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Posted by skiguyusc

I've already watched this entire endurance run and I'm watching it again.  Something is seriously wrong with me.

Posted by skiguyusc
@Venatio:  Yeah, I second that.  Persona 3 endurance run through both parts would be amazing.  And probably like 250 episodes  :-P
Posted by aesthetic_noise

Is this Endurance Run as funny and entertaining as the Deadly Premonition ER?

Posted by Hourai
Even more so.
Posted by ashogo
@Pie said:
" Man, imagine if theyd kept up these 10 min episodes "
Yeah, the endurance run would still be going and we'd be on like, episode 400 or something.
Posted by Baggykins
@Gregomasta said:
" Endurance run is just as good second time around. "
and even third
Posted by Nickness534

Just as great the second time through! Although these super short episodes are crazy.

Posted by MormonWarrior

When do they meet Chie?

Posted by GuardianKnux

8:00 inception

Posted by GioVANNI
@GuardianKnux said:
" 8:00 inception "
It's all just a dream
Posted by JayCee
Posted by darkjester74


Posted by Talon64

words to live by in life
Posted by KWA223


Posted by dagas

I can't believe I'm so exited to be rewatching this even though I've watched it already and played the game myself. The Persona 4 ER will never die =)

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

Christopher Nolan stole Jeff's dream within a dream idea

Posted by craigymail

I love Ryan's "YEAH!" at the end of this video.

Posted by kollay

Oh, Nanako...

Every day is great at your Junes!

Posted by pyrodactyl

inception reference from before the movie came out!

Posted by AlbinoJerk

I love watching these and noticing the arc of V&J's appreciation of the game.  They start out cracking wise about it, and by the end they are COMPLETELY engrossed.

Posted by super2j
Posted by CastroCasper

@Duffyside: Glad to know there are others watching this [again] and not just me.

Posted by sionweeks

Jeff predicted Inception when he said 'dream within a dream'.

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Every days great at your Junes until...MURDER because you ate Dojima's fried rice.

Posted by George_Hukas

Its super effective.

Posted by Jedted

I love little "YEAH!" from Ryan at the end. He always had so much enthusiasm.

Posted by Jodski
Posted by GuardianKnux

For those of you who play dota. 6:50 when the door opens is the sound Shadow Fiend makes when he dies.

Posted by melodiousj
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Posted by onkel

...this is?