cars were awesome, and the tracks seemed extremely detailed.  The stunt level was great for screwing around and the free roaming mode led to a cops and robbers game that my friends and I used to play.


 These are just a few of the games that I enjoyed growing up.  Feel free to post your favorite games from when you were a kid.