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Posted by Axion

oh god how did i get here

Posted by sneakysnake128

ahahaha same

Posted by Bureksasutlijom

Great feature guys!

Posted by Razzuel

I absolutely love this feature.

Posted by Kohe321

Great one, really funny. The sound Vinny made as he was being dragged into the TV sounded like Link from ocarina of time. Intentional? Years since I played that game, don't know why it reminded me of it...

Posted by TriangleHard

This weekend was long due to waiting for this video.

...... and because of all the disgusting couples I saw on the streets.

Posted by dflacher

love it! i really had to lol a couple of times...and i'm getting hooked to the story. please keep doing this!

Posted by Aaox

Awesome! Only 176 Endurance Runs left to go!

Posted by giyanks22

This is so funny lol..

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

whoa!!! 20 minutes, i bet they drank a lot of energy drink for this one

Edited by Tovan

I'm going to say this was the best part of this feature yet. Great videos.

Posted by knivesout

Absolutley hillarious! You never find games funny until your with someone else. Do you have to leave the PS2 on at that point to contunue?

Posted by MattBodega

This feature is completely amazing.
I think it might only work with a game as genuinely weird as Persona 4. This game is so bizarre that interactions in the game and out of the game are going to be ridiculous. 

Posted by BenderUnit22

Keep it up, this feature is awesome.

Posted by FlappyHands

I don't even really care about Persona that much at all but I've watched all of these. Some several times. Haha.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Haha. It's funny that I have been playing this game almost concurrently with Jeff and Vinny. I got out of the crazy TV world.

Posted by Daveyo520

I love these endurance runs, don't stop making them Vinny

Posted by Media_Master

getting more interesting

Posted by Jimbo_N

Oh god. the part at the TV Store might have been the best laugh I´ve had in months. Holy crap.

Posted by Canberra

this is great! probabily my favorite thing to do on the internet

Posted by patrick

These are great.

Posted by tazz74

This is crack to me! more i need a fix!

Posted by MeatSim

it's a monkeybear.

Posted by Duck44

I almost choke a carrot watching this....

Posted by Andrecova

This feature is awesome, I had some great laughs.
Keep it up, and I'll keep watching it... even if it takes a couple of years until it's finished.

Posted by LordAndrew

Excellent. Plot has been summarized and posted on GameFAQs. Now we wait for Alphazero's synopsis. :)

Posted by MetalGearSunny

lol Candyman.

Posted by FLStyle

Exploding bladder, not recommended.

Posted by ez123

LMAO. The commentary gets better as the game's dialogue gets dumber.  This is awesome!

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I would say this was the funniest one of these videos yet.  Keep it up guys.

Posted by SonicFire

You guys should find a way to podcast this...seriously, I'd love this showing up in itunes.

Edited by HazBazz

this is hillarious. i love how they're about an hour into the game and have only put in about 2 minutes of gameplay

Posted by Aska

Ahaha, oh god.  The TV store had me laughing so hard.  Keep these up.

Posted by Hairydutchman

"Hey what's crackin"

You quys are so funny. 

Posted by Shane

Is there any fighting in this game at all? haha

Posted by serogane

"Her hair was brown, about shoulder length.  She was wearing our school uniform, and..."

It's the brown-haired girl!

Posted by FlipperDesert

When there's a good number of these I'm going to watch them all marathon-style. It's like playing a JRPG without actually playing a JRPG!

Posted by morningdrive

haha dude you guys are hilarious. Love watching this keep it up guys!!!

Posted by Fritzerbacon

lol awesome! you almost did something other that pressing X this time... maybe tomorrow you'll get to move around lol

Posted by Aufaber

I gotta stop watchin these things.. I'm actually singing the junes song to myself in real life.

Posted by SolidSnake35

Hey, what's crackin'

Sooo funny.
Posted by Kyle

Everyday's great at you Junes!

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

I think it's a monkey.

Edited by FlappyHands

All credit to whoever made this.

Posted by Milkman

LMAO! This game is so dumb.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Junes! GB should just do commentary on every JRPG. Since most of them are pretty random.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Woah, it just stops at 13 minutes for me. Don't know why.

Posted by Kucheeky

This is seriously fucking awesome guys, please don't stop.

Of course if you don't, you'll end up with about  2000 of these videos BUT THAT'S JUST GREAT!

Posted by Mac

Best episode yet. The absolute insanity of the store tv moment was just amazing.

Posted by Binman88

Absolutely hilarious. Like everyone else, I'm loving these.