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Posted by DayOneAdvantage

That is a nice looking rat-trap.
Is it really necessary to list the battery life on this? " "4 C batteries will kill 12 rats"  If you are in need of killing 13 or more rats, you probably aren't living in the type of upscale neighborhoods that spend 40 dollars on one mousetrap.
It does offer convenient features, though. I often have trouble telling if a rat has died in my room sometime within the last 24 hours. Now thanks to the green LED, I will never have to guess again!

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Very nice. Jeff, it would be pimp to just lounge in a ball pit while reading the Kindle DX.

Posted by Poopmaster7

It's funny to see when you go to the " Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed " and see all the other thigns on this list. Gives me a chuckle for some reason :)

Posted by Sestren

Ryan....comparing the genius of Sunny to the dull, left-skewed boredom offered by South Park and its characters, such as Cartman (who has inspired almost as many abysmal impressions as Austin Powers).  
For shame. "Nightman," Ryan. Nightman. Need I say more? 
Posted by rohanspear345

the amazon reviews for uranium ore are priceless

Posted by Buttink

Someone has probably mentioned this but i feel like being a dick ... you only need commando for extended range XP

Posted by ioannisdenton
Predator [Blu-ray] (1987) 
"Sometimes I watch this movie just for the Handshake. You know which one I'm talking about."   
-cause SOME fool accused you of beeing the best 
-DILLON! you son of a bitch! 
-whats the matter? the CIA got you pushing too many pencil(l)s?    
-hey! ok ok! 
...... SO badass i am picking predator up too!
Posted by dbz1995

Ryan you do know that bacon is illegal in some religions. Yes, illegal. WHY ARE YOU TELLING US TO DISRUPT OUR OWN RELIGION FOR YOUR OWN IMMORAL NEEDS? YOU BASTARD!

Posted by HouseOfWolves

Hey Jeff. Check out my washer and dryer.

Posted by Johnny2900

Who told you that you could eat MAH COOKIES!!!!

Posted by xervix

I would have added a Nintendo "Power-Glove", 
Awsome list guys!  keep up the good work!  Love the site!

Posted by Shadow

I am so buying that LED faucet light