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Oooooooooooh yeah! Nice!

Posted by Agent47
@Senshaitian: I think your the only person who liked the Kryll.Why do you think they weren't in GOW2?Because everybody friggin hated them and the annoying ass light/dark levels.
Posted by detectivepbert

"come up and do you real rotten"!

Posted by Senshaitian

I was not pleased with how Gears 2 played out. I think the story allowed for me to care about Dom more and we got to see some softer moments with Marcus because of it which I was fine with. Mainly, the game felt very mediocre to me. Yeah, I was shooting at locust and using meat shields, getting into chainsaw duels, grenade tagging and launching mortars from far away but that was decent fun at best. Beyond that, I hated every single boss battle definitely including the final boss.
I just didn't think that the whole 'More is Better' approach worked on this game. I didn't feel that any part of the game was epic, yeah I got to try out some new weapons but it was mediocre fight sequences interrupted constantly by the female chick in the game, and then followed by horrible boss battles.
I sincerely hope that Epic does some heavy refining going into Gears 3 because they do have good ideas in mind. I just don't feel that they were executed well.
Oh and Epic, please bring back the Kryll and Berserkers. They were two of the coolest enemies in the first game and they get replaced by Razorhail and Sires?? Seriously?

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epic game is epic
Posted by Vampire_Chibi

No berserkers?

Posted by Downloaded

One of the best games out on the 360.  So much bang for your buck.  I would agree that PvP multiplayer is fairly weak, but horde mode makes up for everything and to be honest I haven't played a game with such a great singleplayer experience in a while.

Posted by Clbull

I agree mostly with Jeff to be honest, Gears 2 is better in many ways including visually, story wise and gameplay wise too, even though mutliplayer still lacks.

Posted by robbob88

Wow that looks amazing :)

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ROFL @ the ending, that was pure win XD

O YEA !!!!!

Posted by Tiago

Oh yeah, oh hell yeah, nice.

Nice ending lol, good video :D

Posted by harrison25

I like these reviews.

There's no pretentious bullshit.

Posted by Rasgueado

I didn't watch this review until after I completed the game, and I know exactly what part he means when he says Contra. I remember thinking the *exact* same thing at that point. That "soft body" tech looked really awesome.

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great game, totally enjoyed it, worth the wait but online its a dissapointment

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Contra eh? What part? Podcast that one please!

I really like the game. I can't think of anything that looks better. And really, it's so preposterous and ridiculous that it just makes fun out of a really dark and miserable world. Between the worm and the Panzer Dragoon parts.....

Plus the characters are even more....like characters. I see someone mentioned Halo. I still really enjoy those characters a lot but these are also pretty fun. I can't imagine not having those 4 main guys in this series. And then you have the extra characters to give it some more.

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When you take into account  the visuals, gameplay mechanics, features, online multiplayer, and overall story of Gears of War 2; honestly it's 10 times better than the first. When compared to other shooters, say Halo, the characters and the universe in the Gears of War franchise are more compelling, and frankly better written, that'll keep the player interested to progress through till the end.

Posted by mcdrew77

Read the Book? I guess you will be hearing "But you don't have to take my word for it." from Jeff soon.

Posted by Aaron_G

Good reviwe Jeff!

Posted by PATJASA

Greatest GOW2 review!!! superb review Jeff!!!

Posted by Why_So_Serious

"It almost make me want to read the book."

Posted by EpicBenjamin

Horde! Hell yeah!

This review was defiantly better than GameSpot's and Gametrailers review. The ending was awesome!

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Man. I WANT THIS GAME NOW, haha. But the special edition is so tempting with that lancer....great review

Posted by Jordan23

Fucking amazing! Gears of War 2 is going to suck a lot of people lives away.

Posted by Amaru25

giant bomb has the best reviews

Posted by yorro

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

Posted by Spiritof

If there's any justice in the world Cliffy will see this video review and Kool Aid Man downloadable content will become a reality.


Posted by Blackoutt21

nice review jeff, I'm definitly gonna have to start frequenting here more often,  these reviews are excellent

Posted by Johanz

Oh yeah! Good review. :)

Posted by ValiantGoat

Nice touch with the cool-aid man :D

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oh yeah oh yeah

woohoo hell yeah
oh yeah
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Oh man , Jeff is such an awsome reviewer!!!

Posted by Jonsoncao

Oh YEAH!!!!!!!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Looks great!

I'm glad they have horde mode cause I wasn't keen on the original's multiplayer/
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I fell off my chair laughing when I saw the Kool-Aid man make an entrance.

Great video review. I'll be getting this game on Friday.

Posted by SavoyPrime

Kool-Aid man being in the review was definitely awesome! lol

Posted by okuzy

how did you get a golden lancer? I am confused indeed.

Posted by killdave

Love these video reviews !!
Nice one Giant Bomb !!

Posted by AutomaticSnake

holy shitzzz cant wait to play it

Posted by keyhunter

Oh yeah.

Posted by Coldbrand

Only Giant Bomb could end a review like that.

Posted by SoulTaker

Awesome review.  Def. picking this up.  You guys should have added a Randy Savage "Oh Yeah" as well at the end. lol

Posted by ep_driver

I won't be buying this game, but I definitely hope to see this Contra homage on youtube at some point.

Posted by GioVANNI

"I almost wanna read the book..."

Posted by Crono

Wow, this video totally changed my "Gears 2 will be good, but nothing too new or surprising" perspective to "Wow I need to buy this game, now."  Even though I have to wait a few more days. 

The multiplayer looks like it will be a blast with all the new additions.  The online co-op where players can pick different difficulty settings is awesome and blows my mind, and who doesn't like modes like "Horde" where you have to take on wave after increasingly-hard-wave of enemies; hell that is why I am such a big fan of L4D.  The game looks like it will totally deliver on all fronts.  Friday can't come soon enough.

Posted by toxicEnchiliada

Oh Yeah!