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Posted by Video_Game_King
When? If so, then I was probably expecting comments in my latest blog, for some reason.
Posted by AhmadMetallic
@Video_Game_King:  I did tell you to expect my comments and you didn't mind!  I guess i won't comment on the one discussing AC2
Posted by Video_Game_King
I should have known not to give you the link. Not a fan of when people bump my old-ass blogs like this. This doesn't even have a banner!
Posted by AhmadMetallic

While i agree with your criticism about the game missing key aspects like currency, strategical combat and a story that consists of well-connected parts, i still think all those negatives were part of the charm. 
A game like that, that felt like a open world/RPG hybrid, only with no RPG elements to speak of, as if the game 'focused on the wrong parts' is what made it so amazing for me. Such a unique experience, and one of my all time favorite memories is waking up at 4 a.m. to be able to run in that magical world as Altair before school time. 
Not only did the game perfect this enchanting atmosphere where you feel something is missing yet you still feel the game is truly great, but missing a few aspects gave a bigger and more significant purpose for the sequel, which perfected the formula and gave us a different experience with much more content.

Posted by Video_Game_King
Thanks for coloring my opinion of the game. Oh, and of course it isn't; it isn't Fire Emblem 4.
Eh, I'll just get it as a Christmas gift, mainly because I have several other games that need beating.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

Damn. Now I can't find out your opinion on FE10 until you get your Wii back. Hint: It's not my favorite Fire Emblem game at all.
I really liked Assassin's Creed in spite of it being super-repetitive to the point of near-grind. If AC II really improves in all the ways that Ubisoft PR says it will, then it will be a day 1 or day 2 purchase for me.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Why are all these situations the same as mine? "Wii has broken/will break, 360 is just fine."

Posted by JonnyAvacado

I also have a launch day Wii, so this is disconcerting....I knew it was going to happen one day, but the thought pains me...
I did already have a 360 go up in flames, pro version, E74 error...Frustrating, but the new Jasper is holding up just fine so far.  Although with the amount of time I have spent on Netflix alone, I am happy that it has lasted this long.

Posted by Video_Game_King
@xyzygy said:
" Wait, am I missing something? Is there something wrong with launch Wiis? "
If mine is any indicator, they stop reading games at some point. It started with Brawl (not for me; for me, it was Sunshine (yes, I know, pathetic)), and the problem has invaded my realm. Oh, what a sad day.
Posted by xyzygy

Wait, am I missing something? Is there something wrong with launch Wiis?

Posted by Video_Game_King
This is another story, since I was #26 in line for my Wii at launch. It shall happen to thee, as well.
Eh, I didn't like the repetition too much, but at least you could ignore it most of the time by running on rooftops like Captain Obvious's Entry.
Posted by Claude

I have a launch day Wii, and I'm just waiting for it to die. I've heard the stories, so here I wait. My Xbox 360 is doing fine, but it's a little newer, not a Jasper, but a pretty decent Falcon elite model. My PC is still working, man, technology is a bitch.
I really enjoyed Assassin's Creed. I played it just before this summer started. The climbing and jumping was my favorite part. I did not mind the repetition, but the gauntlet of fighting at the end was tedious.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Assassin's Creed

( I seriously didn't want it to come to this.) After shoving Revas down an elevator shaft, I decided I'd give my Wii some equal time. After all, it had been quite a while since I played the damn thing. But something was wrong; it would choke on whatever game I put within it, giving off death clicks whenever I tried playing anything. My last memories with it were a Radiant Dawn, making it to Micaiah's forbidden tongue before I received the death message. I tried everything within my reach, but alas, it ended on Saturday, when I sent the poor thing to its maker. Literally, I sent it to Nintendo for repairs. During all this, left with no Wii games, I played Professor Layton (but you couldn't have known that, right?) and Assassin's Creed.
Set in the future and also the past, you play as a bartender playing as a medieval assassin on a quest to assassinate the various leaders of the known world. It sounds confusing in words, but that's only because of the sci-fi theme, or as I call it, the "why"-fi theme. Wait.....uh, anyway, I can imagine why Ubisoft chose the science fiction thing, but a lot of the reasons seem unnecessary; the story sets you up for a tutorial perfectly (and gives one, as well), most of the villains repeat the message that the sci-fi attempts to deliver (more on that later), they do nothing in terms of gameplay, and I don't see much of a reason for them to limit off certain areas of cities ((parenthesis)). 
 If you hold down the left trigger, he does a cannonball!
It strikes me as a bit weird that they included something so superfluous, as the rest of this world is fantastic. The characterization/dialogue reaches Venture Bros levels of greatness, half the buildings are dilapidated pieces of crap, and the oppressive rules of the Holy Land forbid jumping of any kind. Whenever I jumped on/climbed anything, the citizens would look on in confusion and the guards would unleash all their fury upon me. In fact, remember the beginning of Aladdin? I think the guards were chasing him because he was jumping about while singing (the fiend!). (That reminds me: this game rips off Aladdin a little bit, but in important places. ) But like Aladdin, I had fun jumping about the rooftops, running away from the guards.
This is where the game excels: exploration. There are many ways to access whatever you want to reach, a lot to explore and collect, and doing all of this is incredibly easy. The controls take some getting used to, but when you finally do adjust, moving through the city feels completely natural and fun. There were times when I'd just ignore the missions by scaling view points and saving half the population, like the complete opposite of Batman in every way. Or maybe it was because the missions aren't that good; the informer missions are good, but the assassinations are all the same: first, you gather info by beating people up, stealing from them, or neither. Then, you activate the mission and sit through twelve minutes of the target being asshole. Then, finally, you kill him with your sword, something the game seems very stubborn about. I've tried it other ways, usually by pelting them with throwing knives (like an assassin SHOULD), but the knives have this weird property where they turn into bananas when the target is near death. So I always had to rush over to my target, beat him a bit with the sword, and sit through another twelve minutes of the same speech over and over again: "I was really helping people" and "we're not so different, you and I."
Then you go back to the mission guy, never to be paid for your assassination. What I'm saying with that is why isn't there currency in this game? It could have opened up so many doors left closed in this game: I could have bought different clothes to blend in better, bought better weapons/upgraded my current ones, pickpocket citizens for their meager cash, bribed guards for hints/amnesty, hell, maybe even paid those beggar women. Instead, I lured them to me with my natural sexiness, let them ramble on a bit, and then killed them in plain sight. The wrath of Templars did not come down upon me, as many have led me to believe; usually, I could just run around the nearest corner, nobody the wiser. But even if all those guards did chase after me (and they did), who the fuck cares, these made for some awesome moments! As I said before, it's fun to jump about on the rooftops ( hmmm...), throw knives at knights from above, hide in plain sight (even if getting there is oddly more difficult than the hiding itself), and, in my case, summon the aforementioned wrath, hop on a horse, and walk forward, just out of reach of all those guards.
 Keep in mind that 12th century medical practices were primitive at best.
So why was I running away from the guards? Am I a complete pussy, or did you just skip the last paragraph? Well, the main reason is because the combat is....well, it's not bad, it's just one of those aspects of the game where everybody seems divided, just like the game in general. You have a wide variety of moves and options, but in head to head combat, I usually found myself either blocking for a counter or just mashing the X button with the rapidity of a jackhammer. There wasn't much strategy to it, because if somebody tried to grab me or backstab me, I'd just counter with no consequence. Cut to three minutes later, when the streets were littered with corpses and I got into the exact same mess again. You'd think the guards would run like pussies (which I've seen them do), but their instinct was always to chase me about the town. Weird.
Also weird: the bugs and technicalities. There aren't as many as I've heard, but they're there, and that counts. Colors will sometimes stick, characters will get stuck on the in-game objects, and early in the game, I encountered freezing near the end of every assassination, meaning I essentially had to play through them twice. They're not game-destroying glitches, but it can get annoying when a counter lands you on the other side of a memory block...and into Death's cold hands. The same hands that....that took my Wii from me!!! *starts bawling* WHY!? IT WAS IN ITS PRIME!!! *runs out of blog, crying*
 The Queen said:

*sigh* Why do I have to clean up my husband's messes whenever he doesn't finish a blog? Why can't that guy who uses his username on Giant Bomb do this? I guess I'll have to do it anyway. Before he ran off crying, he was supposed to give this game the Devil Survivor Award for, and I this is what he wrote, "Batshit Insane, Ridiculous Plot Twists."

Review Synopsis

  • There are some ancillary portions of the story, but overall, it's worth a look.
  • From what I could glean, he really likes the open world aspects of the game.
  • Huh, he didn't care for the scripted parts of Assassin's Creed that much. Weird, in all the years I've known him, he loved JRPGs and other such games.
He's still tearing through Kleenex boxes and buckets of ice cream. Here, just watch this while I console him:

Ninja Crusaders

( Well, I'm finally over the loss of my Wii.) No matter how much I cry and beg, my Wii/$85 check is still in the hands of Nintendo. I'll just have to find some way to fill the void (probably this) and pass the time during its absence. Hey, look what we have here: another mediocre NES game, but with a cool title: Ninja Crusaders! That idea alone would probably shut up even the most vehement of Assassin's Creed critics.
Not because ninjas in Israel would be awesome to the power of holy fuck, but because they'd remember that this game is actually worse than Assassin's Creed, even when you discount the fact that it's an NES game. I might as well begin with the first thought that popped into my mind when I started playing: this is a helluva lot like Ninja Gaiden, isn't it? I probably should have known just by the presence of the word "Ninja" in the title, but dear God, this is a Ninja Gaiden rip-off in almost every way. I say "almost" because it forgot to copy a lot of the things that make Ninja Gaiden good, like a decent story or good graphics.
 It's not Ninja Crusaders, but you know what? Close enough.
However, it also does a few things a bit better than Ninja Gaiden, like difficulty. The game's much easier than Ninja Gaiden, so you can take that as you see it. For me, the easiness is good, but the things that make it easy aren't. Things like weapons. Like Ninja Gaiden, you can collect different weapons to use at any time. However, instead of collecting secondary weapons, you just collect weapons, ranging from a stick to a sword to a grappling hook that's pretty much a longer stick to ninja stars. Also unlike Ninja Gaiden, all the weapons do the same damage, there's no limit on how much you can use them, and most if not all of the weapons behave in the same exact way, meaning you either stick with the shurikens for the entire game or prepare for an early death.
You know what, scratch that; prepare for the early death anyway. There's a crapload of enemies in this game, and they all regenerate when you leave the screen. Of course, they die with one or two shurikens to the face, but that's not the point. The point is that the enemies regenerate for no reason, making them harder than they need to be. Of course, as is the nature of bad games, this means the bosses are easier than a 10-dollar hooker. Just dodge their attacks by jumping (or ducking, a lot of people forget that), shove ninja stars so far up their ass that they start developing ulcers, and repeat ad nauseum. Not even the final boss is immune to this treatment; the only way you can tell he's the final boss is that he has two forms that are exactly the same in every way.
If they hadn't done this, you probably would have played through the same ten levels repeatedly in your search for a final boss of some type. Yes, I said ten levels. They aren't that long and the game is already really easy, so the game's going to be shorter than your sex with the aforementioned 10-dollar hooker. Yet unlike Assassin's Creed, there's really no reason to go back and play this game again; no extra characters, no secret levels, not even a different ending. So, in the spirit of this game, I'll repeat the ending to my Assassin's Creed portion of the blog and give this game the Sobbing Wii Award. *runs off "crying", leaving somebody else to fill the synopsis*

Review Synopsis

  • 'Ey, Oi liyke this game's easines'. Gotta luv a 10-dolla hooka, roight?. - Bushwald Sexyface.
  • I think the King forgot to mention that this is at least a playable game, which is much more than I can say for several others games I've/we've played. - Writey Guy, the guy behind the username. (That's all you're gonna get.)
  • I don't see why he's complaining about the game's length; usually, he just plays these games so he can push his blogs out the door quicker. - The Queen.