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"Say my name."

... "Charlie Tunoku."

"You're goddamn right."

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"She can get us booze dude!" Saki Konishi is a great character

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Ah more after school shenanigans !

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by kollay

That stupid-ass Yosuke laugh catches me every time.


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Jeff's no-nonsense, completely deadpan "No, she fell." is one of many moments in this ER that is subtly funny but makes me BURST OUT LAUGHING every time I hear it.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

I should stop watching this.....  

Posted by TheHT

OK, I think this is as far as I got before I forgot about this.

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Best creepy laugh award goes to Yosuke!

Posted by Funkydupe
@DyeBird said:
" "Another night alone with Nanako"  'Amother dinner alone with Nanako' lol "
That was great. :)
Posted by MooseyMcMan

Why am I watching these again?! I gotta stop...

Posted by Toidiedud
@noshitsherlock: You're not alone!
Posted by noshitsherlock

oh no. I am gonna end up watching these all the way to the end again aren't I. damn you random endurance run episode selector! You got me hooked on this crazy internet crack once again!  

Posted by Gnome

Can't stop watching again.  It's like falling into a relapse...

Posted by Bummey

I've been playing through Persona 3 PSP lately and it really is startling how much personality these characters have so early in the game. I just can't feel anything about the P3 characters and I'm like halfway through.
That's what started me rewatching all these!

Posted by Deano405


Posted by Pie

And now the actual plot kicks in!

Posted by DyeBird

"Another night alone with Nanako" 
'Amother dinner alone with Nanako'

Posted by TheHT

'oh? did i say that out loud?'  LOL

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I had 5th period Spanish too!
Bang! You established the Game Reviewer Social Link!

Posted by JukeboxJoe

Lurking around... hehehehe

Posted by sionweeks

Another night alone with Nanako...

That was TOO funny!

Posted by Jost1

These are just effin amazing

Posted by Nicholas

I too bought this game after watching these videos. I'm much further than Vinny and Jeff right now (about 4.5 hours), but I stopped so I could wait for them to catch up to me and play along perhaps? Yep.

Posted by StillVictor

I'm loving the videos. Someone said this is like a soap opera and he's right. Besides, I might even buy this game now. I would never even think of buying a PS2 game these days.

Posted by vidiot

I decided to purchase this game after I saw these videos. Last PS2 game I'm probably going to play in a long time. Thanks dudes!

Posted by serogane

Stand-up commentary, you two.  I love it.

I'll be very satisfied if you guys can reach 100 episodes.  Not too greedy now I hope?

Posted by iamthemoneyj

if these don't stop, they will be going on for another year. good luck with that

Posted by HandsomeHubby

I will watch 70 hours of this. KEEP IT GOING AS LONG AS YOU GUYS CAN BEAR IT.

Posted by Axion

part 6 please :)

Posted by Vladan

Vinny and Jeff:

Please refer to pages 34-35 of your Persona 4 manual for definitions of Japanese honorifics and a handy glossary if you don't know what takoyaki is.
I like the effort they made to keep the setting as is but still explain things so non-Japanese people can get it.

LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!! When I bought Persona 4 I still wasn't done with Persona 3, but I couldn't resist popping it in just to see the beginning and get to the first save point...little did I know....Like fate, the day I put P4 back in to start playing in earnest, you guys put up the first of these videos!! So I'm getting a nice story review with awesome bonus commentary. Watching these videos, I am realizing how much fun it would be to play this game with someone else...so it's great to kind of vicariously play the game with you guys. lol I can't wait until you meet Teddie.

Posted by MackGyver

These little quick game follow-ups are great. What's more surprising is JEFF ALSO HELPING OUT WITH A RPG. From what I remember, RPGs weren't Jeff's strong suit of game genre. But it's always good to hear his comments. Funny beyond control. GOOD WORK VINNY AND JEFF, KEEP THEM COMING!

Posted by Canberra

i love this, 
strange student may have had somthing to do with the murder, perhaps...

Posted by Red

This is awesome. This is like MST3K but for Video Games...and the video games aren't horrible.

Posted by Tesson

Please give us Ep 6

Posted by AspiringAndy

I love this!

Posted by Wildfire570

Keep these Endurance Runs coming! You two really know how to add a great commentary!

Posted by BaaG

I'm also hooked.. I watched the first 4 in a row. Came back the next day for 5, then have been furiously refreshing for part 6 to appear today. Now you're saying that I have to wait until FREAKING Monday to find out whats on the midnight channel?!?!?! Hmph.


Seriously, this is better than Lost.

Posted by theMcNasty


Posted by FoolInjection

Vinny... I gotta say... This is like the best soap opera ever. lol.

I will tune in religiously to this every weekday for as long as this runs for. =P

Posted by Vinny

haha, yeah this will only be during weekdays for now. I think next week's will be a little longer too, though we're still aiming for the 15 minute-ish mark.

Posted by FoolInjection

I'm guessing they took a break for the weekend...

Posted by Regal

They said that we should check out tomorrow but its not here, IS IT? DAH I go insane

Posted by Conflict

Keep going, I'm loving this feature!!!!

Posted by Daeth_On_Demand

Lol, Zimas.

Posted by Carlos1408

I actually love these videos.

Posted by MementoMori

nhh nhh nhh nhh at your juneess

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