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Posted by opivypunk

In Soviet Russia toilet seat cleans you!

Posted by JackiJinx

No Dave contribution? Daw. 
Brad knows where it at. Also, totally awesome idea for an in house ball pit, just put it in the office to distract everyone all day.

Posted by gakon

"Literature doesn't happen by mistake, unless you're Stephen King." - my AP Literature teacher.

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My favorites from this guide. 
Uranium Ore, for obvious reasons 
Spear gun
Hickory Farms Reunion Gift Box, I just want the stick of beef
Wall Mount Fish Ball
 MST3k collection vol. 4, I like me some MST3k! 
Omaha Steaks precooked bacon slices, BACON
100 balls in a mesh bag, x100 and turn your entire house into a ball pit
Cold Steel Knife Voyager XL, cool knife but Commando Pro is my choice perk in MW2 so I appreciated the reference

Posted by sloppyjoe

Brad's got the best list

Posted by supermike6

I agree with Ryan, Hey Bulldog is one of my favourite Beatles songs. Also, 100 strips of bacon would last me about a month.

Posted by Wright

....amazon.com is soooooo much better then amazon.ca

Posted by WulfBane

Wait a sec Amazon.  So the Nintendo 2000-Point Card they have has a list price of $24.99?  Thank goodness they have it on sale for $19.96 to save you $5.03 from their price (as opposed to the $0.04 it would be if you bought the points directly from the Wii or DSi)

Posted by Aarny91

I never knew Brad was a fan(ish) of SK :D

Posted by nrain

No Dave :O
Posted by GrimCrossFade

Top Chef is so awesome!

Posted by atomic_dumpling

A SSD drive is tempting technology indeed.

Posted by Davola

The reason Hey Bulldog is under appreciated is because its on Yellow Submarine, who even has that album?

Posted by Metal_Mills
@Wildfire570 said:
" So what is the purpose of having Uranium Ore? "
To say "I own Uranium Ore"
And then poison people with it.
Posted by Th3_James

now i wanna watch jingle all the way

Posted by Sharpshooter

I want that door lock.
Posted by mleach26

Awesome list again, well done guys :D, I particularly like the replica Captains chair
Also the Blu-ray of Star Trek is a good choice as well

Posted by SuperJoe

Where's Coonce's wishlist of snowboards, gel, and porn?

Posted by TripMasterMunky

20k for thermal goggles? Daannngg.

Posted by Driadon
@Wildfire570: In case your neighbor is a terrorist.
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Hey Bulldog is an amazing Beatles song, my guess as to why it's so underappreciated is that it was never released on any of their singles and it was on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. Definitely the most underappreciated Beatles song.  
Apples to Apples sounds pretty awesome, as does the executive draw poker and the Uranium Ore. So many great ideas! 

Posted by Wildfire570

So what is the purpose of having Uranium Ore?

Posted by Linkyshinks

I've had my eyes on the Star Wars sensor bar holder myself.

Posted by SXBIG
Posted by Diamond

Now the Giant Bomb staff needs to buy all these things and feature them in a series of videos!

Posted by RipTheVeins

 Wait... Ryan, like me, enjoys It's Always Sunny? It all makes sense now.

Posted by Dalai

And Ryan has the best taste.  MST3K, Apples to Apples, poker, and bacon combined make for a hilariously enjoyable Christmas.

Posted by Cerza

Great lists guys.

Posted by EpicSteve
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These lists make me feel bad I spent 300$ on games the last month alone, it could've been spent so much better.

I wish Dave was considered part of the crew! :(

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Posted by Winternet

Damn that binocular is expensive. As is the air hockey table. The poker table seems rad. You know you can't miss on those Air albums, Brad. They suck your life if you don't buy it. And I SO want that chair. The most wicked thing ever.

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i want to see the SNIDE wishlist NOW NOW YA

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You know, they recorded Hey Bulldog while ad libbing for the Lady Madonna promotional video.

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@brad: I have the Space Invaders ice cube trays, and I can attest that they are as awesome as you'd believe.  They even have little divots in the mold for eyes, so when you put them in punch they look like their eyes are glowing red.  F'n sweet!!!
@ryan: Space Mutiny is one of the funniest episodes of MST3K ever.  Slab Hardbody.  Chunk Gristlechest.  Big McLargeHuge!

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

I'd buy those thermal goggles Drew, but the shipping is way too much.

Posted by Demonstride

This reminds me that I should make my Christmas list....

Posted by TheYear20XX

Just bought that Space Invaders ice cube tray. Hell yes. Thanks Brad.

Posted by cstrang
@TheClap: But there are SIX cookies. SIX.
@Vinny:  I feel you about the Xbox, man.  I'm still rocking the component only.  It makes me feel old.  Doesn't really go with my 42" HDTV.
Posted by Torrim

Why are they offering Duct tape together with a rubix cube for a discount.  THESE THINGS DONT GO TOGETHER.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Wow, they actually sell uranium ore

Posted by NickNorman

Ryan, you're so right. I love Hey Bulldog.
There is so much crap here that I'd love to have, if only to use once or twice and forget about. LED Faucet Lights? A Space Invaders shaped Ice cube tray? A fish tank that you can mount on the wall? Yes please. 

Also: Where's Dave's list? I'd love to see some of his crazy PC-gaming-is-the-best-thing-ever stuff.

Posted by Poki3
Uranium Ore is by far the best gift. Reading Customer Reviews of that is hilarious xD
Posted by Raven_Sword

lol, I loved that Sonic teh Headgehog cartoon. I already have it on DVD.
Posted by The_Philosopher

Best holiday wishlist guide thingy of all time.

Posted by Tebbit

That nuclear duct tape has some hilarious customer reviews.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I love the Giant Bomb holiday gift guide!!  IGN and other sites' gift guides really are worthless; we don't need to know what are the good games or not. This type of article is funny yet full of stuff that I would like to get too.
Drew, yes, I know the handshake. It really is one of the best movie moments of the 80s.
Ryan, go get the Beatles Mono Set. I bought it a few weeks ago and it is excellent. Hey Bulldog is also a pretty good song, so I agree with you there.

Posted by MauveForest

Nice washing machine Jeff, it even has a steam clean option, wow!

Posted by Dynamitekyle


Posted by Video_Game_King

Of course the 70s were strange, Ryan. When else would cereal mascots have two DUIs :P?
Or you could litter your ceiling with goldfish landmines. Then you adopt your evil persona as That Goldfish Guy (all the good ones were taken).
Electronic rat trap? Does it come with a little statue of Emperor Palpatine that shoots lightning and shouts "ULTIMATE POWERRR!!!!" whenever a mouse gets stuck in it?