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Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Shout out goes to Gump for pointing me to this (because Gametrailers certainly didn't tell me - at least, not yet) but the winners for that Gametrailers contest have finally been announced, almost a week after the original date of announcement. As I feared, I did not win - but the good news is that it would seem I lost only by small margin, and the guy who beat me most definitely deserves the $500 (in my opinion). His video is over twice the length of mine and features real actors, costumes, and all that good stuff. There's some very nice touches in his video that I really appreciated.

For example, keep a sharp eye out during the live-action "Playing Silent Hill" segment. At one point, the girl he's "controlling" walks toward a door but doesn't line up with it right - she's partially facing against the wall when the "game" triggers the open door action. When she appears on the other side of the door, she's perfectly centered with it. That's totally a videogame thing and it's a really nice little detail to include when you're acting this kind of thing out in live-action.
Does it suck that I didn't win the $500? Most definitely. That $500 was going to be Christmas for us, if I won. I was going to get a condenser microphone to use with video reviews, a Wii, and Wii Fit for my Mom. Now I can't even get one of those things, let alone all three. On the flip side, I should be thankful I at least got $50, as the 500 GTP "honorable mention" prize is almost kind of an insult. GTP is what you use to buy junk in the Gametrailers Auction House, and items there typically cost 2,000-3,000 GTP and it's for stupid stuff like strategy guides and T-shirts. 
Question now is: What do I spend the $50 on? Technically I should save it to buy some meager Christmas presents. But there's other things I wanted to buy, too... but I'd feel awful if I spent this on them without knowing how much I was getting from my job, if anything at all.
Edit:  Actually, now that I look, the rules page mentions nothing about a $50 runner-up prize. Would it be too arrogant to think that they're giving me $50 because they liked my entry so much? It's like they're saying "You were so close!"
Posted by Gump

Yeah, the winner really deserved it.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

I'm sorry about your loss, man.

Posted by Willy105

Close call it was.