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Posted by TripMasterMunky

Looks kinda fun. Dave seems like a really fun partner to play games with lol. In a completely straight way.

Posted by Neon941

Bought a PS3 pretty much entirely for this game and I haven't looked back once. Brad's not playing too badly considering he's not reading the tutorials and he's not familier with the game.

Posted by thiago

I have finished this game already. It is very good. A few points:

- It is very niche. It is all anime-like, the graphics, the story, etc. You need to like anime in order to like this. Besides, the style is made in a way that it looks like it is a handmade drawing. It is a matter of personal taste, it looks very good to me, but I understand that some people might not like it;
- The aiming is an illusion. If your character is going to hit the target or not is only a matter of level and gear upgrade. This is frustrating especially with the snipers at the early levels, they miss lots of shots because their weapons suck and they are low-level. That's why I always used the auto-aim and then the D-pad to fine-tune it;
- The game is challenging;
- The story takes a little too long to pick up for my taste. The first 3 levels are 'meh'. Then things start getting interesting and you start learning more about the characters and the story of the game;
- Did I say challenging? Some bosses will make you feel relief after finishing them;
- After you finish the game the first time it unlocks the entire soundtrack for you to listen to whenever you want to.

Is the main enemy the same voice as Nico Bellic? I think the guy that makes the voice os Marcus Fenix is there too. But he is a gay character, too funny. There is a lesbian character too, but gay male stereotypes are always funnier.

Posted by JTMosh

This is the best game of 2008, and it's not even close.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Ahh! what are you doing haha, the main story characters give 1 command point for each one u use in a battle, = more moves per turn! =x

Posted by redgauss

That game looks awesome! I can't wait for the quarter to be over so I can pick that up. Great video for a game that I now kick myself for overlooking over the holidays.

Edited by Vandersveldt

Oh I love everything this site does, I just meant... the game seemed too slow paced to keep the attention of the player. You seemed very bored and wanting to "get on with it", which a game like this will PUNISH hardcore.

Posted by Kralle

Reminds me of advance wars/fire emblem. I really want to play this, but i dont have a ps3

Posted by coaxmetal

I saw my friend play this game. It totally had some dudes and other shit in it, no lie. And tanks. The game involved tactics. and strategy. Strategic tactics, really. Strategery.

Ok, yea, I got nothing to contribute.

Posted by Daz0608

Looks great it's a shame it's only on PS3

Posted by enigma

This game is pretty to look at but the game play looks awful.  It's no wonder no one bought it.

Edited by bshirk

No, you don't need to like anime to enjoy this game.  I'm not a fan of anime, and I still have enjoyed games like Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Lunar, Tales, Eternal Sonata, and this.  Some people are just shallow, and will only judge based on exterior appearance.
Posted by Johanz

Good! I hope more people buys this.

Posted by Tolkienfanatic

Glad you guys chose to show this.  A severely under-talked about game.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Kevin with the bowl cut.  Awesome :)

Man, this game looks really cool.  I'm into tactics games anyway, but this looks especially fun to fiddle with.  And a good idea to level classes, although do individuals get any benefit from participating in the battle?

Posted by Chaser324

This game really makes me wish that I had a PS3.

Posted by Fira

This game is great, I really enjoy it.

Posted by snide


Individuals still have specific strengths and weaknesses. For example, certain characters get a boost to accuracy if you are firing from a field and not pavement. They also get bonuses if they are alone, or near other units. It's a actually a really great system, and the only thing I'd want added to the game is the hero class concept from Fire Emblem, where you upgrade your unit to a more specific unit later in the game. Chronicles has upgrading, but it's tied more to weapons, armor and the like and is generically passed to all units of that class.

This is a great game. For those commenting on Brad's strategy remember that at a certain point we try to make these videos fun while keeping them under 20 mins. If he would have played the level normally it would have been a boring turtle defense and you wouldn't have seen much combat so soon.

Posted by DJ_Lae

You do unlock special 'royal' weapons beyond a certain point, so for a while you'll only be able to outfit a handful of units with those. You can also divide the R&D weapon types among units, keeping a set of scouts with accurate weapons and some with the high powered ones for running up behind dudes and messing them up. Scouts with key potentials (like Alicia and Aika) are even deadlier when treated as mock shocktroopers, and almost makes the other classes obsolete.

My only gripe with the game is the ridiculous spike in difficulty in level 7 - it's doable once you know what's coming, but unlike almost every other mission in the game, you are a slave to the enemy tank and don't have as much freedom in completing it. It's almost as if the game knows this, since the chapter 8 and 9 missions are a joke.

Also, replaying the game a second time through with fully upgraded characters just makes you feel bad for the enemy. Completing the mission you guys were playing in this video in a single turn (with a single character) is pretty damn awesome.

Posted by AuthenticM

This game deserves way more credit and attention than it has gotten so far.

Posted by BAM

This game looks awesome--I'd definitely buy it if I had a PS3. But I don't, and I don't feel like spending $400 on a PS3 right now.

If I ever get a PS3 at some point, I'll look into buying this--that is, if I can find it.

Posted by mythus

best rpg on ps3 and best new gen rpg imo; really worth a pick up.  the characters arn't annoying, and it's such a heart warming story.

Posted by NintenDood

This is one of my favorite PS3 games period ^_^

Posted by ZeX

Def the best rpg on PS3 right now!! I need to finish this game.  It's darn beautiful too!

Posted by unangbangkay

Finally! This game deserves far more attention that it has gotten.

Posted by Otzlowe

If any game would mke me want to buy myself a PS3, this would likely be it. I'm sorely missing a good SJRPG, though I'm quite content with the offering of the 360.

I can only hope for a port, but at best, I feel like it's more reasonable to hope for a multi-platform sequel. :x (Assuming the potential is even there for one.)
Posted by slowpantz

great game, bought it day one

Posted by FluffyNutSatchel

I love this game, Its amazing.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

i thought games like these are huge sellers in Japan. i don't see this game is aimed toward western audiences, unfortunately.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

i love these types of games

Posted by MocPac

makes me want a PS3

Posted by GHT

now that I finished up Persona 4, I've gone back to playing Valkyria Chronicles.

it's very disgaea-esque (gameplay-wise), but with moinking winged pigs. it's moinking was so sad, I teared up a little.

Posted by HypotheticalSolution76

I definitely hope that this quicklook gets passed around, because even though i can't right now support this game with a purchase (too broke), I can at least say thanks to Giant Bomb for taking the time to create, edit, and upload the thing - super job guys, thanks.

Posted by darfvader

i love it

Posted by Treppass

man i would play this game, alas no ps3

Posted by InFamous91

Its a great thing what  you guys r doing

Posted by coffeesash

I love this game and I'm so glad you've done a Quick Look for it <3

Posted by Diamond

I really love the game, and everyone I show it to does to.  I'm the only person I personally know that owns a PS3 though.  I didn't buy the game when it first came out, and the demo didn't impress me.  The demo is not a good look at how the game plays.  The AI and gameplay in the real game is much tighter.  The story is also much more appealing than I expected.  Easily one of the best 10 games on 08.

Posted by bartholomew999

Looks cool but, I've been playing Fallout 3, SF4, and Killzone 2 are out soon, followed by RE5.  Maybe I would get to this in the summer?

Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell

I wish I could play it, but I don't have a PS3... =[

Posted by Sparkster

I love this game.  Got it just after it was released.  Evrything about it is great.  A "new" version of the RPG and turn based strategy game mixed together.  I would reccomend this to everyone.

Posted by ch3burashka

Teh shame that this was left in the dust this holiday season. Screw you casual gamers, you are the problem.

Posted by bartholomew999

This game would scare the piss out of casual gamers.

Posted by TG_SOLID

I like this game, I want to see more! MOAR!!!!!!!

Posted by Kazona

I've never been into these kinds of games, but this looks like fun. Too bad I don't have a PS3

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i don't play this game nearly as much as i should. buy it. it's good.

Posted by theMcNasty

I'll buy it, now that I've heard about it.

Posted by Isaiah

good enough for me i'll give it a shot.

Posted by Binman88

Looks like a lot of fun. If only it was on the pc so I could play it :(

Posted by fynne

Awesome playthru!!!  I've bought the game, but I'm so backed up that it's pretty far down on my play list.  After watching this movie I think I'll be moving it up a bit :)

P.S.  I'm kinda bummed to hear that it's NA sales sucked.  I hope it has some legs and eventually gathers some numbers.