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Posted by beabo83

What will happen at the end of the really long march to school?  What did we overhear?  The suspense is killing me.

Posted by viking

ohoho :-).. can't wait.. any longer.....

Posted by Xymox

Indeed. XD

Posted by Baillie

nice thanks!

Posted by Psych0Penguin

Duder its over? lame - I'll have to come back later.

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This isn't loading for me either

Posted by RHCPfan24

Oh bummer. It ain't working here either. I'll come back later I guess.

Posted by x7eleven

Its over,damn.I hate when that happens

Posted by lordofultima

It's already over? Damn that was fast.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

It didn't finish compressing/uploading on time...
The only upside to this is that probably means we're in for a lot of content today, overall!!!

Posted by Six

Bummer.  I thought Wow... its hear already.  Either way, we know it is done already.

This is one of those things where they keep it short and it keeps us wanting more, and if they really made a lot of long runs... it would lose some of us.  20-45 minutes is easy to work in...  1 hr + would start interfering with real life.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Signed up just to say how amazingly awesome these videos have become.  I make sure to watch every day!  Keep up the good work!

Posted by gosukiller

And now, the waiting game...

Posted by LordAndrew

You've chosen the exact same clubs I did. Oh well. I don't expect you guys to complete their Social Links anyway, so I can just pick the other clubs on my second playthrough.

Posted by Daawisss

Still waiting :@

Posted by babblinmule

Doh, gotta wait some more - this is what kept me going through my history lecture this morning!

Posted by Curufinwe

This is the first time one of these P4 videos hasn't worked for me.

Posted by blaakmawf


Posted by Shabran


I guess we have to wait alittle while loooooonger!!!!!!!
Posted by mgssnake

Here's the link if anyone wants it:

Hope it's a long episode!

Posted by BarrenMind

^^D'oh!  Even the download link doesn't work! 

Posted by Giacomito

gotta say that I only became a member of this site because of this endurance run LOL :)

totally makes me wish they'd make a Persona game for the PS3, would be awesome.

Posted by LordAndrew

Of course the download link doesn't work. It's not finished compressing yet. That's why we can't view it yet.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

@mgssnake Gratzi

Posted by Six

@Giacomito  does your ps3 not play ps2 games? if it does... play it on your ps3

honestly, i don't think i would have as much fun playing without the GB commentary

Posted by Matt_H

Definately looking forward to today's episode, as always.  Never would have really given this game a serious look before now.  I have the amazon page for the game pulled up in another tab, probably gonna pick it up.  After watching it all this time, I can't resist much longer!

Should I forward a cut of the sale to you guys? Feels like I should!
Posted by LifeByDegrees

Atlus is releasing the original Persona for the PSP- which fits the style/practices of both Atlus and the Persona games.

High production values at a relatively low production cost compared to Final Fantasy and the like.
They are the sum of their parts- which is why Persona 4 and the like are released on the PS2 instead of the current generation consoles.
I think its more likely- and a better idea for all those involved- for the next Persona to be released on the Wii or DS- as a truly "hardcore" game for their huge user base- following in the footsteps of the Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest series.

Also- multiplayer- if they could pull it off properly- would be amazing!

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@ Six

yh my ps3 does play ps2 games. But I don't think this is out in Europe yet?( I live in Sweden) and since ps2-games are region-locked importing it is not an option :(
If someone knows when/it it already has released in Europe, please tell me :), i'd definitely consider buying it

EDIT: Just looked it up, it will be released in Europe (at least in Sweden) Friday the 13th, same day as Resident Evil 5, I'll pick this up after i've finished RE5 :)

Posted by Psych0Penguin

It comes out in the UK March 13th so I assume it'll be the same EU

Edited by LordAndrew

It will be released in Europe very soon. About a week.
EDIT: Blargh! Too late. :)

Posted by Psych0Penguin

TAKE THAT LORD ANDREW! HIYAH! lol - Anyone able to watch it yet? Still says "Duder its over" for me.

Posted by Rumour

It's hard to believe that two years after I bought a PS3 I would still be looking forward to a PS2 release...

Posted by MatthewMeadows

I can't decide whether to watch this series any more because I preordered it (EU) and don't wanna spoil the story for myself. However, if I don't then I'll miss out on like 2 hours of entertainment a week. 

Posted by Solarc

I can see today's episode. It's over before it starts... Can someone fix it please?

Posted by LordAndrew

Still not working for me either. I guess it's still compressing.

Posted by Vinny

"It's not finished compressing yet. That's why we can't view it yet."

This is right, sorry guys. Thought it would be done by now. I'll throw it back it up soon.

Posted by endaround

Seriously, they are still so little into the game that you don't have to worry.  The next big spoilerish thing (at least in my opinion) doesn't happen until the end of the 3rd dungeon and that is a good 2 months away, 

Posted by Six

Hey, if you want to play the game, you will pass the GB progress pretty quickly.  Especially if you get it and play over the weekend.   They are about 6 hours? am i right?  which seems to be just barely getting your feet wet.  so no spoilers yet... even though i suspect they may be going for the fight to save Yukiko-san from the tv today... if it runs about an hour+

either way.  Don't, 'Not' get the game because of this e-run.  I still say the best part of this run is the comments about game, not the game itself.  I could see where people would like Persona 4.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Half the fun is thinking about what you would have done-or what they're doing relative to the game as a whole.
Sometimes the reaction is yelling- other times its pleading- and often enough- laughing.
All as we cheer them on to victory!

Edited by Xymox

Well here's hoping for another 45+ min episode.

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Yeah, they're more fun when they're a bit more involved :)

*three sweat drops*

Posted by Six

OK.  it is morning.  working its way to noon... and i have had a few beers waiting on this...  I think i i have a problem... it's either Bud Light... or Giant Bomb... which is more addictive?

Posted by BinaryDragon

Small suggestion...don't post that it's up on twitter...if it's not up. It's mean.


Posted by Nizzleworth

@binarydragon they don't control the Twitter, it just takes information from the RSS feed

Posted by LordAndrew

It goes up automatically, but the video isn't always finished compressing by the time it becomes available.

Posted by DeadMonkeys



Posted by ahoodedfigure

You were just watching that too, huh?  Well, it looks pretty, but I think it was a bit too over-the-top for me, especially compared to the relatively realistic graphics.

Posted by KeepThisKoupon


Posted by DeadMonkeys

Yeh. I haven't  seen very many videogame based movies except for Silent Hill (Which wasn't THAT BAD) and the god-awful Live-Action Mario bros. movie when I was a kid.

That thing scared the crap out of me.

Posted by BinaryDragon
@Nizzleworth well thats just poo.