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Posted by myslead

jeff was definitely less fat back in the days

Posted by Keeng

Man...this was just two years ago. I remember watching this back when I first got MGS4. 

Posted by DanRees

  "We're building a website GIANT BOMB.com"    lol   legendary!

Posted by hazzard4123

Man. I saw this video back on Blog Giant Bomb. When it was new. God damn time flies.

Posted by megaplushie

Wow, nostalgia. I remember when this was new and Giant Bomb was a blog.

Posted by DjTann3r

This might still be the best video on the site.

Posted by DaManGB

Yea man memories, still love these vids

Posted by RVonE

Still awesome.
Posted by dagas

Brings back memories =) 

Posted by SpaceDandie

Man it feels strange but awesome watching these again.

Posted by CrazedMaverick

I'm glad I'm not the only one rewatching these. Brings back good memories.

Posted by Nux

The start of Giantbomb all over again.
Posted by MrBubbles

ive never watched these before

Posted by Zaccheus

Oh wow. I wish I had been there/here from the beginning.

Posted by SpiritGoat

They should have done more videos at the key store

Posted by Gerhabio

Starting 1:17, Jeff got that gangsta lean.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

First Comment 2011? :D 
You guys have come a really long way, Keep going.

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It feels so weird to see how it all began after a few years. I still remember how happy I was to see the Gamespot legends return with Giant Bomb :). Giant Bomb will always be #1!  

Posted by anthanoid

The other guy at the end kinda looks like H. Jon Benjamin.

Posted by Ghost407

I've never seen these... I now embark on a journey long overdue!

Posted by Hockeymask27

viewing 10000th time

Posted by gaffyh

Jeff's lost a lot of weight since this video
Posted by DarkbeatDK

Oh man, it feels like just a few years ago since it all got started and look where we are

Posted by Winternet

Once in a while is nice to check back our roots.

Posted by timelessthee

Buildin' The Bomb.

Posted by c0d3m45t3r

it's good to watch this fresh energy and a new beginning right now.

Posted by zyn

March 15th 2012, Giant Bomb returns to GameSpot. Whiskey Media has split.

Posted by Trilogy

Who would of thought... what a crazy journey its been.

Posted by Residentrevil2

I wonder what the future holds now that the guys have returned to Gamespot? Good things I hope...

Posted by ThePantheon

@Winternet: agreed

Posted by BranDong

After this awesome journey why the hell did they go back to gamespot?

Posted by gas24

That video was hilarious, can't believe I missed it. If that was a Polygon 'Press Reset' video it would have been storyboarded, filmed, re-filmed, edited, re-edited, colour graded in post for 2 days and at the point when Jeff's key didn't fit the first door they would have cut it, re-shot, edited it out and unlocked the door off-camera for a re-take. This is what I love about Giantbomb, they show stuff as it is.

Posted by George_Hukas

Mission Watch All Videos on GB #025

Best GB video series. Hands down.

Posted by GiveUpNed

Man, I can't believe I've been on this site for almost five years!

Posted by Itwongo

They've come pretty far, haven't they?

Posted by jimmyfenix

5 years guys

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Best five years of my life. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

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"Buildin' a website!!"

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God, that ending.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Soo good to revisit this classic.

Posted by csl316

Jumping here after seeing How To Build A BEAST, it's crazy to see how things have changed. That's all about expanding an empire, this is all about figuring out what the hell this is going to be.

"It's gonna be a big video game website, it's gonna be awesome." Jeff seems so unsure, but if he only knew how awesome it would get.

Posted by Tiny_Tank

I also jumped over here after watching the GBeast. It's fun to go back and see some of that signature goofiness and fun that we'd come to see in future vids like the GOTY vids. And indeed, my how things have grown.

Posted by BillyMaysRIP
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Step 1: Keys.