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Posted by ryanwho
@Blair said:
" The PS3 version is the right answer here.  It's best if you just forget that it's coming out for the 360. "
 Yeah okay guy, forget about the more popular system. You're already ignoring the Wii, maybe you should just look at the PC numbers if you're ignoring any console that regularly outsells the PS3.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

It may look pretty, but it also has Final Fantasy in the Title and is not made for the SNES. Therefore, not interested. At all.

Posted by demonbear
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" Most likely the PS3 version for me. It just feels wrong for me to get it on the 360. "
Since it was developped on the PS3 first and adapted to the 360 second, this is the correct choice.
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@Linkyshinks: it seems nice, but unless you import, you'll have the Leona Lewis' My hands as the theme song. 
Is she really good?  
I never heard of her lol 
Posted by Vendetta

This is hilarious. I can't take Square Enix seriously anymore.

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Looks good, but I much prefer Sayuri Sugawara (doing the Japanese themes) to Leona Lewis. 
I've been debating importing the Japanese version instead of waiting for this, and changing the vocal song like this may do it for me.  I don't see why they couldn't have done it like FFX, and just leave the original song in.   The only thing keeping me from importing is the ridiculous cost of the Japanese version of the game.

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@demonbear said:

" @Vito_Raliffe said:

" Most likely the PS3 version for me. It just feels wrong for me to get it on the 360. "

Since it was developped on the PS3 first and adapted to the 360 second, this is the correct choice. "
In other words, don't play Fallout 3 or any first year multiconsole games, because they were developed for the 360 and ported to the PS3. Sound logic, goober, good luck with all that. Never forget, man.  

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PS3 version if I end up owning one by the time it is released. Otherwise 360.
But my hype is pretty low for this one. I haven't anticipated a FInal Fantasy since FF8, and what a letdown that was. Just bring us a FFVI remake and we'll be square.

Posted by TheHT

ps3. hope to get one around jan/feb so this is def gonna be one of my first game purchases.

Posted by Set

Can't wait. screw the haters.

Posted by Alphiehyr

The douche-bag narrator (wearing a white shirt and Grey suit) that said: "Now an exclusive never-before seen look at Final Fantasy 13" and then it rolls about a minute of gameplay with Lightning and her team fighting a creature on the desolated grassy land, surround by hills. I hate marketing fags like him. We've seen many, many Final Fantasy 13 battles through countless internet videos that are released by users or officials and/or have played the demo, why the FUCK would he exaggerate by saying "now an exclusive never-before seen look at final fantasy 13" when it's just some stupid battle scene that we've seen before and is no different then any other besides a slightly different team, scenery and beast.

Posted by gla55jAw

That was the worst trailor I've ever seen. Thanks for the 15 seconds of new gameplay.
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Looking pretty good. This game is on my list of games I'm considering buying in 2010.

Posted by ahriman22

FFFFF, DO WANT. It's times like this I wish I had time travel powerz.

Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

Wow, I just want to punch that "announcer" in the face

Posted by lawlerballer

lolol another fail fantasy game with the same old stale gameplay , keep on milkin that series square lulz

Posted by Kraznor

Never heard of Leona Lewis. Not sure about this one, though the Chocobo riding bit looked pretty nice.

Posted by Tally_Pants

OMG.. i hated that deuche in the video... and i thought leona lewis was a country singer... shows how much i know about crappy pop music. and hands down i'll be getting the PS3 version. i own all 3 of the "current gen" systems and right now the only game i own for my 360 is boarderlands. i buy everything for my PS3..its just a far superior machine!

Posted by Curufinwe
@lightsoda said:
" Japranes peopre shouldn't speak english. "
Posted by msdss
@lawlerballer said:
" lolol another fail fantasy game with the same old stale gameplay , keep on milkin that series square lulz "
I don't know where to start with this... Maybe a brick dislodging your frontal lobe?
Posted by WinterSnowblind
@PureRok said:
" @kumis said:
" Why does everyone ignore the fact that he says North American AND EUROPEAN release date? "
Because this is a NA website. "
Perhaps, but there's also a lot of European users on here.
It isn't too much trouble for them to point out that the European date was announced as well, is it?
Posted by Jester904

1. That guy was a Metrosexual tool and I want him dead.
2. Who taught that Japanese guy how to speak English?
3. At least they didn't get Lady Gaga to make a theme song.
4. Who came up with the idea for this video?

Posted by happyfatman

I have a 360, but I'm gonna wait to get this game until I get a PS3, because I just feel that PS3 is where Final Fantasy belongs.

Posted by theredace

"We've got our new AAA Final Fantasy coming out.  Let's go down the checklist for our promo video:
- Super-douche spokesperson who has obviously never played a Final Fantasy game is his entire life?  CHECK!
- Script written by marketing people and spoken disinterestedly by members of the development team?  CHECK!
- Random semi-popular musical artist as a way to somehow legitimize the game to the mainstream American audience?  CHECK!
- Complete lack of any new details about the actual game?  CHECK!
Done and Done."

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@John_Martone said:

" Where is everyone getting the fact that it's releasing on 360 at the same time? I mean, I heard in the video that it was both NA and Europe, but never once saw message of a system, and I assumed they were still on a delayed release schedule. Maybe them being simultaneous releases is old news I just missed it though "

It was said back when it was first announced that it would be simultaneous, and the official Xbox website is hyping the crap out of the game.
Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

" @lightsoda said:
" Japranes peopre shouldn't speak english. "

I love listening to Japanese speech, both in Japanese and English. :D
Posted by Blair
@ryanwho:   I'm ignoring the Wii?  Please re-read my post.
I'm buying it on the PS3 because of the legacy and tradition of Final Fantasy games on a Playstation.  Is that difficult to comprehend?
I find it in bad taste to be on an Xbox 360 (which in actuality will represent a fraction of the world-wide Final Fantasy XIII sales).
I felt similarly when Square jumped from Nintendo to Sony.
I'm not a pusher of any console (I own, and care about all three) so please stop spewing utter nonsense.
It has nothing to do with the popularity of the console or Final Fantasy in particular.
If we were talking about a franchise I loved on Nintendo or Microsoft that migrated to another platform I would be equally perturbed.
Lastly, this is an opinion, in case you failed to recognize that.
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FF8 is still the best one.
And oddly enough the best game of its type since FF8 is LOST ODYSSEY.

Posted by jasius

OMG the lighting with the asian people was the worst I've ever seen they all looked like they were horribly deformed.

Posted by Starsimon
@Jeust said:
"@Linkyshinks: it seems nice, but unless you import, you'll have the Leona Lewis' My hands as the theme song. 
Is she really good?  
I never heard of her lol 

Leona is huge here in the UK. She's an X-Factor winner however she is actually kinda good     :S
Posted by Reuben

sweet, that's actually much earlier than I expected!

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Yep she seems nice, and the music seems to really blend well with a epic final fantasy tale, especially since the protagonist is a female. 
The music talks about loneliness. 
Posted by 02sfraser

i am getting it for PS3. after playing the demo that was released with the Advent Children Blu-ray i can't say i am overly excited. i love Final Fantasy but after actually playing it i think the animations of the characters running is bad and i didn't really like the battle system. i was all in Japanese but only being able to control one character annoys me. reminds to much of FF XII which is my most hated battle system. it is an old demo and i am still getting it but for now my hype is pretty low

Posted by SlantedRoom
He did the complete opposite for me. he made me want to put a shotgun down my throat and pull the trigger.
Posted by Lepuke

Man, you know as much as I am looking forward to this game I have a feeling that this installment of Final Fantasy is bound to easily have the most  "eye roll" moments of all of them.
I will however probably pick this up for my PS3 over the 360 version for the sole reason that I am used to using a dual shock controller for FF games at this point.

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glad that dude was swallowed by the numbers at the end.  hate to think he would survive this commercial and appear again some time later. 
not bashing the game at all (which i'm sure will be great,) but this video did nothing for me.

Posted by akumous

I watched this trailer several times on Game Trailers, IGn, and then Giant Bomb and this game still looks underwhelming. It used to look graphically better, but now it just looks pretty unimpressive. I am quite mad with Square Enix developing decision, they should have had taken advantage of the PS3 hardware and retained the graphically merits the game had prior instead of diminishing the graphical quality just create a graphical equilibrium between both platforms.

Posted by FLStyle
@RedPixels said:
" Oh I didn't realise it was just one of her existing songs, not an original one for FF13.  "
Yeah... it's an extremely generic Leona Lewis song. No relation to anything Japanese, Final Fantasy or any other video game.
Posted by crusnchill

That guy walks funny. lol. He walks like his legs have no knee's LMAO!

Posted by crusnchill
I dare you to learn japanese. I dare you! ;-p
Posted by mindphlux

Looks like Final Fantasy alright. Cliché characters meet strangely uninspired battle scenes with ridiculous damage numbers floating around. I think I'll pass again.

Posted by DukesT3


Posted by Creamypies

I am getting proper hyped about this game now. It'll be weird to play it on a 360... but unless I have a PS3 come March 9th... I'll have to settle for it. I dread to imagine the disc count though.

Posted by xyzygy
@Video_Game_King said:
" @xyzygy:   Am what? Buying it for the 360, or an idiot? Or both? "
Buying it for the 360, and NOT an idiot :D
Posted by Video_Game_King
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@Linkyshinks:   Thanks for the song link.  I like it.  
Here's the Leona Lewis one (My Hands) if anyone cares. It's okay, but I prefer the Japanese version.  'Kimi ga iru kara' by Sugawara Sayuri 
I admit I'm hyped for it, but I wouldn't  go as far as staying it is "quite possibly the most anticipated game of all time".   As soon as someone adds "of all time" I become irritated with whatever they're saying.  One of my biggest concerns with the game is all that clutter on the screen during battles.  I'm not sure if it needs to be so prominent.  I guess I'll figure it out next year.
Posted by natetodamax

Also, the second image is mad old.

Posted by ptys

So they're going up against Mass Effect 2... In my opinion the Japanese are way off the mark... What the f--k was that, getting some "cheese ball" to try tell us to buy the game? This game no longer interests me, this sort of stuff belongs in the late 90s.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Looks good but I can't say i'm really excited.
Posted by mnzy

This guy at the beginning...
Somehow I feel like somebody wants to sell me a vacuum cleaner .
Also, at the moment, this game reminds me alot of The Last Remnant. I'm sure it will be better, but I need proof :>