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I just beat the game literally the day this video was posted. Excellent title, one of the best of 2008. And serious props to Giant Bomb for posting this because a lot of people have overlooked this game.

Posted by Subject2Change

Next game on my list to play I guess, bought it on release day but haven't touched it. Still sealed in fact. Looks great from this hands on look.

Posted by strangeling

I want this sooo bad.  It'll be the first game I pick up for my PS3 (whenever I get around to affording a PS3).

Posted by MacDork

It's been on my amazon wish list for a while.  I'm gonna have to take the plunge after seeing this -- thanks, guys!

Posted by Mamba219


Talk about a cameo appearance, man you guys should have used him.

Posted by Myrmidon

This game makes me wish I had a PS3.

Posted by samsam1029

This made me buy the game! I got it for 20 bucks at Gamestop! Great game though I haven't beat it but I am at about chapter 13.
Posted by Lambert

Only thing I didn't like about the game is the art-style and characters.

Posted by RVonE

This game is so good.
Posted by DarkbeatDK

This is my all time favourite game. It's fantastic!

Posted by BionicMonster

I hate myself so much right now, I've seen this game in stores so many times but had no clue what it was about. I've scoured this website so many times for videos I might have missed, but have just now noticed this one. I have recently started playing X-COM and Fire Emblem, and have just finished the first Full Metal Alchemist series. Then I find this game which combines all of these things and I'm FLAT BROKE!!!!!!!

Posted by Duffyside
@BionicMonster said: (in regards to Valkyria Chronicles Quick Look)
I've scoured this website so many times for videos I might have missed, but have just now noticed this one.
Just a tip which will hopefully help you avoid this situation in the futur: if you search for any game on the site, and then go to that game's page, all content related to that game is listed on the left hand tool bar including videos.
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Though Marketing-Brad claims to think this game is neat and like it alot, I refuse to believe he actually played much more of it than this, because the game gets much more demanding and I can't imagine Brad, of all people, putting up with some of the difficulty spikes, especially considering the utterly silly way he was playing here.

Posted by HansKaosu

I got this game sealed, plan on playing it soon.

Posted by zyn


I watched this Quick Look about 30 times... and ONLY today purchased it. Damn you Quick Looks and Giant Bomb community!

Posted by Mesoian

Just to restate: If you have a PS3, you should own this game.

Posted by DeathByWaffle

I got half way through this game when it came out and then got distracted by some other release. Definitely going to come back to this soon, XCOM made me remember this game (strangely enough).

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No idea how I missed this game on the PS3. Only knew about it when it popped up on Steam the other day. Currently downloading. Wasn't expecting such a large download for this game (17GB), but probably due to all the cut-scenes.

Posted by returnofjake

Coming back to this because of the PC release... Brad got a lot happier over the last 5 years.