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Uranium Ore for only $30??? Thats a hell of a deal. 
 Also the reviews for it are great.

Posted by Sin4profit

  @ Ryan:
MST3K full series eh? you should just do like everyone else and torrent the whole series into a pile of varying quality episodes housed in a 50 DVD-R spindle and come to the realization that it doesn't bring you the eternal happiness that you once though it would.
I think i got as far as the 3rd season in my marathon and haven't touched it since.
Best of the list: Thermal Vision + Predator combo gift...maybe even that spear to bring it full circle. -  Faucet lights - space invader icecubes...up until none of their legs stay attached when you pull them out  -  touch charge yer wii, very helpfull - Wacom cintiq, fek yes

Posted by Ratfoot

I really want to order some Uranium now that I saw it's so cheap on Amazon!

Posted by borgmaster

drew is now my favorite.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

lolol ReTarDedFisHy is loving the customer reviews on Amazon.com for the Uranium Ore: 
"I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty. "

Posted by Spiritof

Precooked bacon strips.
So simple, so elegant.
The future has FINALLY arrived.

Posted by Elazul

I like Ryan's list best, because "Hey Bulldog" is TOTALLY my favorite Beatles song. I thought I was the only one...

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

I want those thermal vision binoculars...but I'll settle for Space Invader-shaped ice cube tray.

Posted by NickLott

Fuck your lists, Giant Bomb. It will be a giant gummi for all of you.

Posted by monster9999

But what does Dave want???

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

Brad's list is the best, if only for the inclusion of the Kala ukulele and Fight Club Blu-ray.

Posted by Jackel2072

holly shit! 192 bucks for all 3 seasons of Star Trek on Blu-Ray! i say god damn!

Posted by LiquidPrince

Them's a list.

Posted by iam3green

cool list of things to buy. some of those are interesting to get.

Posted by JJWeatherman

lol, I have that beta tank Vinny.

Posted by swat200

all i can say is you kids are more messed up then i ever knew haha god i love this site.

Posted by bluegoon

Brilliant list :D
Merry Xmas to all the guys at the Giantbomb company, many thanks for delivering great unbiased gaming news, the podcast helps beat the crap out of grinding in traffic,  keep it up guys!
Kind regards.
 - South Africa

Posted by normajean777

you may want to wait on that macbook Ryan, they are suppose to update them in January maybe, so just wait a bit. Also Jeff the 30in monitor is amazing if you have the cash for it, its overpriced as hell also.  
Love the lists guys, shit is hilarious for the URanium Ore

Posted by Metroid545

if someone gave me space invaders shaped ice cubes i would love them forever

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

I want that fingerprint door lock its damn scary out in the middle of nowhere. 

Posted by solidlife

I fucking love this site  
Thank guys!!!

Posted by Sykosis

Dave is right. Hell I'm happy just reading the list of stuff THEY want.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

I wish I could find a PAL version of that
Posted by pepper

Nothing beats the faucet light, and never will.

Posted by Gre

Where is Dave's list?

Posted by Phobos

Very nice.

Posted by XmassCthulhu
Space Mutiny and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank are classic episodes. All praise be unto MST3K!
Posted by AllanIceman

I need duct tape.

Posted by RetroIce4

Amazon never fails and I need some Uranium Ore right about now.

Posted by imayellowfellow

goddammn this one is so funny, drew had the best list hands down

Posted by juice8367

Woah.... Urkel was sonic?!?! My mind is blown

Posted by MachoFantastico
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Great list. I lol'd at Drew's reason for wanting to buy a T-Rex t-shirt and the 1 star Amazon review for the Duct tape xD.
Posted by Sean2D2

Does anyone else find it odd that the $20,000 Thermal Vision Binocular's come from a seller called Jack's Country Store?  Maybe they're from the future.  Someone tell them that Amazon sells Uranium!

Posted by buttle826

Dude where is Dave? He hasn't been in a quick look in a while, and he doesn't have a list here... 
Oh well, it's a pleasant surprise to see that Drew made it on here

Posted by EPGPX

What you talking about. I never read reviews, previews or none of that bullsnop!! I can't sit still and read a review for a second cause i get agitated. I watch video reviews instead.
Posted by zkillz

I read all of this in their respective voices.

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Amazon really does have everything.

Posted by CustardArmy

damn 20,000 for the thermal binoculars, and i am starting to worry about jeff's love of knives....

Posted by Dalai
@Gre said:
" Where is Dave's list? "
He IS Santa Claus.  Hence the beard.
Posted by DukesT3

Im seriously thinking on picking up those LED faucet lights.. sooo tempting.. dammit.. 

Posted by OneKillWonder_

Ryan, I had no idea you were an Always Sunny fan. Good man; that is a fantastic show.

Posted by Media_Master

I have to agree with Ryan on the original Star Trek seasons 1-3 on blu-ray. 
 Great stuff.

Posted by GlenTennis

Kevin IS going to win.

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For Christmas, I'd like PC gaming to regain some ground. Not that I want consoles to lose any, I have damn near every console dating back to '85, but those of us who were thinking about getting the pc version of Modern Warfare 2 know what I'm talking about. 
And hell yeah on the Star Trek blu-rays, Ryan. I'm waiting for the complete series package coming in December.
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Yo Vinny...if you trade in your old console for a new, HDMI capable Arcade at GS the net due is about $70, fyi...

Posted by darkjester74


Posted by queenulhu

BRAD i have the icetray already!!! my gf bought it for me in alaska 3 months ago! say you love me & i'll give it to you!!!!!!!!!