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Posted by Hairydutchman

You're out of ammo so much because you're not playing it on pussy.

Posted by prinny_god

well another crappy movie game

Posted by Batdude247

Wow, how many fucking levels does that plane have. And it is soooooo big.

Posted by Aaron_G

Isn't a little late for a tie-in game for the movie?

Edited by Vance_Helsing

To whoever said "Is every 3rd person shooter gonna be modeled after Gears now?"

Yeah, probably. It's like back in the early 90s when Street Fighter 2 came out, and a bunch of lame-ass clones (and Mortal Kombat) came out in arcades and consoles, and people described it as "like Street Fighter, but with Clay models" or "Fighting system based on Street Fighter 2, but with blood".

As soon as something "revolutionary" comes out, there will always be tons of clones vying to rip off from the original and steal some of the glory.

After seeing this, I decided that if i wanted to play a ridiculous and stupid Gears of War rip-off, , I'd get "Blood on the Sand" instead. But this game is still kinda early, so maybe it'll be more polished when it comes out.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Looks OK. Nothing spectacular, but solid. It gives me a Dark Sector kinda vibe.

And I hate to admit, but, Brad...you should reload more often, haha. Nothing against yeah, bro, just want to point it out.

Edited by Tricky69

Blair, you're still an idiot and you also can't spell. Plus you completely missed the real meaning of my username, which I'm thinking is because you're about 8 years old and don't know any better.

You should also take note that I made a comment and not some childish "first" crap.

As for my comments on the controls, again you completely miss the point I was making and...do you know what I couldn't care less what you think.

Edit: Blair has now changed his original post...ha, ha. Dipshit.

Posted by lordofultima

Sam fisher didn't actually have glowy eyes, it was just there so YOU could see him in the dark.

Posted by Thejugglingbum

I'm a Pussy Assassain

Posted by HatKing

I thought this looked good for a movie game when I first saw it.  If this has some cool multiplayer stuff I might buy it.

Posted by Pibo47

Lol...either that game has really bad controls or brad is not the best at wanted.

Edited by spiceninja

What the hell is up with that airplane? It's 3 stories and has elevators. I've never seen a airplane like that. That's just crazy.

Posted by Media_Master

looks good so far

Edited by Blair

All of my spelling was accurate, you're a joke.  Do the GB community a favor and pick up a box of tampax because your hormone-raging vagina is bleeding all over this website.  'Insulting' people who call first on a video post is so asinine.  I'm done with you dude...lighten up. 

--- also, before you put yourself on a pedestal and call my post childish, you should take a gander at some of the content and attitudes of people on this website...this isn't exactly a board of directors meeting.

Posted by Grimjim8000

perfect dark on the n64 had a plane level, to add to your list of plane level games :P

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Brad you desecrated the holy "Quick Look". Lower your head in shame. :D 

The game looks surprisingly good.

Edited by TMThomsen

We should make a "Games With a Plane Level" page :P

No matter where you look on the internet, some dude will always type in "FIRST!" whenever he has a chance to try it.

Edit: Oh, such a page already exists!

Posted by BlackWaterCO

Brad sucks at games...but still reviews them

Posted by LordAndrew

If you die in the Quick Look, you die in real life.

Edited by Kohe321

Awesome quick look. This game looks pretty interesting...

Posted by PJ

And the wonderful tradition lives on... Brad dies on camera

@BarrenMind - I remember that level it was really sweet, but the plane was on the ground so i dont know it that counts. I guess it does.

Posted by pimsy

dude, brad should have practiced efore doing this

Posted by pimsy

dude, brad should have practiced efore doing this

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Brad should play on Pussy difficulty. Also, this game looks kind of generic.

Posted by Soap

This quick look was HELLA sloppy, put more effort in next time guys :/

Posted by zityz

It looks fun, I forgot they were even working on this game. It's been in production for some time now. I really liked the movie just cause it was over the top for the sake of over the top but whatever, this looks like it could have the same crazy moments if not more to it, worth a look at. Never knew there was even a graphic novel, but i guess a lot of things are based of graphic novels now.

Brad didn't do too bad, its hard to talk with someone and play a game like that at the same time, usually your just focused on not getting your ass shot up.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Best difficulty settings ever.

Posted by Razor

*I myself am terrible at RTS or MMO or JAPANESE RPG and that's why I stay away from them mostly.*

I'm sorry, I could not watch more then 2 minutes because BRAD is absolutely terrible at FPS.
I remember him playing Legendary and he was garbage at that also.
Please let Jeff or Ryan or Vinny play FPS quicklooks from now on.

Posted by TomA

This game looks like shit.And ya Brad annoys me too.

Posted by Landon

Why do people keep saying this looks like Dark Sector?

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i love wanted. hopefully this game is as much of a guilty pleasure as the movie was.

Posted by SidVicious


you do not have to be good at video games to review them...

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I played this game at Comic-Con and it was surprisingly tight! The controls felt very fluid and I got all the new concepts in like five seconds, which is a good thing. Overall the game was very fun to play, but don't be decieved; I watched a guy in front of me playing and interviewing the dev while I was in line to play it and I totally underestimated the difficulty. It's actually pretty hard! None of the mechanics really feel overpowered in the game, which at first glance it looks like the curving mechanic might be. Brad was getting out of cover at weird times and not really playing it right, but he wasn't doing as bad as it looked like he was. Looking forward to this game!

Posted by DukeTogo

Maybe some of you guys don't remember or weren't part of the old Gamespot audience, but Brad was always the guy to die during previews on the live show.

Some things never change.

Posted by KillerKahuna

This looks seriously awesome

Posted by BlueJester

this game looks really cool. keep us posted on it!

Posted by zoozilla

A good movie-licensed game?  Blasphemy!

Posted by Kman

Brad continues to pull Brads....it's what makes Brad, Brad.... You should rename his next quick look
Quick death....ZINNNNNNNNNG

.....i know that was a horrible joke

Edited by creamclouds

the jump out of the door was epic at the end. Brad got used to the controls after he died.
It's the learning curve I guess and noone wants to choose Pussy.
Game looks pretty fun

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Haha, Brad continues his time-honored tradition in the middle of a demo. Anyone who used to watch him on "On the Spot" over at Gamespot knows what I'm talking about.

Edited by strangeling


My opinion on "Fizzurst."
That's great, you're first, claim your spot.  Then, see that edit option? Please use it, and add something meaningful.

I'm thinking I could like this game.  I'll probably wait until I can try a demo out for myself before making a decision.
It is odd to see the people you think should be good at games, play them and not be good.  I know there's a learning curve for everyone, but more practice beforehand would allow them to show off the game/mechanics better.
There's got to be a way to cancel out of curving bullets.
Posted by raikoh05

why does brad keep moaning? seriously.

Edited by Nasar7

game looks generic and bland.

Posted by Buddycuffs

Brad is kind of pee-pee at this game. I played it at NYCC and it wasn't as complicated and as impossible to shoot enemies as he is making it seem, hehe.

Posted by RedSox8933

wow, is it just me or does this game look terrible.

Posted by JoelTGM

that looks fun.  I'll rent it.

Edited by thegoldencat7

Enjoying Vinnie's side comments. Very amusing. The game looks awful of course. Also exploding fire extinguishers = counter productive.

Posted by kezia

blood looks lame

Posted by KyleBaron

Brad has a long way to go before becoming a Pussy Assassin Killer

Posted by BunkerBuster

I can only hope that at the end of that level you have to steal someones parachute as you are free-falling like No One Lives Forever.