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Posted by Grothita

Gone are the days of my carefree childhood gaming, alas, Toy Commander, House Of the Dead 2, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure.
All dear friend's of mine, and since I'm slightly late with the 10 year anniversary of The Dreamcast, it only seems right to re-collect the lovely white box that was kicked in the nuts.
I first recieved my Dreamcast, Christmas of 2001 (Pretty much the year the Dreamcast died.)
My parents got me Toy Commander and The House of The Dead 2 alongside the Dreamcast, and I remember for the first time fresh in my memory, the VMU beeping.
The VMU system was like nothing I'd ever seen, I sometimes even played it more often than my Gameboy. It was so crazy.
The Dreamcast was a major jump from my Playstation 1 and my brothers Sega Saturn, I had never seen graphics like this before in my life, I remember playing a demo for Jet Set radio and remembering how mind blown I was from the art style that game contained.
Unfortunately, The Downfall of the system eventually came upon us, slowly but surely.
I really didn't seem to notice at all, I was still quite happy playing my higher quality version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2.
I adore you swirl of joy.