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Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Nothing like watching a washed-up, has-been croon using his old material.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

I think it's just another way to make money. And it's gonna work.

Posted by RetroIce4

*moonwalks straight outta this thread*

Posted by JJGIANT

Godamn it I love Smooth Criminal!!!!!! OW! *moonwalks away from keyboard* 
Edited by Adziboy

It was great. Fitting tribute. 
Seeing it again on Sunday.
Posted by Valkyr

I hope it's true that he had been working on two new albums that could be released at least as a demo of what could have been the greatest come back of music history. Have you heard "we are the world" demo version??, that man was an angel, we should be proud to say that we walked the same earth as him, that we lived in the time of Michael Jackson. I have tickets for today and tuesday, but I am not going till tuesday because I have an important exam tomorrow

Posted by Tebbit

80% on rotten tomatoes. Not bad really! I think i'll probably go see it.

Posted by dutch42

just read that it made $20 million on its opening day

Posted by tamerxero
@Black_Rose: Same here.  Except substitute school for work, and yeah, there ya go.  Wish it was school keeping me away...
Posted by Black_Rose

I wanna see it. But I'll probably have to wait until the DVD since it's limited released here and schoolwork hasn't let me much free time.

Posted by ahriman22

I saw it, I hated it. 

Posted by Raven_Sword

It could be a turd, but since its MJ, its going to be a Golden egg laying turd no matter what. Mostly fueled by hype from his death.
Posted by TheGreatGuero

Maybe I should see it. I love Michael Jackson.

Posted by JJOR64

Dude, it's going to make a shit ton of money or it is going to bomb.  (probably the first one)

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Was pretty fucking good, in my opinion. It wasn't some in-depth look at the development of a concert, nor even at Jackson himself. Then again, it didn't need to be. This was going to make money regardless of whether or not it tanked. What It is the closet we'll ever get to seeing the finished product of what may have been one of the biggest musical extravaganzas in the last decade. It certainly isn't going to be for someone who has no intention of ever indulging in Jackson's large catalog of songs, but for anyone else it is both a spectacle of sound and sight. That same mastery of atmosphere and presence found in the Smooth Criminal and Thriller videos of old is back in full force with the weight of today's technology behind it, perhaps for the last time. 
But seriously, we're going to hear about Jackson for the next twenty years. This Is It, if nothing more, is a hilariously ironic title.