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Shadow Complex, the 'hot' game of The Summer of Arcade 2009 (See what I did there). 
Shadow Complex, you've probably heard of it. This metroidvania inspired Xbox Live Arcade game as been the talk of the videogame town lately and for good reason. It brought in the end of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade 2009 and what I way to end it, I've heard many a folk say that you should always end the show with a showstopper and Shadow Complex is a worthy showstopper. But it's also been rather interesting to hear some of the opinions of those who haven't fallen in love with this game. 
No game will please everyone and I should say right here that I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Afterall, it's a 'genre' that we haven't seen a great deal of these past few years and although there have been a number of similar games (for example the Castlevania games on DS). They haven't exactly been revolutionary for today's gamers, mostly being appreciated by those who have fond memories of the classics such as Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. So it's surprising we haven't seen a worthy game to add that modern spice sooner. Especially when it's a genre that many of today's younger gamers haven't experienced.  
Now I don't want to start talking about the game to much in this blog as I want to write up a review pretty soon, but I've wondered if it's my lack of experience playing any great degree of Super Metroid or any of the Castlevania games that as me so thrilled about Shadow Complex. Whatever might be going on outside of the game politically will hopefully have little affect on how well Shadow Complex does, Jeff wrote up a rather interesting article yesterday that clearly shows how popular that game as been already despite only being released on Wednesday. Though I do hope gamers don't boycott the game due to the views of a certain person (you probably know what I'm talking about), especially when Chair Entertainment have worked so hard in creating this beast.  
It's Nathan D... I mean Jason Fleming, Shadow Complex's main protagonist. 
I'll admit that calling Shadow Complex an Xbox Live Arcade game feels a little odd, especially when it contains more replay value then most shelved retail games on the market right now and it's even harder to see how this will change XBLA as a whole. Few games currently found within the arcade catalogue can even be compared to Shadow Complex on graphics alone and it's because of this that I find it difficult to see it as an 'arcade' game on my Xbox 360. It's only in specific spots that the arcade development limits currently in place rear their head to remind me it's an XBLA game.  
But it's impossible to please every gamer and understandable there have been those who don't see what all the fuss is about. In many respects it's an old formula given a facelift of sorts and I can totally understand why many a gamer haven't exactly been blown away by Shadow Complex despite the rave reviews it's been receiving. This as lead me to believe that it's the younger gamers of today that will see Shadow Complex as a breath of fresh air to the digital arcade scene and I might even add myself to the 'younger' crowd of videogamers. For even I feel as if this could be the beginning of a bright exciting future for the genre.  
Must stop, as I'll end up repeating myself when I review it soon. But I'm rather fascinated by the different receptions the game as been getting. Some gamers have been blown away while others have seen it all before, it's rather interesting to see how the different age groups of gaming view Shadow Complex. It's also worth noting that it's the potential new spark in yet another classic genre, it almost feels as if we're going back in time. What's the next forgotten videogame genre to receive a popularity boost thanks to XBLA, PSN and WiiWare? Potentially Xbox Live Arcade might never be the same again and there are many questions that Microsoft will eventually have to answer. Is Shadow Complex the beginning of a new breed of arcade game? 
What are your views on Shadow Complex? and Will it affect the way future arcade titles are developed? 
Thanks for Reading! 
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