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Posted by teh_pwnzorer

I was happy it didn't crash on me (unlike BF:BC).  Heh. 
"  However, the multiplayer was surprisingly action-packed and relatively fast paced." 

I purchased it mostly for the multiplayer (Annihilation and Infiltration), so I'm happy with it.  It's more fun than BF:BC.  (I have the PS3 versions of both, btw.)
Many new players don't issue commands to the AI in the Annihilation mode, leaving them  bunched up and out in the open, allowing the enemy team to slaughter them and score a lot of points.  I usually tell my AI squad-mates to spread out and defend a building.

Posted by gpbmike

I agree with most of your points, especially the AI and lack of vehicle missions. I did want to point out that while it's annoying when an AI teammate crosses in front of your line of fire, or even worse when they're strafing behind you and shoot you in the back of the head, it happens with human players too. I've played in multiplayer games where my teammates will do the same thing.
Also, I kind of enjoy the lucky headshots the enemy will occasionally get. It doesn't happen often and it reminds me to keep my head down. :)