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I don't normally write blogs but I couldn't  pass up the opportunity to share this.... abomination with the GB community.  I was laughing out loud literally when I first saw this thing.  What made it even more hysterical to me was that the person who made this thought it was actually good.  Don't get me wrong there is some good model work going on at the core... but... the face.  Oh my god the face... and those lifeless eyes!  This may be the creepiest fan art ever!  So without anymore prattling from me I present you the female Spy (much larger, scarier version at link provided below):

I know I wouldn't mess with her... lol
She probably has more testosterone in her than the 9 male versions of the classes.
Also, I did not make this!  The original thread can be found (with reactions lol) @ 
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like "Hey the middle looks quite good.. it looks like a normal businesswomen...... What's up with her face!?!?!?".

Posted by Emilio

If I pictured a female Spy, she would have the same suit but in female physique form. And different mask... 
I should draw her.

Posted by Xymox
Oh god... 

And here I was hoping that someone had finally made a Cate Archer skin.   
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Posted by Khann

What the shitfuck...

Posted by FlamingHobo

Someone will probably post a lolcats picture. I called it! 
By the way, that Female Spy... is fucked up.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Hilary Clinton is unlockable for TF2? 

Posted by Ferginator4k
@SoothsayerGB said:
" Hilary Clinton is unlockable for TF2?  "
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Lol I love the crop job.  Makes it look even scarier by way of it appearing almost like a mugshot hahaha

Posted by towly177

Lol wtf?

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Posted by dbz1995

I thought female spy would be real swanky and fit so the duders wouldn't shoot.

Posted by Belonpopo

Uh, my soul hurts.

Posted by Claude

I think I just heard my wife. Gotta go.

Posted by CornontheCobbe

I'd give it to her...

Oh God she's hideous! D: