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I'm waiting for Ryan to dive into the horrors of the lIve action Mario Bros. movie. It still creeps me out, after all this years.

Posted by Tylea002

I'm gonna go eat some pasta, it better be up by the time that goes down.

Posted by mgssnake

How big is this video? A whole hour?

Posted by KevSlider

@mgssnake Yes, and you will take and enjoy that whole hour. Be sore afterwards.

Posted by FoxMulder


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Are we gonna save Yukiko? I'm worried about her 'cause she's dying! (No.) Alright!

Posted by creamclouds

cant wait till this uploads. dude!!! I cant WAIT!!

Posted by FLStyle

Two things are certain. I really want to see this video and I'm going to buy this game!

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Mario Bros scared you all?  What was it, King Koopa?  I haven't seen it, but it looks a little dark and foreboding for a kid's movie :)

*Looks up at Xymox*

I think you just gained KNOWLEDGE for that.

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Hmm. I don't think I have the Diligence to wait for an episode that takes a lot of time to upload.

Hurry it up! Neeeeeeed!

Posted by BarrenMind

@Xymox: A fair amount of Envelope Constructing will cure that. 

Make sure, before you start, that you're not exhausted. 

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I'll make sure of it.
And yeah, I do believe my KNOWLEDGE has just increased. Thanks guys.

Posted by codycody

So you guys know, you can actually take all the jobs at the same time without any penalty.  The other 3 on that first page can be done at night on the table in your room for some extra cash (yay ya-y).  There's also no real penalty for dating multiple girls or missing practices so don't worry about blowing off Kou to go hang with Funky Student every now and again.  I think someone already said so but you can go to the Chinese Diner Aiya on rainy days and spend 3,000 yen to have 4 of your stats randomly increased, which is the quickest way to do that.  Otherwise there's usually not much going on on rainy days so if you don't need to go into the TV world the diner is usually your best option.

I remember the final boss in Yukiko's castle being really tough for me on my first playthrough, I'm excited that we might see our first game over screen soon.

Posted by sneakysnake128

Where's the video? I thought your courage went up to RELIABLE.

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For one thing, the goombas were REVERSE GOOMBAS, with tiny heads and possibly the most grotesquely obese bodies I've ever seen (and I've been on the internets).

Also, the mario bros used GUNS! D: (Holy shit!)

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Posted by n8

its up!!!

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Okay- I think I've been tricked- 25 minute video posted- 313 MB video downloading...

Posted by darkjester74

Social Link Established!

Keep em coming guys!

Posted by LordAndrew

It's about damn time. :P

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Lol, the music club girl is pretty creepy.  Especially when you max out her S.Link.

Anyone know the actual name of the DBZ character Vinny referred to?

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FYI "-kun" is like "-chan" but for girls to boys.

Anyway, you can open up your job social link the next time you go. If you play it right you can clear a dungeon in just one or two runs, but I suppose that would make for a boring video.

Knowledge is good, because acing the exams will improve ALL of your school social links, and net you bonus cash from Dojima and sometimes equipment from Nanako.

You can also hang out with your party members, which is good since leveling up their links upgrades their combat abilities. They'll be able to perform follow-up criticals, cure status effects, and even revive you.

Posted by HT101

I can't wait for tomorrow's installment.  It will be AMAZING!!!!  I still can't understand why I like watching this so much but why should I question something this awesome.

Posted by License_To_Bill

I joined Band before taking tours. That little girl is creepy. And, like, 6.

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aaaaaagh, i thought i heard Jeff say Mario Lopez, but he didn't, my ears really wanted to hear it :(

And that is why Drama is always the right choice.

Vinny's deliberate mispronounciations, are getting on my fuckin' nerves.

Posted by Endogene

AAARRRGHHHHH runs for 10 min then i get "duder its over"

Posted by Aaox

Maybe my Knowledge will increase whilst watching this video Dilligently like a hawk or a Half Eaten bowl of Ramen.

Posted by Curufinwe

When you guys buy the Goho-Ms at Shiroku, don't forget to also buy 5 TaP sodas at the vending machine to the right of the store.

Posted by dvorak

I love watching these every day.

Posted by endaround

Ok one thing the game doesn't tell you is that when you get invited to go out during school like that (they coem fromt eh left of the screen) you get a SL bonus for them.  And those stack with persona bonuses which is why carrying persona of SL you are working on is helpful. 

When they come from the right of the screen its a sign that that link is ready to go up.
Posted by TripMasterMunky

Lol @ music club. Drama club is way cooler.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Mine stopped about 5 minutes in...

Posted by LordAndrew

If they come from the left, then you get additional points for that Social Link if you accept, which means you can level it up quicker next time. If they come from the right, then they're just reminding you that you should go hang out with them and level up their Social Link.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Oh god I died laughing at the drama club part and "hey Nanako I made out". Never quit making this you guys.

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Posted by newmarcom

I find it funny that at the end of every walking chat scene, there's a guy that runs into the shot at the last second. I can't not notice that.

Posted by AllanIceman

$20 buck for an A! That's awesome and wrong at the same time!

Posted by punkxblaze


Posted by LifeByDegrees

She doesn't play the Clarinet- which is an awesome instrument. She plays the trombone.

Posted by Sabata

You guys really should be Lvl 15 before fighting Yukiko, otherwise she WILL wreck your shit.  Just givin' you guys a heads up.  I'd hate to see this endurance run end so quickly. :(

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Don't be mean to Nanako!!!

Posted by dagas

Finished Persona 3 today. Took over 60h. Part of the reason I finally got to playing it again was this endurence run. If you can make it so can I! ^^ Jeff's and Vinny's endurence stats increased =)

Posted by MeatSim

Yea there would be all chicks in drama club.

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Jeff played Romeo in his school's version of Romeo and Juliet. If you want to see him reiterate on this particular part- watch http://www.giantbomb.com/video-thing-2human/17-29

Posted by HatKing

Pretty funny guys love watching these!

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Posted by BarrenMind

Good luck on this dungeon run, I don't remember you guys even fighting the mid-boss yet.  Still, there's only a couple of floors afterwards so three days should be enough time.

Posted by ShaunM

I laughed so hard at the part where Jeff and Vinny were joining the Drama Club since I joined it for the exact same reason.  I can't wait for the guys to see some of the later parts of the game, it's going to be a riot.

Posted by Tylea002

Finished it and it was hilarious! You should totally update this via itunes podcast style so I could watch them on the bus, and burst out laughing in public.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Great episode but I can't wait for you guys to save Yukiko.