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Posted by namesonkel

@jimbo7676: Trombone represent!
I also realize your comment was written in 2009.

Edited by kookoo

watching this shit again!

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by Winternet

What now?

Posted by wumbo3000

"Rape! No, I'm just acting."

Posted by RVonE

"Now pretend to choke me."

Posted by zaldar

Found this after the persona 4 show came out.....been hilarious so far. Good work! Did you do this for any other games?

Posted by periahdark

Hahahaha, this is incredible. I'm laughing so much.

Posted by ShadowKing7

Ah, Vinny and his Chiaotzu reference.
Posted by PerfidiousSinn
@DarkbeatDK:  I opened a Word document to type the line.
Posted by DarkbeatDK

At the part where you had to memorize the line I totally took a picture of the TV screen with my phone.

Posted by Rongaryen

My favorite part is still hearing Drew laugh off mic when Vinny tells Nanako "I made out".

Posted by CastroCasper

$20 bucks and a night with some cooking sherry ain't bad for an A.

Posted by Phished0ne

Woodwinds, Fool!

Posted by Chadster

"It's like people don't hate you at home and call you a slut... What?" 
"Keep punching me in the stomach and I'm gonna get way into it and the drama teacher knows that I'm the best, and one time she said I could come over to her house and we drank cooking sherry." 
"So I asked her 'How much would it take for me to get an A?' and she said '18 dollars.' so I gave her twenty." 
"I made out." 
"Nanako, you're never gonna believe what happened at school today." 
I love the Endurance Run so much.

Posted by Scribbly

Love the Chaotzu reference:  "That guy who dies all the time."
Posted by CrazedMaverick

I can't believe i never watched these before. shame on me.

Edited by warfather

"It's like going out with girls that play soccer. You can't trust 'em."

Posted by skippyscissors


Posted by DJKommunist

"Charlie dies of Dysentery". That made me laugh. 
Posted by Arrested_Developer

Checkin' out some boootay!

Posted by sexymonkeys

I had the exact same thought process as you guys when I was choosing my cultural club.

Posted by natetodamax

*runs to Nanako*
"I made out"
*runs away*

Posted by IceTrey87

Anybody else think that Bully could be considered the American equivalent of Persona series?  I mean there's the whole social thing, the bus stop transportation, 'free roaming', I dunno..

Posted by Dooops

ROFL - ad-lib doctors giving birth!!!!!! LOL!!!

Posted by raidingkvatch

Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon
Posted by Fritzerbacon

Lol, 'You must play Yumi's husband in a short skirt..." 

Edited by Venatio

I love these videos, Jeff and Vinny, you guys made me order this game and when its released tomorrow here in Europe I'm gonna get it

Posted by bonafider

you guys shouldnt just run into these things! you gotta try all the possibilities!!!!

Posted by MackGyver

The GB crew needs to do some commentary on EVERY game. That would definitely  up the quality and sales.

Posted by Afroman269

Hey guys you may want to slow down on all the extra curricular activities. Your never gonna get to the tv.

Posted by Media_Master

Druma clube

Posted by Reverseface

Two hand JAM!!!

Posted by Jost1

Just FYI I have now ordered this game purely because of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run

thanks for doing this guys, hope you stay with it through to the end!

Posted by Teaspoon83

Endurance Run DVD box sets, I can see it now.

Posted by Falcoski

Yo what's wrong with band!? I'm guessing Vinni was an orchestra nerd and NOT a band geek. You just keep playing your sad little violin Vinny, while I'm playing my sexy saxophone...

Posted by ChrisTaran

I am absolutely loving this feature guys!  This is literally the reason I started coming to the site. 

Can't wait to see how many episodes it takes to get to the end! 

Posted by Darthdarkness

Love what ur doin' here guys, but you got some bad advice earlier and u are on ur way to an Epic Fail.  Don't worry though happened to alot of ppl (me included). ;)

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by unangbangkay

Goddamn, I can't wait until you get to the next set of dungeons. Those are gonna be SO much fun to watch.

Posted by Phished0ne

Jimbo is wrong, real men play PERCUSSION SON!

Posted by Rodiard

Endless entertainment.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Man, the same thing happened with my English class. We had a can drive and I asked how many cans would it take to get me a B and she was like 9 so I went out and bought like 9 canned wiener things.

Posted by Mjolnir

Drama Club, an excellent choice indeed.

Posted by mudkip9000

I love giantbomb! This was so funny

Posted by ZmillA

Jeff's art teacher story was some pretty awesome stuff lmao

Posted by LifeByDegrees

@Jimbo7676 One word: Saxophone

Posted by iAmJohn

Man, I'm with Jeff on this one.  You gotta get it on with Chie, guys.  REMEMBER THE DREAM!!

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