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Posted by gungrave45

why do people play tetris? high scores fool.

Posted by Gizmo

ODST has dissapointed me so far,  I guess I was expecting more variety.

Posted by sirkibble23

Most people today don't like Firefight mode because of that sense of "no accomplishment." However, there are people like me who find accomplishment in it because of the scoring and getting the highest score. These are the types of games I grew up on and Horde mode or Firefight mode is really nothing new. Most games back in the 80's and early 90's were based on "play until you get bored or die." That's all this is and and I must say, it's a lot of fun.  
Basically, if the game was about surviving and you get an accomplishment for surviving, then you just did that. Whoop-dee-do. But try surviving and getting a good score. Even if you die quicker, did you get a better score? It's the score that really makes Firefight fun as well as the survival aspect. 

Posted by KennyPowers

I really like the games as far as multiplayer and I enjoy the campaign for the most part.  FIrefight is a good idea, but the way its executed could probably be better.  My biggest complaint is the lack of matchmaking for firefight.  It's kind of a pain in the neck to round up three people everytime I want to play, especially as none of my friends play ODST.  Its a nice addition, but could definitely use some tweaks, especially matchmaking.

Posted by emkeighcameron

I agree with all of this. The entire Halo franchise, in my inestimably profound opinion, is over-rated and this Firefight mode is just another nail in Halo's coffin. In my mind. The graveyard in my mind. 
I feel the same way about similar modes on other games too. (Survival mode, Left 4 Dead, what a BITCH. At least I was able to get shiny gold medals for that, though)

Posted by Senshaitian
@Atomic_Tangerine: I completely agree with you on that. The whole time I was playing Firefight, I'm thinking it could've been better if they took a survival mode approach similar to L4D or GoW's Horde mode. I would definitely have felt more compelled to play if it were designed that way.
Posted by Atomic_Tangerine

I like Halo man, but imma focus on what we agree with! 
Those firefights do take way too long.  Like Gears 2's Horde mode could last a long time too if you set the difficulty too low, but that was real innovative at the time so it was okay if it wasn't perfect all around.  The fact that you could start over again from the wave you left off of made it much better too. 
Left 4 Dead's survival mode was my favorite though.  Basically, if you last 5 minutes, you did awesome.  High score attempts didn't take hours.
Posted by JJOR64
@Senshaitian: You have the right to have an opinion and that's cool.  I enjoy the Halo games but, there are people who don't like the Halo games, like you and that's alright.
Posted by Senshaitian
@r3b3lr0b0t: Well, that is a matter of opinion. While I do acknowledge how you feel about Halo, I just don't feel the same.
Posted by r3b3lr0b0t

But Halo is duh best gamez d00d

Posted by Senshaitian

So I'm playing Halo 3: ODST, and mind you I am not a fan of the Halo series by any means. In fact, I have tried to get into these games but something about the controls, level design and the way the story is told really bug the crap out of me. However I digress, I found the campaign of ODST to be no better than what I experienced in the previous Halo games. It was short, the action was decent, the level design was mediocre at best, and in this case I never felt compelled to use a lot of the new functions like the map.

The multiplayer in this game which is called "FireFight" consists of you holding your ground while an infinite wave of covenant come at you trying to bring you down until you either succumb or quit out of boredom. Finding out about this makes me seriously wonder what Bungie considers 'good game design' because there is absolutely no sense of accomplishment in fighting an endless wave of enemies to the point where you seriously consider quitting. I personally think it would have been great game design if Bungie set a limit to Firefight mode in order to give players a sense of accomplishment and good replay value. As it stands now, I do not see myself wasting another absurd amount of hours on Firefight only to get bored and quit, or simply die. Now, I could go ahead and increase the difficulty to say Legendary in which case, even playing four player co-op in that mode would prove to be a quick endeavor. Nevertheless, the sense of accomplishment is still not nearly as satisfying as if you knew that there were five sets of enemies and you managed to survive all five sets. That sounds more fun, and would give me a much better incentive to keep playing.

In conclusion, I've come to terms with the idea that I will never really like the Halo franchise, which is fine. However, Bungie's way of designing these games have turned me off in more ways than one and I can truly say that I am not excited for any other Halo game that will come out in the future.