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Posted by chriskelly123
@Foxdemon2k: mee 2 :L
Posted by Foxdemon2k

I wish this was for the X360 also. It deserves better sales numbers than it got.

Posted by MasterChief360

LBP looks awesom

Posted by SinGulaR

Nice demonstration.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

OMGz0r!1111!! This game iz so crap. A platformer?!11 Psshfff! Yeah, watever granddad! I'm gonna go shoot doodz in HALO now!111

et cetera.

Posted by MachoFantastico

World of Colour is a great level. Great with friends.

Posted by ShadowDoGG

This is based on britains gladiators - which certainly didn't suck.

who could beat the wolf man

Posted by TekZero

I REALLY want to know if there's a Shadowrun level.

Posted by jasius

Ah, floaty controls! GAH THAT WOULD REALLY SUCK if it was a platformer that relies HEAVILY on precise controls and jumps for the bulk of its fun. OH WAIT god damn it I can't beleive so many places have given it a 5 star and ALL EXPRESS that the controls are the utter shits as anyone in the beta(which I was) had found out.

Also "there are levels made to help you get trohpies easily, which is cool" to paraphrase the video maker. Uh sure so you get trohphies for watching a tech demo and now you'll get trophies because some kiddie made a simplisitic level. So what the hell is the point of trohpies then if they're watering them down so much?

Another good one, which alot of reviewers should retro-review this title is the nazi copyright protection in place now, where if you make a level with any copy righted assets or even SHAPED similar to something ie. Super Mario Bros your level will be nerfed. Ok sure "build anything" eh? What about a big ol' astrix there denoting that "anything" actually means things that aren't based on already proven fun platformers. Alot of people bought this garbage just to share they're pathetic remakes of alot of games, now they won't even be allowed to do that!

Also buying costumes LOL!

Btw that boku or bukkake w/e the hell MS is coming out with looks worse. At least this has some sort of style and substance.

Posted by John1912
Posted by Aaron_G

I think I only want a PS3 for LittleBigPlanet. 

Posted by The_Icon

Had some problems at the 1st level I see...lol

Posted by Driadon

I wants it. I now need a PS3

Posted by InFamous91

This Game Is Too Awesome

Posted by zoozilla

Can't get over how obnoxiously-yet-undeniably cute Sackboy is.

Posted by coonce

oh... ohhhhhhhhhh.. ohh . ohhhh.. get there. - ah.. wait.. oh ohhhh . ack.... ah hhh.. ohh .. get there.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome Jeff!

Posted by Firelad43

Haha nice it says I sign on during the video. Forever remembered in the lbp movie at giantbomb lol.

Posted by lilarchie232

Looks good, makes me want a PS3

Posted by Thordain

That looks pretty cool and crazy.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Yeh it's Stephen Fry in Little big Planet.

Posted by imayellowfellow

this gmae looks awesome

Posted by Jimbo_N

The worlds best narrator voice (after Greg Kasavin).

Edited by Kontrapunkt

Oh Get Up! Get there!!! arghh urrgh arrrr :D Excellent :D

Edited by PapaLazarou

I want this game but I don't want a PS3 so it'll be one of them titles I miss out on. This game would make sooo much more sense on PC.

Posted by BawlZINmotion


Posted by Johanz

I just love these kind of laid back videos. Fun to watch and it just feels relaxed, away from all the metacritic score raves and stuff like that. :)

Feels like coming home and just relaxing with something fun, natural and laid back. Awesome. This is why I love Giantbomb.com. It feels like the gaming world is out there doing all 100% serious coverage of everything and Giantbomb.com is over there with it's lucha-deer and just chilling.

Posted by BlazingWookie

awesome video Jeff

Posted by AndrewB

I wish I had the money to blow on a PS3 and this game right now. This game really is the killer app for that system.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Oh, man! I so wanna get this game!!

Posted by BawaTheGamer

Yo fishy ,i agree that would be rad. Thanks for the vid jeff and vinny. Its good to see the game in detail rather than tiny clips.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Those levels are awesome!
ReTarDedFisHy will be sure to check those out :D

So has anyone made a Giant Bomb-themed level? That would be kickass, plain and simple.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

wow. if only i could afford next gen consoles+ next gen games. sigh,

Posted by DukeTogo

There is talk that some of the more involved levels like that Gradius one were actually done by developers and are viral marketing tools.  The reason is that they are a little too good for being available so soon after the game came out.

I'll again point out that if they made it a $20 DLC without the single player part it would be much more enticing to pick up.

Posted by Lemegeton

i was not majorly interested in little big planet before now but those levels look hella fun to play

Posted by dtran1212
Posted by Nets

That Gradius level...damn dude. I will never make somethign that genious in my life.

Posted by MrZeal

Just bought the game! Gone playing :)

Posted by PLWolf

World of Colour and Gladiators are great levels. There's an awesome Ninja Warrior level I was playing the other night that you should check out. If you haven't already.
Here's the you tube vid of it.

Posted by mubress

Lol @ jeff going up the equivalent of the 'Travelator' in the gladiators level :)

Very funny.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Crono

1 of 3 games total that makes me envy PS3 owners.

Posted by am_dragon

Ah man, you gotta find the light saber level.  It's really multiplayer only but there are 2 sticks that are 1/2 electrified.  You just duke it out with the lightsabers and jet packs.  Last man standing wins.   

Posted by AimingWandersly

gotta love world of colour. played it during the beta and still can't get enough of it....

Posted by angelangelv2

@ alsnuts2

If you want to be proud about being lazy on the spelling and basically making the English language seem stupid, so be it.

Posted by StaticFalconar

Just playing with the tool itself is cool enough for me to get.

Posted by diz

Thanks for the insight....

I know its early days and all that, but these levels hardly look exciting to play. 

How long do you think the novelty of playing  "themed" sackboy levels will last?

I can't see how this is anything more than a sloppy  platformer with a strong visual style and a level editor.
Posted by Snipes424

Great video Jeff.

You should show my level though!!!! :)

I think I sent you a PSN message, it's "Mad World"

Posted by alsnuts2

I played World of Colour! Its such a good level that i will forgive the frenchy foo foo spelling of the word COLOR.


Posted by scottiec809

This is pretty sweet.  Makes me wish I had a PS3 instead of a 360.
Thats ok though, I still have Gears of War 2 to look forward to.  If is wasn't for that, I would've already traded in my 360 for a PS3 for this game. 

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