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Posted by ZmillA

Can't stop laughing at the "go to bed" part :D

Posted by Aaox

It would be best if I went to bed early today. I'm tired from my long trip, see.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Instead of just playing in 15 minute chunks, they should play for a while off-screen, save when they get to a really cool/funny part, load that up, and record them playing from there.

Posted by zitosilva

From what I remember, it takes about 3 hours until you're free to do whatever you want... so there'll be plenty more of these videos.

Posted by Milkman

I'd always taken an interest in giving Persona a shot because it looked like it would be so much different than any other JRPGs, which are really testing my patience lately considering they are all the damn same thing. But so far, holy shit...This game is lame. I know it's only the first half hour but this is pretty much the beginning of any JRPG ever. I'm sure it will get better but so far, I see absolutely no reason why I should care about Persona or what makes it so different. Also, I gotta agree with what someone else that the game is just pading its length for the hell of it. All of that could have easily been done in 5 minutes but for some reason, JRPGs feel the need to make all their games 80 hours just for the hell of it. Long games do not equal good games.

I love the videos though.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Make sure ye actually fully do this. Don't crap out on us half-way through.

Posted by avecess

My god... it's like some kind of bad soap opera that i just can't take my eyes away from! 
Need more!

Posted by EdTwo

no offense to those who like this game, but it looks shitty, there is barely any gameplay in the first 30 mins

Posted by SinGulaR

This video showed me that the game isn't for me better than 1000 reviews could've done. :) Keep it up.

Posted by Arcitee

Oh god, that was hilarious, though I do love this game. Keep it up!

Posted by Shane

Looking forward to episode 268 where you finish the game.

Posted by HeeHo

Heh, oh god. I feel bad that you guys have to endure this game. It's such a niche title that everyone loves but I think it's way too drawn out for it's own good. It's kinda painful to watch you guys play because I can sense how unfun it is to play.

Posted by Afroman269

You should keep posting these videos until you beat the game!

Posted by Arcitee

Think how epic it would be if you filmed the whole 70ish hours it takes to beat. Fucking Epic! Your shit would be all over Kotaku!

Posted by luchorock

greatest feature ever

Posted by Junpei

Personally I love this game and all the SMT stuff. But I've got to agree with the others that short chunks don't work so well. Though it is better than doing a single day game time per day.

Yes the game starts slow, but once it gets going it becomes fantastic.

Posted by RedSox8933

oh jesus christ i pissed my pants watching that video. and the first one.

Posted by megalowho

I will watch this feature every day whenever it's posted. It's a long ass JRPG that's worth the time investment but still entertaining to watch in small chunks.

Posted by toadstule

These Persona videos are awesome and hilarious. Please keep continuing with them.


These are great keep it up. 

Posted by mcdrew77

What a cliffhanger

Posted by FreshyFresh23

really these are so funny, haha. It's interesting seeing someone like Jeff, who typically doesn't delve into JRPGs, play along with Vinny - the comments you guys make are really funny.

Edited by Kyle

unfortunately i dont think these guys realize the intro sequence of persona 4 is like 4 hours long. They're gonna be pushing X for a long time.....

While I admit that 4 hours is insane (though the story does get much better), I amazed at how many people are already shitting on this game. People have no fucking patience, I don't get it. Like Milkman down there, he said he had interest in Persona but the long intro turned him off. So you had an interest in a game that's half turn-based strategy and half going to school and talking to friends, but when you heard you were gonna have to watch something for 30 minutes you were like "WOAH!!! FUCK THIS!!!"????? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense....

Posted by mythus

man i really love watching the californian video game version of mystery science theater lol.  You guys should push at least 30 minute sessions.  we're barely getting anywhere and leaving us in suspense!  can wait for today's vid!

Posted by reflekshun

Oh man this is one of THE MOST entertaining vids I've watch on Giant Bomb and i've watched like pretty much all of them! awesome stuff haha

Posted by MeatSim

They really like there store advertisement jingles.

Posted by chacho89

So far so good, yay!

Posted by darkjester74


Posted by JackiJinx

I'm very glad this is being done, mostly because it gives a different perspective on RPGs. It'd be great if you guys could do this sort of thing to a really prim and proper RPG like Ogre Battle or what not. That'd be hilarious.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Good yell there Ryan ;) Another entertaining video. Considering I have already played this whole part, it is a wonder why I am still watching it.

Posted by MeatSim

You need to come up with a theme song for segment something like the MST3k theme.

Posted by Kman

These are so great keep it up!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

this game is rediculous...lol

Posted by BawlZINmotion

I'm not sure why I find this so appealing, or entertaining (watching a video of people playing a game), but I do. I guess it's the commentary. Regardless, well done.

Posted by Helmetz


Posted by Campion

Dude, holy crap, this commentary rules. I can't believe how awesome this is.

Posted by BirthWild

this endurance run idea is amazing.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

The commentary was hilarious today.

Edited by ZeroKelvin

"You can only walk forward, don't forget!"

Posted by MagikGimp

Do they give you the best sword right here at your first 'fight'?

Posted by Guyzea

-Best Line

Posted by atlantabrave04


Posted by Jedted

I wonder if that dude you fight in the dream world is the killer, and when you finally face the killer at the end of the game the main character remembers that dream he had in the begining.

Posted by Tuggah
@Jedted: and he uses Bewildering fog and you pass out and then you die, that is the end of the game.
Posted by TheHT

well i DID have that fried rice. LOL

Edited by Venatio

Damn I miss the endurance run :( 
Persona 3: FES Endurance Run GO!

Posted by Ninja

It's the 10th of February so that means episode 2!
I was hoping these comments would be more active.

Posted by Pinworm45

endurance couldn't possibly be a better term to describe this shit, wow. Even with the commentary..

Posted by Gregomasta

Endurance run is just as good second time around.

Posted by Pie

Man, imagine if theyd kept up these 10 min episodes