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Posted by IceColdGamer

Just another update from Jamie and Matt. We've grabbed some new games for the growing library we've got going on over here...
Some may be reposts from previous blogs but we don't much care.
- Modern Warfare 2 (Prestige Edition) 360
- Assassin's Creed 2 (Master Assassin's Edition) 360
- Borderlands 360
- Left 4 Dead 2 360
- New Super Mario Brothers Wii
- WiiFit Plus Wii
So we've got lots to play! You can check out my achievements on my profile page as always.
Some important ones to note!
Conversationalist - 20G - Go Through Every Dialog With Lucy - (Assassin's Creed / XBOX 360)
Keeper of the Four Gospels - 20G - Find all flags in Jerusalem - (Assassin's Creed / XBOX 360)
These two achievements allowed me to finally get 1000/1000 in Assassin's Creed! Now I've finally started to work on Assassin's Creed 2!
I'm currently at 910/1000 in Modern Warfare 2 and Jamie and I have 2 more SpecOps missions to finish on Veteran. The Oil Rig Rescue and The Assault on Makarov's SafeHouse. 
I'm also a Level 20 Hunter in Borderlands. I'm always looking for more Co-Op partners so throw me an add if you want to play some Borderlands.
I think we're finished buying games for now. Our next big purchases should be BioShock 2, and Splinter Cell Conviction.
** Some of you know that I got my FIRST RROD after playing a good portion of Modern Warfare 2. So I replaced my busted DAY 1 360 with a new 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Edition Elite. It's pretty snazzy.
Cheers guys!
Matt and Jamie