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Posted by Okonk-woah

So many hilarious moments in this episode, and the last. Grea content!

Posted by bonidex

It's funny that after a while, both guys are starting to take the strategy of the game really seriously...

Posted by Ramone

3rd time's a charm.

Posted by Undeadpool

I think this episode is where they started to seriously come around on this game. And I think it's because THEY LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM BALLS!

Seriously though, that line, as Jeff mentions, lets the player know that the writers/localizers know what's up.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I hope I'm not the only one in 2013 watching the first and best Endurance Run. 2013 Duders unite!

Posted by Hef

Watching Vinny Zio already downed enemies makes me cringe so hard. So much wasted sp.

Posted by super2j

@shinluis said:

Hahaha interesting how last year the most recent comments were really old and now theres a bunch of new comments from a lot of people who are watching it for the second time

its because Ryan and them inceptioned it into our minds by playing P4 golden edition.

And for fear that a great hero is lost in the comments i will do.... this

@Duffyside said:

Something over here.


Posted by Duffyside
Posted by Karmann

@Rothbart said:

Oh you guys, you've always been so bad at this game, it's almost endearing...


Posted by gamergutz

I Looooove Them Balls!

Posted by ashogo

ah, this is the first episode where Jeff's love for Chie begins to show. That luchador dream was the tipping point. Man that was good.

Posted by Ethan_Raiden

Sorry man missed that new years message BUT LOOK HERE MOTHER FUCKER THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM YOUR FUTURE, AND THAT OTHER GUYS PAST! Daiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyymmmmmmmmm.

Posted by BirthWild

happy new year, 2012, ENDURANCE RUN FOREVER!

Posted by shinluis

Hahaha interesting how last year the most recent comments were really old and now theres a bunch of new comments from a lot of people who are watching it for the second time

Posted by Tuggah
@VisariLoyalist: 6:18. Yes, I felt it was necessary to let you know, right now.
Posted by Rothbart

Oh you guys, you've always been so bad at this game, it's almost endearing...

Posted by manawatermelon

"you love them balls?!"

Posted by TwoLines

"Oh.. Bufu.."
The shape of things to come.

Posted by Phished0ne

Love that it straight up says  "Be an ass and leave" , so good!

Posted by takua108

Gah, these early episodes have tons of yelling-at-the-screen moments. "Use Zio on each monster to knock them down and do an All-Out Attack, don't just use Zio twice one!"

Posted by gave1

funny, but i keep waiting for the golf club to run out and they guy to toss it aside a la Deadly Premonition.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

god they missed it it's 4/20!!!

Posted by Zicdab

 "I'm gonna blow 'em."  "Take a sip of Yosuke's Dia."

Posted by Ramone

'Tarujaka, thats my favourite kind of jaka!!!'

Posted by Nickness534

Let the bufu begin!

Posted by Hemlock


Posted by TheGr3mliin


Posted by JacDG

Why don't they scroll down at the skill shit!!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

"Chie, you wanna see my Vigor Fob?"
Indeed, indeed.

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Everyone knows electricity beats flying.

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Ha. Vigor Fob.

Posted by skilzlost

an incredible show ty guys

Posted by sionweeks


Posted by NukeGoBoom

Persona 4 got a M rating pecouse one of the persona is a Penis with a mouth on a carriage...So Atlus had some fun with them balls.

Posted by TG_SOLID

I want this series to end with the save data being corrupted.

Posted by bonafider

you guys shouldnt just run into these things! you gotta try all the possibilities!!!!

Posted by Jost1

Video content on giantbomb is SECOND.TO.NONE.

Posted by Cubez

That was a nice long video, the longer the better. Keep 'em coming...Ohoho...

Edited by Donkeycow

Please be nice to Bruchetti the fearful hare

sorry he is actually  rabbit...
Posted by Hector

*Phew* That was long....

Posted by Curufinwe

"Chie is the hottest video game lesbian ever."

For a lesbian, she sure likes visiting the main character's room and having sex with him.

Posted by Red

Nice episode. Having played half-way through Persona 3 over the past week, and getting it fairly quickly, it's pretty funny seeing you guys fumble through the menus and combat. It's always great to see how others experience games.

Posted by Afroman269

Holy shit its 4/20 in-game! Track down funky student and he may lend his bong!

Posted by KaosAngel

Holy shit, this episode is long!  THANK YOU!

Posted by Treppass

some in depth adivice there guys. =)

lol those babys, just like silent hill.
this game does suprise me with its swearing and disturbing enemies

Posted by hazelnutman

You know what. I'm going to sit down and marathon this series tomorrow. Freaking hilarious stuff that I should have been watching from the beginning.

Edited by DickDarlington

Read the book when you have a free night at home. It's pretty interesting. :-)

Also be careful what Persona you have assigned. In that one fight where Charlie was weak to fire attacks, you guys had Slime as his assigned Persona. Slime is weak to fire which now makes Charlie weak to fire.

Posted by Jedted

When was it that you can apply for a job?  The 23rd?

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