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Posted by PercyChuggs

Yeah, this looks like such a fun "game". Call me crazy, but I miss the days when RPG's had combat.

Posted by Geno

This reminds me of the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2 which was nothing but cutscenes and talking for 3 hours.

Posted by Mjolnir

This is officially an addiction and the best sort of "along-for-the-ride" commentary I've seen since MST3K.  You guys have to do the whole game. 

Posted by Jedted

I hope Giant Bomb does more of this stuff with other games.  It kinda reminds me of that Mario Galaxy marathon that Jeff and Alex did a while back.

Posted by Kraznor

Awesome, one of the best so far.

Posted by Bubahula

oh wow these are possibly my new favourite things....ever

Posted by mcdrew77

This is this best video yet of this marathon. I have not laughed this hard in a while. What is the Monkey-Bear?

Posted by TigerDX

I used to sit down with friends or my brother and watch/play a JRPG like this, and we'd always be making comments and humorous observations in exactly the same way!

This literally makes me laugh out loud and I hope the series continues.

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

This is getting good now.
Posted by MrRedwine

Is this video sold at Junes?  HELL NO!

Oh man, this stuff is classic!  Keep it rolling guys.

Posted by mrfluke

hey whats crackin

i literally laughed my ass off during that part and  especially during that segment when he sticked his hand into the tv  and they start freaking out normally that shit wouldnt have been funny alone but with your guys commentry i started crying laughing

definitely keep this up and stretch thhe video 10 mins more like everyone wants

Posted by Red

Aww man. I went the whole episode without getting hiccups until the monkey bear.

Posted by Teaspoon83

Awesome, this is too addicting and it sucked not having anything over the weekend.  Thank you GB and give us more!

Posted by Kowbrainz

Just dropping by... expressing my love for this feature.
Love you guys. :]

Posted by AspiringAndy

"Hey, what's cracking?"

Posted by Eric_Buck
Damn it I should of never started watching these. NOW IM TRAPPED! Oh by the way I keep clicking but the italics/bold/underlined wont get unpushed. DAMN!
Posted by Skeetz

Utterly brilliant

Posted by Krenor

this makes my day, every day!

Posted by darkjester74

I'm starting to watch this vid every day, just for the "I have to pee, jump in the TV" sequence...LOL!

Posted by SoothsayerGB

play the game via twitter with them, voting for the choices they take.  Twitter gaming.  Thats a warner bros. toon right?

Posted by Tharrington

Best feature ever, it's like Mystery Science Theater for games.

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At least you gain knowledge when you answer correctly here. In P3 you got charisma "It seems you've become more popular for giving the correct answer" Yeah right, since when does one become popular in school by answering the teacher's questions correctly? =P

Posted by Sersie

I just wanted to say that the part where they jumped into the TV was some of the funniest stuff I had seen in a long time.  Between the peeing dude, and the people coming and Jeff and Vinny's comments it was all hillarious.   Brilliant!  :)

Posted by Venatio

I love these videos, Jeff and Vinny, you guys made me order this game and when its released tomorrow here in Europe Im gonna get it

Posted by dantebk

Oh my God I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Great job, you guys.

Posted by raidingkvatch

Hilarious. Actually belly laughs from that ep

Posted by Aeterna

Hilarious episode to watch back. :)

Posted by eroticfishcake

I really want to play P4. Again. For the fouth time. Ah.

Posted by BOOM

Anyone else watching these for the Rerunner quest?

Posted by WOLVERINE366
@BOOM: Yep. And they are just as good now.
Posted by Molenator85

Wow just watching these for the first time, best one far for sure. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Edited by Authun

Wow, how did I not get on board with this at the time. This video is absolute gold! The voice acting, the animation.. Just amazing.

Posted by Raven9686

Posted by JoeCool

Really LAST! lol

Posted by HayFourZee

Truly Last.

Posted by Homeslice


Posted by glanesb

this was amazing!!!!!..I laughed so hard have to get a new laptop......

Posted by MormonWarrior

"I don't pee fog...anymore." Oh geez, Jeff...

Posted by Ketchupp

I forgot how great some of this music really is

Posted by MachoFantastico

Jeff's perception voice at 3:27 had me in absolute stitches... Classic.

Edited by Max_Cherry

Neither first nor last.

Posted by Craisin

Ohhhhhhhh man. This endurance run is amazing.

Posted by Istealdreams
Posted by Rays_Gaming_Rants

I just got through Persona 4: Golden. It's actually great to watch this and find the small differences in the titles.

Posted by ripelivejam

wow this is 4 years old...

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Posted by HudsonFromAliens

Chie's kung fu noises at about 8:30 is pretty great haha.

Posted by HudsonFromAliens

Game: "You might be able to put in more than just your arm..."

Charlie: *Zip*