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Posted by Video_Game_King

Keep in mind I'll take other suggestions. That feature has not ended, something I'd like to stress.

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Fuck yeah! You played Star Fox 64 and vaguely alluded to my name, I feel so... special. But yes I agree with all those things, that game is bad-ass, it has the best dialogue ever and also the greatest voice acting. Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!
edit: Gotta agree with Soul Reaver 2 on the best plot twist though. Holy jesus that series has a fucking awesome story line, closest thing to an actual great fantasy show/movie series in games. INSANELY good story, twists and turns like crazy but god is it awesome. Soul Reaver 2 would be great to review as well, I think, it holds up decently. Just read up on Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver 1, those haven't aged as well.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Isn't the term "visual novel" redundant? That's like saying I listen to a lot of audio music.

Posted by AndrewB

The best plot twists I've found are in Japanese visual novels, which I'm not really sure count as Video Games.

Posted by Video_Game_King
Koopa? A lie? Does that mean....BOWSER WAS MADE OF CAKE!?
Posted by super_machine

When Mario gets to the castle at the end of world 1-4, and this freaking Toad guy tells me the Princess is in another castle. Woah, woah, but I just beat king koopa! You mean that koopa was a lie, and I have to go through this all over again eight more times? Man, what a twist!

Posted by Yummylee

The abundant amount of distorted plot twists nearin the end of MGS2.

Posted by Meowayne
Posted by regularassmilk

When Otacon turns evil and ya gotta strangle him.

Posted by Video_Game_King
Here's a good one: Aeris dies :P.
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Bioshock twist for me. I don't play enough RPG's to know any other good ones.

Posted by Video_Game_King
I remember the semantic sprite thing, but not the birthday present. Man, that thread was awesome.
Posted by TheMustacheHero
@Video_Game_King said:
" @TheMustacheHero:   Cite other examples. Besides, I'm honest and have this odd desire to always be right :P. "
I gave you a compliment about your avatars and instead of just saying "Thanks" or whatever, you have to go out of your way to correct me and then say give me a present because my birthday is coming up -_-
Posted by Video_Game_King
Cite other examples. Besides, I'm honest and have this odd desire to always be right :P.
Posted by TheMustacheHero
@Video_Game_King said:
" @dudacles:   Eh, I didn't think so for the latter. I didn't feel into it while I was typing it. "
I don't get you. Whenever someone gives you a compliment you  shrug it off, and basically tell them "Nope, you're wrong."
Posted by JokerClown88

Three little words. 
"Would you Kindly"
Posted by Video_Game_King
Eh, I didn't think so for the latter. I didn't feel into it while I was typing it.
Posted by Dudacles

Great reviews man.

Posted by zitosilva
@Fallen189 said:
It seems people really hold that one in high regard. Honestly, I never found it that shocking. It was pretty obvious from the firts conversation you have with that first guy that joins your crew (sorry, can't rememember his name. If I'm not mistaken, he makes an apparition in KTOR II).
Now, what was a truly shocking plit twist, for me, was the ending of Soul Reaver 2. *Spoilers* Dude, finding out that the reaver was your soul all along... I couldn't sleep the night I finished that game.
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@Fallen189 said:


Hell yea, that one blew my mind.
bioshock comes to mind too.
"would you kindly"
Edit:@Hitchenson said:
" "Big Smoke is that you?! Hey, that's the mother-fucking Green Sabre!" - CJ "

Damn, that's a good one too.
Posted by Khann
@Video_Game_King said:
"@Khann: Don't most people type similarly to the way they speak? "
I guess. I just meant I could have deleted the first part of my post and had the "me" sentence replace the earlier one, but instead I just kept typing.
Maybe it's laziness.
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"Big Smoke is that you?! Hey, that's the mother-fucking Green Sabre!" - CJ

Posted by Video_Game_King
What about the other BioShock twist, where it turns out little girls swarmed upon and killed Dr. Manhattan :P?
Posted by ProjektGill

Wow I remember Starfox 64 so well but my current favourite would have to be Bioshock's twist with Atlus/Fontaine and even Crackdown's ending was pretty messed up where the agency set up the gangs just to get your character ready.

Posted by Video_Game_King
No, it hasn't. I've checked the records, and wrote the date that it does expire, and I quote: "When I beat it." Well, can't argue with the law, can you?
Posted by Delta_Ass
@Video_Game_King said:
" @Red: 
Especially on all the Darth Revan. I haven't played the game, damn it!
Dude, the game came out in 2003. I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations ran out a while ago.
Posted by Creamypies
@Fallen189 said:
Posted by Video_Game_King
Especially on all the Darth Revan. I haven't played the game, damn it!
I'm guessing childhood charm. And I'm guessing that both that and your typing style are natural things. Don't most people type similarly to the way they speak?
Posted by Khann

Unfortunately games haven't really been the same since the N64 days. Well, that's not true. Games haven't been the same to ME since then. I just don't get the same enjoyment anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still enjoy games... it's just not the same.
I just realised that I type like I talk, and don't bother making a whole lot of sense with my structure... oh well.

Posted by Red

I'd say it's a tie between Darth Revan and finding out that you just killed Ninian in Fire Emblem. 
Oh yeah. Spoilers.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Darth Revan, nuff said.

Posted by Video_Game_King
Could have been, could have not been. Can't tell.
Mine are probably today, since I've access to a billion games from a 30 year period.
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I really don't know to be honest.. I do remember her excitedly showing me (with her stupid chihuahua with way too long claws along side) some branching thing she'd found near the end. Maybe that was it or something? I never actually passed the game myself... I don't think. Maybe I did. 
Wish I could go back to the N64 days.. my best days of gaming for sure. Goldeneye, Lylat Wars, Mischief Makers, Blast Corps, SM64, Yoshi's Island (love that theme song)... so many good games. Oops, nearly forgot Ocarina of Time!

Posted by Video_Game_King
Yes, it was a train level, and I remember that, too. It was considered badass to get all those markers and make the train explode in the end.
5 TIMES!? Were any of those with Fox's dad's ghost?
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Posted by Khann

Oh man Star Fox... well Lylat Wars in my country... so many good memories. I don't remember it much, been what... over 10 years now since I played it, but man, I still remember that damn train level (I think it was a train). But I think the coolest thing about this game was my grandma. She was like 63 at the time, and she never played video games ever, but for some reason, she absolutely loved Lylat Wars. She must have passed that game atleast 5 times.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Star Fox 64

( That honor would have to go to this game for me, personally.) Part of the reason may be that this game holds a special place in my black, shriveled heart. As a kid, I loved playing this on my N64. Sure, I had to get my brother to help me with some of the harder levels, but I still enjoyed blasting Andross in his bearded monkey face. Many a moon later, no pun intended, I have come back to this classic as per the request of a Japanese demon, and I still love it.
Shortly after this, I made a joke about how Andross raped Fox.
Part of that may be the unique combination of elements that Star Fox 64 is. Imagine this game as a combination of furries, World War II, and Star Wars. A lot of Star Wars, in fact; I previously criticized Mega Man X for ripping off Star Wars, but dear god, they even managed to rip the ending straight from A New Hope! Conveniently, this brings me to the plot: long ago, there was this scientist guy named Andross. He did some things that the Lylat system did not like, so they banished him to an abandoned little hellhole called Venom. Of course, Andross is still a threat, so they send three space pilots to kill him. However, Andross is smart and an asshole, so he kills one of them, hires another as his personal lackey, and sends the last one home to tell everyone what just happened. He does, and because he was working for such smart people, he gets sent back.
You play as Fox McCloud, the son of the dead guy from before. You get help from the aforementioned unlucky bastard, the ever-so-badass Falco, and Slippy, who has always confused me indirectly. I've heard a lot of crap about his gender ambiguity, but even as a kid (a very stupid kid, mind you), I could tell Slippy was a boy. I didn't find him annoying, either. However, I'm not just denying it for the sake of doing so; I really believe those things, along with the fact that this game has a strong cast and funny, memorable quotes. I'm not sure they were meant to be funny, though, so I can't give the game credit for lines like "I'm the great Leon!" and "Andross won't have his way with me."
However, what I can give it credit for is voice acting. Not only because there's never really a text-only moment, but also due to the fact that it's kinda good. There aren't any embarrassing slip-ups in voice qu...fine, I'll get to the gameplay. It's a rail shooter, meaning it essentially plays like a 3D version of Gradius. Of course, this gives it a simple, pick up and play arcade feel. That's probably why everybody loved the game so damn much: even as a kid, I could immediately pick the game up and jump right into the fray. It's almost the perfect definition of "easy to pick up, hard to master."
Why the "hard to master" part? Well, the multiple paths. Scattered throughout the Lylat system are about 12-13 planets, but you don't play through every single one. Oh, no, you have to do something specific within certain levels, like flying under some arches or killing a certain amount of enemies. They're creative, take some effort to achieve, and are rarely that hard to figure out. The only thing I don't like about them is labeling them according to difficulty, because it's misleading. There are some "hard" levels which are stupidly easy, like the lone submarine planet, and "easy" levels that will beat your ass into the ground, like just about anything where you have to fight Star Wolf. They wouldn't be a problem if your teammates were of any help, but it seems they prefer "bitch for help" over "actually fight the enemies."
It's not just Slippy who sucks with an Arwing; it's all of them. There was one dogfight near the end of the game where I was missing Slippy, but I managed to beat all but one of the Star Wolf team. Unluckily, the only person left was Wolf. I spent half the fight saving these idiots from their pursuers, but when the time came for them to return the favor, they suddenly noticed the scenic view of Venom, ignoring my pleas for aid. Why do people hate Slippy so much when their reasons for hatred pretty much apply to all of your members? Hell, I actually found him to be the most useful of all the members, probably because he's the only way you can analyze boss health.
Oddly enough, this would make a great album cover.
On that note, great boss battles. Memorable, challenging, epic, and many other kind words that are just popping into my head all describe the boss battles in this game. So, that's it. These are all the reasons I love Star Fox 64. Oh, forgot one: the one that deserves Most Shocking Plot Twist Award. Why? Well, let me set the scene. It was night, and my brother had just reached the Venom stage that none had seen before: that portion of the planet that belonged to Star Wolf. Amazingly, he managed to beat them, and he was soon navigating the labyrinth that led to Andross. It started exactly like the one we'd seen before, but WHAT THE FUCK, he transforms into a brain!? It was a long, hard fought fight, and at the end of it all, explosions. Many an explosion. All looks bleak and hopeless, and....what's this? Tom Clancy? What's he do....no, wait....IT'S FOX'S DAD!!! Everybody was shocked. It would have been perfect if the scent of poo had not filled the air. To this day, nobody knows who it was.

Review Synopsis

  • Great shooting and flying mechanics that could only be improved by a more useful cast.
  • Speaking of which, memorable cast and a lot of funny quotes.
  • Tom Clancy leading me out of the Death Star is still one of my most memorable plot twists.
I know I should have posted this weeks ago, when the new GI Joe movie was released, but...

Dynamite Headdy

( I'm aware that nobody suggested this game, but then again, there were barely any suggestions.) Besides, it fits the personal theme I have already established, albeit in a far more surreal, creepy manner. But again, more on that at the end. This introductory paragraph is where I profess my love for Treasure, the guys behind this. Almost every game they've made is unique, memorable, and very fun to play; the only reason I began with the word "almost" was because of their N64 ventures.
Dynamite Headdy, being released for the Genesis (as in "not the N64"), fits all three of the aforementioned criteria. The first thing I found unique was, what else, the story! You play as Headdy, the pimpest puppet in all of North Town. There's a demon-guy causing trouble in your domain, and it's up to you to stop him! Along the way, you'll meet several cool characters, like your female counterpart Heather and the " I associate breasts with pain" Trouble Bruin. Although both are certainly creative, that's not the creative part of the story. Wait, now that I think about it...there's nothing especially creative about the story at all! Sure, it's all told as a sort of play, but rarely is this relevant from a story perspective.
It's much more relevant from a graphical perspective; the levels all look like they're being performed in a cheap theater, lending a cute, mechanical charm to the affair. However, this is not the part that makes me love the game; no, what I love most is the music! OK, just kidding, but still, I find the music to be among the best the Genesis had to offer. It's like Treasure knew that the system sounded like robots humping electricity, so they just went with it. The result is distinctive, excellent music and...huh? Incredibly clear voice work? On a system infamous for "wise fwom your gwave" and other auditory faux pas? Holy crap, I think I love you, Treasure.
 Unfortunately, poor Pimp Headdy has never seen a girl in his pathetic life.
Wait, what was I talking about, I seem to have forgotten. Oh, right, the head snatchy gameplay. The main thing about Headdy is that he's a puppet consisting of detached body parts that grab onto stuff, exactly like Rayman. However, Headdy is much smarter than his plagiarizer, so instead of solving everything with his fists, he uses his head...almost in the same manner as Rayman uses his fists. He launches his head at things and grabs onto them in various ways. "Where's the creative aspect", you're asking me before the end of the review. Well, impatient one, the unique part is just how far it takes it. There are several power-ups to your own head, each with their own specific purposes, like shrinking or creating an explosive ring around your body. OK....some of them are a bit crap, but most of them are fairly decent.
And don't think it's one note, like Mischief Makers was with the grabbing things; here, you're grabbing things, shooting at things with your head, shooting at things with projectiles that shoot from your head, grappling onto things, shooting some hoops with your head, and about a billion other things. Of course, part of the reason why Headdy's able to do so much is because of the level design. Again, very creative and unique, especially in the dimension part. About half the levels in the game mix some sort of 3D element or cool gimmick into it. One minute, you're blasting a baby head into oblivion; the next, you're flipping levels upside down to drop balls onto a robot's head. There's never really a moment in the game where the creativity comes to a screeching halt.
However, there is a point where my tolerance for it comes to a screeching halt. Near the end of the game, the difficulty moves from reasonable to near impossible. I know this is an old school game, but even ridiculously hard games like Rayman and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts had basic gameplay elements like CONTINUES. What makes it worse is that Treasure made the game harder on purpose; after a bit of research, I found that the Japanese version not only had continues, but was much easier compared to the American/Euro versions. Combined with DMC3 doing the exact same thing, I'm convinced this is part of Japan's revenge on America for what they did to them during WW2. 
Still, even with less content and harder levels, the American version is still a great game that not a lot of people know about. Hell, the only reason I even know about is because I knew somebody growing up who owned the game. This transitions nicely into my Creepy Award. Before I elaborate, let me set the scene. There we are. Now then, it was long ago, and my previously mentioned brother borrowed Dynamite Headdy from the previously mentioned friend. I still remember two things about it: the Baby Face boss fight, and this odd memory, only auto-scrolling. All you "royal" wannabees have probably pointed out that it looks a lot like a certain scene from Mischief Makers. Here's the weird part: I didn't play that game until 2008, long after the time of my memory. How did I get this memory? WHY WAS I GIVEN SUCH PREMONITIONS!? *rips clothes off, runs around, screaming in terror*

Review Synopsis

  • A unique head grabbing gameplay aspect put to the best of use.
  • Here's the music. You will soon know the reasons why I love it.
  • Holy hell, it gets really hard really quick.