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Posted by KWA223

Who can imagine THAT hanging from an antenna?

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

"Shes a special student"

Posted by clumsyninja1

@Talon64: Is Japan not China. Don't be ignorant

Posted by Talon64

@clumsyninja1: um no fucking kidding the game's based in Japan but I meant this:


when they joked about Nanako being in special school.

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I like how this started with 10-20 minute episodes and escalated to maddening one and a half hour extravaganzas.

Posted by Duffyside
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every day is great at your junes

...i'm already addicted :(

Posted by George_Hukas

So nice not waiting for the next ep...

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Young Detective is a great rap name!

Posted by Jodski
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So great to see the comments of people watching this lately