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Posted by Poohkey

That does suck pretty hard, but it this makes it any better, Borderlands is amazing fun. I've only rented it right now, but once I have some free money I'll most likely buy it.

Posted by Redbeardious

So I finally got my hacked WoW account back, but the authenticator the hacker put on my account is still there.
According to Blizzard, to remove this authenticator I have to send them a shitload of personal information, 
government issued identification, fill out some TOU form, and a ton of other unsavory, time consuming things.
So I cut my payment plan and I don't expect to play it any longer. Thankfully, all my items and gold was returned
to my characters and all the stuff the hacker took from the guild bank was also restored. I guess I can focus more 
on my consoles. The new PS3 Slim is great sexy fun! 
Farewell World of Warcraft...how I loved you...