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Posted by KimFidler

Metal Gear?! 
Damn it has been a great weekend.  My girlfriend is out of town this weekend so it gave me some time to really put some time into some games I've been putting off for awhile.  More specifically, Metal Gear Solid which if you're counting I have been putting for for about 11 years now.  Yes, while I attempted to finish the original MGS many many times, I would get bored and move onto something else.  In other words, I'm an idiot. 
Last night I cracked open the Metal Gear Solid Essentials Collection and said to myself "Self, before we get into that brand new copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 you got with your PS3 Slim, we need to beat these games."  I'm very glad I did.  Metal Gear Solid is amazing!  While I had played parts of #2, I wasn't prepared for the story that was told in the original.  It actually reminded me of the same style employed by Batman Arkham Asylum in that it tells the story of the events of one night and when it's over you really feel as though you yourself has just been put through the ringer.  It really is a really awesome game. 
And with that it's onto Metal Gear Solid 2.  Many people really love it, many people really hate it.  If it's anything like the first (yeah I know about Raiden) in terms of story then I think I'll be pretty satisfied. 
OH!  I'm also looking to start filling up my PSN Friends List.  I don't have anyone on there and it kind of makes me sad.  Add me up, my PSN ID is KimFidler (I'm not very original).  I'm mostly playing Killzone 2 at the moment.
Posted by marc

Yeah MGS is great, probably my all time favorite. Even now, I go back and play through it every once and a while just to enjoy it's story once again. It never gets old. While 2 in my opinion isn't as good, it to is still a great game. I also think that the third is right back up there with the first. Have fun!

Posted by PureRok

MGS2's story will break your mind.

Posted by snake911

 Yeah, Metal Gear Solid was a great game.  I played that game a many of times back when it was originally released.

Posted by JJOR64

I still need to beat MGS1.  Only beat MGS3 and 4.

Posted by Apathylad

I'm backwards. I beat MGS1, 2, and 3, but I never played 4 until recently. I just finished 4 today. For the heck of it, I'm going to try the multiplayer on 4, but man, the update is SLOOOOOW!

Posted by 0bs3n3

Yeah, they all tend to start a little bit slow, but then some sort of catalyst comes along and it starts to get amazingly good.

Posted by jonnyboy

I loved Metal Gear Solid, it's the only one I finished (gave up halfway through 2). MGS has one of the most WTF credit sequences ever, I'm glad you've now seen it.

Posted by JohnnyAutoFire

All of the MGS games are really great, but just be ready for the biggest mind-fuck ever at the end of MGS 2.  Don't worry though, all is explained in MGS 4 (and it actually wraps up pretty nicely too).

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I feel asleep!
Oh, sorry wrong Metal Gear.

Posted by JohnnyAutoFire
@Apathylad: Just a fair warning before you sit through those long downloads: 
A lot of people really don't like how Metal Gear Online plays.  It's not horrible, but Metal Gear is definitely a game that wasn't meant to be multiplayer and it seems like they threw in MGO at the last second.  Again, it's not horrible, but just the registration process alone makes it feel more like your filling out your taxes then playing a game.  I'm surprised they don't ask for you're social security number in that thing...
Posted by Kiemoe

Congrats, that really is an epic game. The whole "one night adventure" always makes for a better story in my book. I'll try to remember to drop you a PSN friend request, but if I forget, mine's Kiemoe (also very original)

Posted by MrGetBonus

MGS is a great series. I bought the collection as well but I played 4 first. Made alot more sense afterwards. I didn't understand anything at all at first so it didnt take much. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first 3 even after playing 4. I spent like 2-3 weeks beating the first 3 then went into withdrawal cuz I didn't have a daily MGS fix. I don't think MGS2 is as bad as some people say but man.....phew...

Posted by Diamond

Just recently I've been playing through MGS1 and MGS4 again.  Beat MGS1 back when it was new, and MGS4 when that came out.
MGS1 is so awesomely atmospheric, there's really something about every aspect of that game that's amazing.  The music, sound, colors, graphics...  I had forgotten how primitive the graphics were.  When playing MGS4 and using the MGS1 Solid Snake head camo part of me refused to believe it was really that bad in MGS1 (and it was actually worse as the image quality wasn't nearly as good).

For whatever reason I am also appreciating MGS4 more than ever now.  There's so much fantastic about the game.

Never fully beat 2, and didn't get too far in 3.  Why?  I don't know.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

The best way to start the MGS series off is with the best in series, the original MGS on the Psone. Played it so many times, such great memories of coming home from school and playing through the entire 1st disc and finishing it off the next morning before school. Funnily enough I prefer the codec conversations being animated than what MGS2 did. As for that game, that needed multiple play throughs before the story can sink in but as much as fans didn't like Raiden the game was still cool.
Edited by Cornman89

Glad you enjoyed the original. I'm partial to MGS 1 and 3, which are relatively straightforward in the stories they tell, and also can stand alone as individual stories without playing the rest of the series (whereas 2 and 4 rely heavily on the extended series lore). Hope you enjoy MGS2!

Posted by wwfundertaker

Not played MGS since 1998, one of my all time favourites. 

Posted by ZanzibarBreeze

It is a good game. Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best in the series; from there stuff starts going downhill. I think you'll find that MGS4 isn't worth your time after you've cleared the other three.

Posted by Meowayne
@PureRok said:
" MGS2's story will break your mind. "
Oh man, to play MGS2 for the first time again. That was such a great journey.
Posted by Zero_

MGS2 is so crazy. As an event, including the enormous E3 trailer - I think MGS2 stands as one of the most interesting moments in gaming history.

Posted by AuthenticM

Dude, awesome! More people should be like you, being able to replay old games I mean. And yes, MGS2 is fucking crazy, which is why it's fucking awesome.