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Posted by Symphony

Pretty sure I'm alive, although I do have a few gaping holes in my chest after a nasty run in with a man weilding a pitchfork.. we were both in a hurry and didn't move out of each other's way as we crossed paths on the sidewalk... The man with the pitchfork may have walked away with less wounds, but I'm pretty sure I made him late for whatever appointment he was trying to get to. Horray for karma!
In any event, choosing to play the PS2 is never a bad idea! There are still tons of play-worthy games for it (Mana Khemia 2 was just released, for example)!

Posted by LordAndrew

I'm alive, but I haven't done anything interesting lately.

Posted by Pepsiman
@Joseppie: Hence, why I asked in the first place. I had my suspicions, but I wasn't entirely sure.
Posted by Joseppie
@Claude: Oh crap, did I miss a memo? I better get on that whole dying thing...
Posted by Claude

Everyone on Giant Bomb died, but our ghosts still haunt the grounds.

Posted by Pepsiman

Oh man, it's been nearly two months since the last post? Wow, I guess I really was gone for a while. Then I came back and university life resumed within about a day after that. Then Japanese homework came in. Then Scribblenauts came out AND OH GOD MY LIFE IS BEING EATEN UP.
It's with that realization that I thought I'd take the time to quickly post another entry, if only to remind people that I am, actually, still alive and that I also wish to blatantly advertise my review of Tales of the Abyss that I just posted here on the site. I'm too mentally worn out to recap my thoughts here, but let's just say it's a pretty great game and that even if it is flawed, it may very well be worth your while to give it a whirl anyway. I hadn't played a Tales game since Symphonia, so while I still might be behind the times by going for Abyss instead of Vesparia, I'd say I still don't regret my decision to play the PlayStation 2.
So yeah. Are you guys still alive, too? I'd hope so, but you can never be completely certain.