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Posted by gingertastic_10

What is up GB "followers", well I guess that's what they call it now. I haven't been blogging much, school and work have been killing me, so I'd thought I'd spend my Sunday evening kinda updating you guys a bit. Enjoy.


 These cool guys need to get put into a better game.
I haven't played much at all. I have just been too busy. I bought Borderlands, because my Walmart didn't have Ratchet & Clank. And god damn, I am so disappointed in that game. It might be the PS3 version, but the graphics are terrible, it takes about 30 seconds for textures and color to come in. It's terrible. The guns, while designs are cool, don't have much "pow" to them. The vehicles don't even make a sound when you're driving them.... OK? To give the game some credit, killing a level 20 badass while you're a level 12 is probably the best feeling I have had this year in any game. And explosions look good. And it's not like I played it 5 mins and quit, I've
 OMG! Vin Diesel...
played the single-player for about 10-15 hours. I also got Uncharted 2. Very good game, I was surprised. By that I mean there was so much hype around it I just thought it would not live up to it, and it very much does. Though if the game has a down side, I think it's in its story. It's very cliche, most of the twists I saw coming.  The game does look beautiful, though I still think cell shaded or cartoony is a better look when playing a game. I'm not a fan of hyper realism when it comes to graphics. Nolan North is fucking amazing, I don't know if any of you think this, but I'd love to see him do a movie. The man has sensational talent. I also recently bought Wheelman. It was like $40 bucks at Walmart so I picked it up. It's a very good surprise. Cars look great, the car melee attacks are look great and feel great. Vin Diesel
'Nuff said.
lends his voice, as everyone knows, and it doesn't suck. He does a very nice job. I'm not very far in it, kinda just doing the story stuff now, though there is a shit load of extra missions you can do. Lastly, tomorrow I'm buying Dragon Age: Origins. My #1 most wanted game of 2009, I'm am fucking stoked. I'm hoping with that game, with it's like 500 hours of play,  I won't have to buy games for a while. Which is good because I need to save my money. 


I know I just did two bowling updates, but somethings happened that I'd like to update on. I'm not getting a Brunswick Siege anymore. I kinda realized that I don't need another high powered ball, and I didn't want to pay it off. So I'm going with a always reliable Storm ball, Tropical Storm Red/Black. It's a very weak ball, but that's 
what I need. I could just hook the hell out of Hy-Road, but that takes some unneeded energy. On another note, I'm getting this awesome Storm Hoodie, it's really damn expensive, but I don't care. I get some discount so it'll be about $40 maybe? Anyway, I'm really excited.


Alright so for those you hate to read, here is a sum up of what I wrote about.
  • Borderlands is crap
  • Uncharted 2 is da real deal
  • Nolan North is a god
  • Wheelman is actually a good game
  • I'm getting a new bowling ball
  • I'm dropping about $40 bucks on a hoodie.
Sorry for the bland update. Not much has went on lately.
Thanks for reading,
Posted by GamerGeek360

Borderlands is not crap! Oh well, you have your opinion and I have mine. I won't be playing it much after Monday night though. I think you know why.

Posted by gingertastic_10
@GamerGeek360: @Fragstoff: 
It could just be the PS3 version. It might be better on the other two, but the problems to me are just to annoying.