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Posted by Eivind


Posted by heavymtlhead

This has probably been said but I think before you go back in tommorow you should stop at the weapons and item shops.

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There's many reasons to end an endurance run: repetition, predictability, unreasonable difficulty, too much grinding, conflicting advice or the game isn't fun anymore. But a boss that can kill you? Come on, if Vinny and Jeff gave up everytime they found out a BOSS that was HARD, they wouldn't be playing video games. So unless they get 3 game overs in a row for BS reasons (like a touch of death move), these guys won't wuss out.

You guys should be fine against yukiko. Given all they hype and panic, you'll probably be underwhelmed. But I suppose you can't really expect any surprises, and hence fun, if people spoil things for you. A lot of the enjoyment comes from getting your ass kicked, being all angry about it, buffing up gear and levels, and then curb-stomping her in the second round. Just like an episode of DBZ.

Be sure to buy some revival beads and value medicines on top of new equipment and you should be fine. Best of luck - it's been fun.

PS. Yukiko DOES have a touch of death move...ish. But as long as Chie spams Mabufu (or just Bufu on the prince), it's less likely to come out.

Posted by RagingLion

Keep up the good work guys - well done.  Hopefully with everyone else giving advice (I know nothing about Persona 4) it will give you the edge on the game.  Looking forward to seeing more of the unique game content like the crazy cut scenes and social networking stuff.  That's what's probably most enjoyable about this game.

Posted by mgssnake

Over 200 comments. Now that is popular. I hope everyone understands that now is not the time to end the Persona 4 endurance run.
Why am I being specific? Because I hope there will be other runs after this one.

Posted by Vasta_Narada

I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! It's going to be awesome! I managed to beat Yukiko without Red Wall (as I hated Slime and didn't bother learning what he could learn), albiet it was a rough ride. You guys should be good to go, however.

And no, we aren't crazy. Yukiko is among the two hardest bosses in the game, mostly because you have next to nothing to work with, and Yukiko is hella strong. The hardest boss in the game, however, is the next boss. He's just a little tougher than Yukiko, though you have more options. Dude hits hard though.

As for the Endurance Run possibly ending, please don't...at least not until after you finish the second dungeon. The reasons being are:
a) The second dungeon phase of the game is hilarious.
b) There is a sequence after thesecond dungeon that is pretty friggen awesome. Most peoele either find it stupid or hilarious, but with your sense of humour, you'll likely find it to be just the right level of dumb, that it's hilarious.

Posted by Karmann

grinding!? ug, but I guess it's necesary.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i sympathize with jeff's methods. i barely ever use buff/debuff spells until the last few boss fights in rpgs.

Posted by df

"Dude, HOW DID U DO THAT ?!"
has got to be the best line today, like my memories flash back before me.

one step at a time, Vinny.

Posted by Omega

You guys can do this just fight smart during the boss, take everyone's advice and you'll kick ass.

Duder your game isn't over.

Posted by Jedted

I feel like that Jeff's playstyle is clashing with Vinny's.  Before Vinny was being cautious but now he's making more and more stupid mistakes since Jeff said he likes to play aggressivly.

I haven't played Persona 4 myself but my best advice is to put the weakest character in defence mode so they can keep healing with out loosing much of their own health.  Atleast thats what i do when i play most RPGs.

Posted by Valke

I'm really surprised that more people haven't been ranting about it, but aside from leveling up, BUY ITEMS! By now you should have a ton of materials so go to the weapons shop, sell them and buy all new armor/weapons. Then spend what you have left on healing items.

Posted by matrix_hiei

It's definitely not downhill from here. This boss is hard, but nothing compared to Shadow Mitsuo later in the game.

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Posted by trimon

That was a great run! Make sure to get Charlie some gear!

Posted by HT101

This video series just keeps drawing me in and doesn't let go.  Can't wait for tomorrow's installment.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Don't stop now!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't know the comedy gold that is coming!
It only gets crazier from here!

Posted by flamingbananas

always use the compendium. to get persona back. NEVER try to shuffle them a 2nd time.

Posted by MeatSim

Man it's taking forever to get through this dungeon.

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Posted by SketchyBrown

They had better not end this series... it provides endless entertainment without actually having to play a JPRG!

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You guys are funny as hell but you are terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible players.

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Shadow Yukiko is probably the hardest boss in the game(or else only slightly easier than a certain July/August boss) because of how few persona options you have, but she's definitely beatable. Just remember to have Chie guard a LOT if you don't want to suffer a third-degree-burn death. Guarding makes your life so much easier on certain bosses that ignoring it for an ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK strategy is just foolhardy. Actually, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK strategies in general won't do you so well against most bosses, since you should be using stat-changing moves(which, unlike in most RPGs, are actually worth using!), healing(making sure to prioritize the MC), and guarding if it looks like a big move is coming up(which the game usually warns you about). Most of the other bosses are long, but not particularly hard(although you guys may have some trouble since you're not as experienced with the Persona playstyle), so it should be relatively smooth sailing if/when you beat Darth Yukiko.

Other than that, the one tip I really REALLY want you guys to pay attention to is:


A persona learned all of its moves(like Izanagi did)? Fuse it! Some of your personas are several levels below you(like...almost everything you have)? Fuse them! Lugging around a persona you never use(like Angel)? Fuuuuuse. You ran out of slots? Get your ass back to the velvet room and fuse some personas! You never really have to worry about losing valuable skills(either new personas will have better versions, you'll inherit the old useful skills, or the new personas will re-learn those skills anyway), and keeping your persona roster as up-to-date as possible will make your life so much easier. You don't even have to spend hours figuring out the exact best persona/skill combos like some OCD players do; just fuse something that looks good or has skills that your team doesn't have yet/better skills than your current team. Don't worry too much about the arcanas your personas have until you're leaving TV land to go do more s-links.

When you do start fusing, use the square button to see what the new persona's skills do! You can also use the L1/R1 buttons to check the status of the personas you're using to fuse the new guy, just so you can see if one of them has a skill you might want to keep around if the new guy doesn't get it.
If nothing else, fusing a lot now makes it easier to get the really cool personas later(partially because they make it easier to live that long, partially because some special fusions require specific personas).

Good luck, and I hope you don't stop this endurance run just yet! It's what brought me to Giant Bomb in the first place! ;)

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Edit 2: Just listened to the Giant Bombcast. Sooo never mind all that. Now I am sad.

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Hey guys, just press L1 to activate the shortcut for ANALYSIS. Just to let you know :D

Oh yeah, Vin, the cards that look like they're broken isnt gonna affect you at all. The cards that are colored red and look like a cross are the penalty ones.

Oh yeah before you fight the Yukiko boss, make sure you have a persona with the move Media. I dont know if you have it right now, but if you can fuse personas to make Senri, that would be better. I know you guys hate debuff spells but use Rakunda against the boss at least lol and watch Chie's health cause she's the only one weak to fire.

Anyway, level up Slime some more and use Red wall on Chie constantly. Keep healing when HP is half because you never know. Maybe a level would be enough to fight off Yukiko the next time. Oh yeah, I disagree with Yukiko being the hardest boss in the game. Usually the boss after Yukiko (Kanji) can tend to be harder sometimes.

Posted by JackiJinx

Ignoring that last encounter, better. Word up, guys!

Posted by prinny_god

skip the level grinding next time

Posted by Thievius

Man, I don't understand.  When I was playing P4, I didn't even know what I was doing yet (fully) and I just breezed through this dungeon and the Yukiko boss.  I don't remember it being all that hard.  Maybe I just grinded enough where it wasn't a problem, I dunno.

Posted by gryphon_gold

Love, I don't know what "bravado spiel" you're talking about.  I simply stated I know what you said is a necessity, isn't a necessity, and I know it 'cuz of my own experience with the game.

I get it.  You don't like my posted thoughts about this episode.  However, I genuinely think this was a weak episode.  You're preaching isn't going to change that.  Get over it. 

Posted by Vendead

u guys definately got me addictied to this game now thanks

Posted by EmperorSeth

So...is anyone going to tell them that Nata Tashi is a dude?  That's getting awkward.  It's not like there's a dearth of hot Personamon for those interested.

Posted by AleM

Yeah, I've got to agree with the fact that the first boss is one of the hardest in the game, it's kinda hard to beat him with so little options of skills and not knowing very well how the game behaves.

I'm cheering for you guys!!! Not much as Teddy, but I think it still counts right?!!

Posted by Milkman
The advice can stop. Vinny and Jeff already fought the boss. We'll find out how they did tomorrow. Apparently, they make "some mistakes" but its an "epic battle" Also, can't use TAP sodas in battle.
Posted by Media_Master

I don't think they should really play the entire game, but hey, it could be a new trend.

Posted by DickDarlington

Vinnie - I don't know how hard the rest of the game will be, but I beat the second dungeon a few days ago and it seemed a lot more easier than the first. The most important part of that is just becoming more familiar with how the game works and figuring out how to easily win fights. There's a much wider variety of persona to get and fuse when you're in the second dungeon and I never felt that I needed very specific personas or specific tactics to defeat the second dungeon. Plus after you save Yukiko you get to add her as the fourth member of the team and she's a healer!

I don't mind the grinding videos. I think it's been funny to hear Jeff dumbstruck over Vinnie's inability to dodge the monster at the end of today's video or Vinnie's shock that Jeff's "blow the stuff away" strategy actually worked out yesterday. It's a different feel from when they're out of the TV trying to navigate through the school day or trying to make out with Yumi or whatever.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I think Nata Tashi is a dude.

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Posted by Madeley

 Yo Vinny and Jeff, go in that room and kick its ass!
 I'm getting nervous just watching you guys play! :D

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Posted by Thievius

Damn, from listening to the podcast, sounds like the next episode is the last episode.

Mistakes were made.

Posted by solidsnake360

When did they EVER state the run would end if they got the game over screen? The game over screen is pretty much inevitable in this game. I've wiped countless times to normal enemies.

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Heh... endurance run needs to stop at game over. When you die in the game... there is no going back. Like the matrix

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The boss isn't very hard. I beat it second try after experimenting strategies, and that was when my party had around half SP. I hadn't been grinding at all either. You also don't need to focus on using stat-lowering effects except for the hardest of hard bosses.

Posted by artofwar420

I say Endurance Run needs a new logo, instead of the Video Feature.

Posted by rpratts

good stuff

Posted by RVonE

"Dude, what is wrong with you?!" "How did you do that?!" 
Good times.
Posted by Baggykins

Just as good the 2nd time around :D

Posted by eezo

bufu = Buy Us Fuck You

Posted by Urmean

Aha. Is this our chance.

Posted by FelixLighter

Awesome episode.