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Posted by McQuinn

You guys have horrible money management.

Edited by Lilarcor

Alright guys, do yourselves a favor. I know Slime is kind of a crappy Persona, but next time you go into the dungeon, bring it back from the Compendium after you clear some space. Level it up a couple of times (it shouldn't take long with the enemies on floors 6 and 7), and it'll learn a skill called Red Wall. This skill will let you give a party member temporary resistance to fire. The boss uses fire magic, so if you can't protect Chie from it then the boss is going to get a lot of extra turns and wreck your shit quick. Slime is weak to fire himself, so fuse him with Izanagi and Ukobach into Senri like you were trying to do at the beginning (the weird cat woman that requires you to be level 9). You want to make sure that it inherits the Red Wall skill, so make sure it's highlighted in red on the fusion screen. If not, exit out and try again, it'll show up eventually. Then, you'll have a Persona that takes no damage from fire and can protect Chie's weakness, which will make the boss way easier. If you can level up Senri a couple times itself, it'll learn a really nice healing spell which will also help against the boss, but that's not as important. The point is, the boss is going to be really hard if you don't get Red Wall so I feel te need to warn you in advance. Everything else the boss throws at you I think you can figure out. It would be a good idea to buy a few of the item that cures Fear as well, just as a heads up.

Edited by unangbangkay

The only SP-restoring item you can buy regularly from stores is the TaP Soda and Dr. Salt NEO from the vending machines. They don't restore much and you can't use them in combat, but they help when you need to extend a run. You'll get a s.link later on that allows you to buy back SP restoration, but it's expensive. You'll start earning a lot more money over time, so it'll be ok, though.

*Swap out your persona a lot, whichever persona you have equipped when you end the battle gains the XP.

*You can pick up Yosuke's special weapon by talking to him. You can revisit ANY dungeon by talking to the character involved. The entrance is kind of a hub area.

*Finishing a character's dungeon clears the map again, so to get the special weapons AFTER yosuke will require you to clear the dungeon again and fight a special boss for a big courage boost. Yosuke's weapon is basically a gimme, since there's only one room and no enemies.

*As for dungeons, certain levels have a static map. For the castle is 3, 7, and 8. The other ones will have 7 and 11. There's always a save and exit point right before the big boss room. Unless you leave the TV, all the dungeon maps, once explored, remain static, so it's good if you want to go back up or down manually.

*Your guys'll gain some of their own elemental skills. Chie's good at physical skills and ice, Yosuke has a healing spell + Wind, and obviously you have whatever you damn well please. You won't get a lightning specialist for a little while, so you might want to fuse something for that.

*Chie's one of your best. After a while she'll learn a random-chance instant-kill move that looks AWESOME.

Posted by Karmann

43 minutes!?!? DAM! this is gonna be good...

Edited by Zounds

You gotta talk to Yousuke to get back to the liqour store. You might need to clear the current dungeon though.

Also it would be wise to focus on knocking the other enemies down when you get an extra turn like that. You know, so you can get an all out attack.

Edited by FCKSNAP

OK so I rescued Yuki  on the 20th, which gives you a lot of free time until the 1st of May. I used the rainy days when nothing was available  to eat at the chinese food shop to build up all my stats a bit which helps tremendously.

Also slime, pixie and ukobach(?) level up easily and have useful skills to use in fusions even if they seem useless. Atleast level them up on your second run through the dungeon to create a Jack Frost (which is a magician so level up with Yosuke first) so it can have a varied amount of usefull skills.

AND (now this is important!) if you find an enemy is weak against an element and it gets knocked down, use the second chance(es) to use it on the rest of the same enemy types to knock them all down! So this means if you multiple enemy types, knock the ones that are weak against your current persona first, then switch out for the next persona and take out the rest.

Posted by Lilarcor

Yeah, you guys don't need to worry too much about time, you've got the entire rest of April before the fog comes.

Posted by Curufinwe

"Buy multiple Goho-Ms so you can return to entrance to save and then go back in and continue"


Really hope the guys notice this comment.

Posted by HT101

This is a great thing and the 'be an ass and leave' option topped the funky student but not by much.  This game is definitely speeding now that the intro of 2 hours is done.  Can't wait for tomorrow's edition.

Posted by donhonk

Haha, Vigor Fob... "It doesn't go there." Oh you guys.

Posted by JackiJinx

43 minutes? Really?


Posted by LaszloKovacs

These are fast becoming my favorite feature on the site - keep them coming!

Posted by Vladan

Use the SQUARE button to look at your Personas during battle! When you go to the Persona menu during battle, you can hit square to go to the Persona status screen. (It shows you this on the bottom of the battle screen). You can scroll through all your Personas to find the one with the right attacks, instead of trying to guess which one you need. This is VERY helpful.

Posted by empire_man

43 minutes? Yay ya-y!

Posted by mgssnake

It's great that this episode was so long this time but it's very painful to watch you guys make the same primitive mistakes over and over. PLEASE READ the advice which the users are leaving in the comments! I think the one about exploiting enemy weaknesses and getting extra turns and doing a mass attack when they're ALL DOWN was written after episode 13 or 14 (not totally sure) and this is 16. The advice i have red here is going to be very useful, and i understand that just by watching You play (I haven't played a RPG in my life!).

My point basically is this: the more mistakes you make, the sooner the game will get stupid-hard and you'll start getting game over (over and over!). Once that happens You will get frustrated and quit playing which means the Endurance Run will end!!! I totally don't want that to happen and I'm sure ALL the other viewers will agree with me. Minimize your mistakes and maximize your experience by reading (and hopefully using) all of the useful tips and hints which are written in the video comments section of the endurance run.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Positive K! Old school!

Posted by ZenVulgarity

Aw yeah. That's the good stuff.

Posted by myketuna

Why do you not just weaken all of them before killing them? Man, Vinny. A little slow on that uptake huh? lol. It's cool. Still love you guys.

Posted by chacho89

YAY love the long ones, and register the other personas in the velvet room\.

Posted by creamclouds

excellent! and a Supa Dupa Long show. Thats the juice!!

Edited by darkjester74

Best dialog selection menu ever:

1.  Help out
2.  Be an ass and leave


Edited by Anthony

Holy crap that combat music is getting unbearable. It's the SAME THING over and over and over.

Edited by flamingbananas

by the way that book came out on 4/20
it is always good to get new books. they are a GREAT way to work on your stats at night!
btw. it was i who told u that you can all meet in junes.
also chie becomes the best Phys attacker there is and she learns a little blizzard. but you will want to get rid of it because here phys is better and you also get a better ice caster.  and 1 last thing. if u are fighting somthing like the 3 birds ALWAYS!!!!! hit it with zio, and THEN hit the next one and THEN hit the next one.  every time you down an enemy u get a extra turn! it u get all 3 u can kill everyone at one!

Posted by Agent_Lost

up next, mini-boss fight

Posted by AbsoluteApathy

You probably should of kept your yen instead of buying Chie new shoes. The shoes give her in increase of 7-9 damage at the cost of 7600 yen. Upgrading is nice and all but I would not recommend breaking the bank for them.

Also, you guys shouldn't be so apprehensive about using your personas physical attack. They cost a reletivaly small amout of hp but will always out damage your weapon attack. It's also a good way to conserve sp.(It costs 3sp to heal around 60 hp which is about 7-8 attacks)

Posted by Poorly
Posted by trimon

I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please play until the very end of Persona 4!!!

Posted by xthorninmysidex

Watching this makes me want to play this game but I really don't want to spend so much time on it.

Edited by Nasar7

Watching you guys play is kind of frustrating... I guess its bc playing an rpg is a very personal experience, and everyone moves through an rpg at their own pace and play style so its hard to watch someone else play through an rpg. Even so, I'm addicted to this feature, thanks for making this eps longer!

Edited by sneakysnake128

Great feature as always, but it's frustrating to constantly see you guys choose the worse of two options at times. For example, you bought the shoes which barely gave you more attack and was 2 times more expensive than the imitation katana which has an attack increase twice that of the shoes.

Also, why would you sell the chain mail when you can give it to another party member who needs it? Most equipment is interchangeable.

Chie also had an aluminum badge that you unequipped when you put the new accessory on her. That badge can go to someone else who could use the benefit. You have many options to gain a 1UP over the shadows. Don't neglect them.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

If I can reach inside the TV then I'd take stuff from the Home Shopping Network.

Edited by Curufinwe

Jeff, Vinny, if you haven't left already DON"T leave the TV world yet.

Instead, talk to Yosuke to go to the liquor store and get his good weapon, save again, then go back to the 5th floor to try and  fight the boss.  Or at least level up till you run out of SP.  I don't think you have any TaP sodas, unfortunately.

Posted by endaround


Actually everyone was already in chainmail and the Aluminum Badge does nothing.  All charcters start with accesories that can be just sold off because they don't have any benefit.  And most armor actually isn't interchangeable.
Posted by Curufinwe

Armor is usually interchangeable between characters of the same sex.

Posted by JWK

Hey, thanks for the videos. 

Anyway, I found out the other day that you can skip text really fast by holding down Triangle.  It's really useful!

Posted by Razzuel

Another awesome episode. 43 minutes is totally sweet!

Oh and I just got my copy of Persona 4 in the mail from that Amazon deal. I should start playing it soon.

Edited by BenderUnit22

I don't know, but they should switch back to A.I. control for Yosuke and Chie, they work very well and it's a lot faster.

Also, yes, exploit every enemy's weakness and whenever possible, down all at the same time for an all-in attack. Whenever you down an enemy, that character gets another attack. When they're down and you can't kill them (unless they changed something), they use up their own turn to get up and can't do an attack until their next turn anyways. Of course this requires SP, but at the same time you're saving SP because you don't have to heal, since you'll rarely get hit this way.

Posted by noble_yorik

This endurance run is great, it's like mystery science theater for video games. I just wish the bottom of the screen could show the tops of their silhouettes playing the game. Otherwise its a perfect correlation.

Edited by drifter13x

Are they playing on PS2 or PS3? I know that Vinnie said he played Persona 3 on the PS3, just wanted to know if this is all upscaled or what not. Also are you guys just leaving the system on sometimes after stopping the video? I must know the behind the scenes workings of this internet epic!

Side note, I started Persona 3 around the same time these videos started and I'm 60hours in and not even  done yet. I really want to see you guys go all the way with this game, and I hope I can catch up. It's like the video game book club.

Pro Tip: If you find an enemies weakness and knock it down, then use the extra turn to hit another one, not the same one. If you can knock them all down that opens'em up for the all out attack, makes fights a lot quicker.

EDIT: Lol, I see you figured it out at 25:30

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Be an ass and leave.

Edited by CashBailey

Chie is the hottest video game lesbian ever.

Posted by barnabyjones

OMG I'm so happy

Posted by Razz17

wow even though i have no idea what the eff is happening! this is the most entertaining part of my day. DO THE WHOLE 65 HOURS!!!

Posted by Jedted

When was it that you can apply for a job?  The 23rd?

Edited by DickDarlington

Read the book when you have a free night at home. It's pretty interesting. :-)

Also be careful what Persona you have assigned. In that one fight where Charlie was weak to fire attacks, you guys had Slime as his assigned Persona. Slime is weak to fire which now makes Charlie weak to fire.

Posted by hazelnutman

You know what. I'm going to sit down and marathon this series tomorrow. Freaking hilarious stuff that I should have been watching from the beginning.

Posted by Treppass

some in depth adivice there guys. =)

lol those babys, just like silent hill.
this game does suprise me with its swearing and disturbing enemies

Posted by KaosAngel

Holy shit, this episode is long!  THANK YOU!

Posted by Afroman269

Holy shit its 4/20 in-game! Track down funky student and he may lend his bong!

Posted by Red

Nice episode. Having played half-way through Persona 3 over the past week, and getting it fairly quickly, it's pretty funny seeing you guys fumble through the menus and combat. It's always great to see how others experience games.

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