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Posted by Jeff

Some might call this the final conclusion of the bet between Vinny and Ryan regarding Sam Fisher's ability to see in the dark in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction.

 This is what a 50 dollar bill looks like.
It even has the potential to settle what could have been a great "double or nothing" bet by showing him rocking one with three lights... or eye sockets... or whatever the hell they call those things that NVGs have.

The shot was yanked from a trailer announcing the game's release date, which is February 23, 2010. That... just to be extra-safe... will be when we can finally put this bet to bed, since the game will be out and absolutely finalized. It's merely a formality, of course. But we might as well drag this out to its official end before Ryan pays up. Here's the trailer:
Posted by nick69

lol, ryan lost

Posted by MrMiyagi

Ryan just got owned.

Posted by Cub3

Ryan theres the proof! Have honor, do the right thing and fall on your sword. Admit defeat.

Posted by Valames

Ryan did just buy a house and all.

Posted by CL60

I have yet to watch the video, but that better just be the picture quality. Because those graphics look bad.

Posted by FunExplosions

Maybe it's a flashback. Will that count?

Posted by ComradeCrash

GO VINNY! :P Congrats on the win....but dude, can I borrow fifty bucks?

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Wow, that picture looks like a N64 game.

Posted by CitizenKane

I missed the podcast.  What exactly were the details of the bet?

Posted by Creamypies

Are you uploading the trailer onto here? I feel dirty watching it on IGN.
Too bad though Ryan... but I was with Vinny all the way on this one.

Posted by Thevamp25

nice..to bad for ryan.lol

Posted by rjayb89

Rather than go double or nothing, winner should make a bet with Brad or something.  Vinny or Ryan and Brad in "WHO CAN GROW THE BIGGEST BEARD IN 3 MONTHS?"

Posted by FelixLighter

Will he concede or is he still hoping against hope that they are removed before the game is released?

Posted by jakob187

That screenshot looks like a horrible Photoshop job...but it's totally in the trailer. 
@CitizenKane said:

" I missed the podcast.  What exactly were the details of the bet? "
Ryan said that Sam Fisher wouldn't have night vision goggles, so bet was...like...$50 or something.  Then, when Ryan found out that Sam might have night vision goggles, he said double or nothing to there being three lenses.
Posted by Cybexx

The video is not working and it doesn't work on IGN so its their fault. I do have to say though, that picture looks photoshoped, Sam's arm looks really weird and I can practically see the white pixels from a bad lasso tool job around the goggles. I'm sure their actually in the game, but that picture looks really weird.
Its a trap! Run Ryan!

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@CL60 said:
" I have yet to watch the video, but that better just be the picture quality. Because those graphics look bad. "
E3 footage = gold 
this video's footage = pretty much Counter Strike-ish .... 
Posted by TripMasterMunky

Can't wait for the revamped Splinter Cell. And yeah, that image is horrible quality lol.

Posted by rjayb89
@Cybexx: Nice avatar, finish up all the puzzles or what?
Posted by Scooper

You're looser!

Posted by Jared

Ryan = Vinowned!

Posted by SmokePants

Ryan, you can string this out further by delaying defeat until there is no one at Ubisoft actively working on title updates for the game. With written, certified, and watermarked documentation that that is so.
I mean, they could totally patch it out of the game post-release. And then won't you feel silly for paying up?

Posted by CaptainTightPants

This  game looks like the pinnacle of awesome

Posted by buzz_clik

Congraturation, Vinny.

Posted by Hamz

Unlucky Ryan.
Still the game is looking rather interesting.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Vinny wins

Posted by DarkGamerOO7

*Jaw hist floor* HOLY *DIES OF AWESOMENESS* 
Words cannot describe how brilliant this game looks.

Posted by HeavyMental

... maybe

Posted by Heathbar

cue splinter cell night vision sound

Posted by AllanIceman

Poor Ryan.

Posted by AuthenticM

I know it probably isnt... but this looks shopped. Just look at the pic.

Posted by FrEeZe

lol a link to IGN on Giantbomb's article. 
Cooperation for the win.

Posted by Kirbichu54

Ryan's gonna drag this out until it's released, isn't he?

Posted by EgoCheck616

That picture looks like ass. Good god.


At 0:24, Sam has his Three-Green lights... QUICK! Vinny, go double or nothing before Ryan notices

Posted by Bubahula
@HeavyMental said:
"COMING TO A STORE NEAR YOU IN 2015 ... maybe "

did you watch the video? it gives a release date.
Posted by SgtReznor


Posted by HT101

Ryan won't give up until he sees it in the final, retail build of the game.  He can't.

Posted by SuperJoe

sleeveless terrorist likes to show off his tats

Posted by august

Shot's at about  0:42.

Posted by ocdog45

like you said ryan, tis not over until you play the gaem and you see him wearing it.
Posted by MeatSim

I guess I can't blame Ryan for dragging this out, I mean 50 bucks it still some serious cash.

Posted by regularassmilk
@nick69 said:
" lol, ryan lost "
Edited by ProjektGill

I know that we should be talking about the bet but some stuff in that trailer was awesome like shooting the dude's wrist in CQC and stabbing the guys hand though his own knife. Seems pretty badass.

Posted by Xeiphyer
@HT101 said:
" Ryan won't give up until he sees it in the final, retail build of the game.  He can't. "
I wonder how much it would cost to pay them to remove the NVGs from the game xD
Posted by RHCPfan24

I was actually rooting for Ryan; I thought he had credibility. Oh well, congrats Vinny. You just got yourselves 50 bones....that won't be redeemable until February!!

Posted by ProjektGill

Oh God I just read the full IGN article and Ryan hasn't lost yet because they are actually Sonar Goggles like they said on the Bombcast a while back. They do the thing like the end of the Dark Knight so Ryan may very well not lose this bet. Link here  http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/102/1027524p1.html

Posted by JJWeatherman

It's funny that when someone else posts this info everyone says stuff like "Who cares?" but when Jeff posts there's real responses. I'm just sayin.

Posted by MaddProdigy

Makes me appreciate the GB player that much more

Posted by bjorno

thats a shit-looking screenshot
whats with the lighting??
why does that guy have stupid tattoos??
looks like its from 2001???